Auric Blends Review

Since 1998 I have been wearing the fragrance oil called Egyptian Goddess. There have been a few variations in names like Egyptian Musk but the smell is all the same. Egyptian Goddess, combines soft florals, light powder and musk to create a perfume that is seductive, feminine and enticing. However all these years it seemed like I had to know someone who knew someone just to get this Egyptian Musk oil. On occasion I would find a stand selling them at a fair or craft show. Never did I know you could purchase this online!

So about a month ago I found this online shop called Auric Blends that sells fragrance, incense and more! As soon as I seen the name of the product called Egyptian Goddess I knew right away that was my favorite perfume oil I have been wearing for years. I was extremely excited when I saw that they carried not only the standard size roller bottle but a much larger one, as well as soap, lotion, incense and more in my favorite Egyptian Musk scent. I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea this site ever existed.

Auric Blends Review

Auric Blends Review

Auric Blends Review

Auric Blends Review

Auric Blends Review

Auric Blends Review

The prices at Auric Blends are amazingly reasonable and about the same price I have been buying it off the street for. Except now I can purchase from an actual store when ever I want and not have to hunt someone down and make a bunch of phone calls to find this stuff.

So I decided to get 3 perfume oils in the scents Egyptian Goddess, Love and Moonlight all in 3/4 ounce roll on bottles. I also got a solid oil perfume and a package of incense. The solid oil perfume is something I have never seen before and I love the packaging for it! I keep it right on my desk so I can apply anytime I want. The Egyptian Musk Solid oil perfume smells just like the roll on oil except in a small container and is in a solid form. I’m telling you if you love this scent you know already you can never have enough Egyptian Musk oil. If you have never smelled this I highly suggest you order a sample.  Egyptian Musk and Love oil comes in 3.6 ounce glycerin soap, 1.7 ounce eau de perfume spray, 1.7 ounce perfume oil, 1/3 ounce roll on perfume oil and 1/5 ounce solid perfume.

I really enjoyed the smell of the Love oil perfume as well. With elements of Egyptian Goddess and White Amber, Love is another wonderful smelling perfume oil. Warm and slightly spicy, Love is a perfect winter fragrance. And next the Moonlight perfume oil. Moonlight is a Sensual Wood with notes of oriental spices, exotic florals, amber and moss. A lighter oriental, Moonlight is perfect for day and evening wear. This scent was not my favorite however my daughter really just loved it!

And lastly the Egyptian Musk Incense sticks are awesome and they have my favorite incense of all time and that is Nag Champa Incense! Incense in some ways I feel smells much better and works longer than an aerosol can that you spray around your room. To me incense have an inviting smell that just lingers for days.

My final thought on Auric Blends “Where have you been all my life” haha. Really I mean I can’t believe I didn’t know about this site. Auric Blends perfume oils and other products would make for a perfect gift anytime of year.

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