5 Easy Ways To Make Money For Christmas

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Enjoy these 5 easy ways to make money for Christmas this year. Did you know everyday companies pay good money to people like you and I just to find out what we are thinking? Companies and corporations are desperate to understand how we think and shop and why you buy certain products. The reason they pay us for survey’s is to help better understand what we want, and how to market it so we will buy it. 

Survey Tips:

  • Check back often! Watch the sites and your email for more opportunities. Some companies will post surveys more than others. Some offer surveys daily, weekly and at random. The more places you sign up with, the more surveys you’ll be able to make.
  • Best tip ever – consider making a separate email account just for the survey sites.
  • One more thing a legit survey company will NEVER make you pay upfront!

If you’re looking for legitimate survey companies to sign up to here are 5 of my favorites:

1. Shoppers Perspective Community

Become a part of this exclusive online community of shoppers, grocery retailers and grocery trade members and share your opinions about your grocery shopping experience and earn reward points to redeem for rewards for things such as cash and more. Sign up here to Shoppers Perspective Community today.

2. VIP Voice

Join VIP Voice and win cash or prizes for giving your opinions. Click here to sign up to VIP Voice.

3. Toluna Opinions

Earn $1-$5 each time you complete a survey. Plus you will be able to test and keep new products for free and share your opinions! Not only that, you will entered to win $2,500 when you sign up! Sign up here.

4. PineCone Research (Males Only)

Get paid for every survey you take. Join the PineCone Research Online Consumer Panel and help to influence tomorrow’s products today! Sign up here.

5. Harris Poll Online

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online. You will earn Harris Poll Online Rewards where you can redeem rewards for things such as cash and more just for your opinions. Sign up here today.

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  1. I never understand why people are so unwilling to take the steps when you’ve done all the research…no where does it say you help in that way…I’ve just reached the $30 mark through inbox dollars but Im going to keep going til November. I have a 4 and a 1 year old. Their father passed away, and nothing I can do will make him not being with us easier, I’m trying to give them a great holiday. Thanks for the info <3

    • Angela Harris says

      Thank you April! That is what I do. I work on these sites during the whole year, and do my best not to spend any of it. Then I cash out in November to use it for Christmas. It’s not easy to provide for our children, but simple things like this help me so much to get by a little easier, and be able to give them something on Christmas.

  2. Shannon Ingram says

    Hello I’m a mother of four children and we are homeless and I’m just asking for help this holiday get get my kids the Christmas gifts thank u souch for your time

  3. We need help with Christmas presents my number is 971-371-8814

    • Angela Harris says

      Sorry to hear that. While we don’t help people with Christmas gift I do offer information on how to get help. I research information to help those in need and then post that information that I find for others to use. I have that all listed here ->http://angiesangelhelpnetwork.com/help-for-low-income-families/

  4. Edward Hurrigan says

    Hello my name is EdwardHurrigan sir I’m a. Disabled Viet Nam era veteran , an I have 14 grand children an 2 great grand children . I’m on a fixed income an can’t afford Xmas for my grandchildren. I’m in need of axmas tree an toys for them all any help would be greatly appreciated thank you an may god blessyou.

  5. wanda rednon says

    Hi my name is Wanda redmon I am a single mom of two kids Vanessa Davis and Thomas redmon and I need help with Christmas and and tree please help me I have no income I am not working I have no car if you can help it would be a blessing thank you Wanda you can call me at 336- 244 -5778 may god bless you

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