May’s Super Geek Box Review

I recently reviewed Super Geek Box's May box. If you are unsure about what Super Geek Box is take a look at this post to find out how it works, April's Super Geek Box.   I love receiving Super Geek Box every month, with different themes each month. This month's theme was 'Hero', so items in this box had something to do with a Hero.    The items in this box included:   -Funko Pop Plushie: Captain America/ SDCC … [Read more...]

Softsoap’s New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps

I recently had the chance in reviewing Softsoap's New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps. These two new foaming hand soaps feature a rather simpler formula that is dye free, alcohol free, has 100% natural fragrances and can effectively clean and purify.      Softsoap's New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps come in 2 scents:   -Fresh -Lemongrass   The Fresh scent doesn't really have a distinctive scent that can be pinpointed, it's … [Read more...]

Why it’s Important to Chang Your Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter is a filter that cleans the air that comes into your car from the the A/C, heating and ventilation. It's like any other filter that catches things in the air that can make a car ride unpleasant like pollen, dust, and other airborne things that can be bad for people with allergies or breathing problems. It filters the air coming in so you can breathe clean fresh air. After a certain amount of time you will need to change … [Read more...]

Signs to Watch for When Your Check Engine Light Comes on

Not many people are very car savvy, they aren't sure exactly what to do in a car emergency besides call a tow truck or a nearby mechanic. But when worse comes to worse you should know a little thing or two about your car when something goes wrong. For example, when your check engine light comes on, most of the time it won't be a major problem but sometimes it can be. So here are a few signs to look for when you notice your check engine light … [Read more...]

Making Travel More Enjoyable

Most people enjoy traveling, whether it be to another country, another state or just to a different city. But with traveling comes responsibilities and some people may not enjoy all the aspects that go into traveling. Well here are some suggestions for those people to help make traveling more enjoyable for them. -If you are planning a big trip going off somewhere far, you will want to take some time off of work before the trip and even after. … [Read more...]

Why Tire Rotation is Important

You may wonder what tire rotation is, yes your tires do rotate of course when you drive, but this tire rotation is different. It is when you actually have a mechanic or yourself rotate your tires, like the front ones go on the back or the left ones go on the right. Some people don't know this but it is very important to get your tires rotated. Tires are kind of like shoes, after a lot of use the tend to wear, and depending on how you walk or … [Read more...]