Don’t Let Your PlayStation 3 Go Naked – Cover It with a Skin

Don't Let Your PlayStation 3 Go Naked - Cover It with a Skin

As sleek as the PlayStation 3 looks, it should not be left to rest on your shelves or tables uncovered. A naked PS3 is an unprotected PS3, putting your console at unnecessary risks; because gaming isn’t about sitting still and enjoying the game quietly. It’s about losing yourself to the mission entirely, and if that means button mashing, yelling at the screen, or jumping on your furniture, then so be it. But don’t make your … [Read more...]

Save On College Textbooks This Year!

Save On College Textbooks This Year!

Everyone knows College can be very expensive for most of us. However there are many ways to save a few hundred dollars if not more. My favorite place to start is the clearance racks. Next is to rent all of your textbooks needed for school and you will save big!  You can rent textbooks at By using this site you can save anywhere from 40-90% off of bookstore prices!  Plus you get … [Read more...]

Explore Chinese History and Culture with Affordable China Tours

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China is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination, and China tours are growing quite competitive --and as a result, inexpensive. Last year some friends and I made our first voyage to China and enlisted the talent of a local China tour company to familiarize ourselves with the culture, history, geography, and all of the great food China has to offer. Instead of opting for a traditional China tour, we decided to … [Read more...]

Planning for your future retirement

In the unlikely event that you think about financing your retirement when you're starting in the world of work, you may think that time is so far away that such matters can be put off to a later date. However, because life expectancy continues to increase chances are you will reach retirement age and require a decent sized pension pot and that should be thought about as early as possible in your working life. So when is the … [Read more...]

Stop By Walmart To stock Up On Go-To Summer Snack Solutions


I was recently asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create some unique tips for using a new product and I wanted to share with you. Regardless all opinions are my own. Summer is just about over and my kids will be heading back to school very soon. I wanted to take the time to get another little trip in before they went back. We planned on taking a road trip to the beach but we have had so much rain that many of our favorite places are flooded … [Read more...]

Elegant Dresses by Style for Homecoming

Elegant Dresses by Style for Homecoming

The first formal dance of the school year, Homecoming, celebrates current and past students. Get gussied up, dress to impress in a beautiful new gown. Ever heard the expression: “Mutton dressed as lamb.”? How about “Age before beauty.”? “Pearls before swine.”? Of course you haven’t. These are adages that out date our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. Also, these sayings seem to address a demographic for … [Read more...]