How to Handle a Pet Emergency Abroad

When traveling, an emergency can occur at any time. When it involves your pet, it becomes a bit more challenging to handle. Before you leave, you must think about the possibility of having to get your pet to a veterinarian overseas— but how? What if you lose him and need help finding him, but no one speaks your language? Well, don't worry, because here are all the ways to handle a pet emergency abroad.  Identification Is … [Read more...]

Save Up To $7 on Luvs Diapers #SharetheLuv

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine   Going back to school is right around the corner for many, and some like mine have already started. This is a busy time of year for shopping, and can be hard on parents. Many parents spend a lot of money when back to school shopping. If you have a big family it can get pretty expensive … [Read more...]

Why Driving Lessons are Important

When you first learn how to drive it can be a great experience. It gives you a sense of freedom. You learn so many things that can be very beneficial for you now, and in the long run. But as the years go by there are some important lessons you learned that can be forgotten, or new habits are picked up they may not be so good.  Whether you are an adult driver or a teen driver, driving lessons can improve the chances of you … [Read more...]

Keeping Your New Car Fuel Efficient

As the years pass by, gas prices get higher and higher, some people forget that there are ways to make or keep your car fuel efficient. Whether you are buying a new car such as the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan LT at East Hills Chevrolet or a used car I'm sure you would like to save money by keeping it fuel efficient. A lot of things can cause you to burn through gas pretty fast, some you probably didn't even think … [Read more...]

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Many people don't have the financial security to buy brand new cars off the lot, you'd be surprised that millions of Americans own a used car. If you choose to purchase a used car, I recommend stopping by a trusted dealer such as Jeep Cheap to check out thier fantastic inventory. When buying a used car there are some things to keep in mind. Since it's been driven by someone else for maybe a few years, there are cars that … [Read more...]

Baby Proofing Your Vehicle

Parents spend a lot of time and money just baby proofing their home, but do they ever stop to think what about their own vehicle? A vehicle is one of the most dangerous places you will put your baby in. You want nothing more than for them to be safe. You might be thinking, what more can you do besides buy a good car seat? Well here a few things you can do to keep your baby safe in the car:   Position the car … [Read more...]