7 Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Spring

It's officially spring which means it's time to get your vehicle ready for the warmer weather. Warmer weather also means more road trips and vacations. So taking the time to perform seasonal maintenance now will help to avoid trouble later that could cost you money.   Use these simple tips to make sure you have a happy vehicle this spring.  1. Check the Engine & Fluids  Now that spring is here … [Read more...]

How to Choose The Car That Fits Your Lifestyle

The Web is full of sites packed with reviews on individual cars. Some get written by motoring journalists, others by owners and bloggers. But, what happens if you can’t decide what car you should buy? There are few websites that can help you out with that problem! How to Choose The Car That Fits Your Lifestyle Buying a car is an important decision, and it shouldn’t get made without careful consideration. If you’re not 100% sure that a … [Read more...]

6 Safety Tips For Spring Driving

It's officially Spring, but did you know along with spring comes a number of seasonal driving dangers and hazards you can prepare ahead for? With each season we enter it brings it's own unique challenges for drivers. Rain and thawing snow makes driving slippery and dangerous. Dutchess Chrysler Jeep Dodge wants you to be safe this spring. So here are 6 tips to help you enjoy spring driving in safety. 6 Safety Tips For Spring … [Read more...]

6 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

Buying a new car for the first time? Follow these tips to help you with your buying experience. Along with knowing what to look for. With so many vehicles to choose from it can get tricky. 6 Tips For First Time Car Buyers Do your research and test drive. 1. It's important to always do your research when making such a big purchase. Find the car you like and learn as much about as you can. Kindle Dodge has an amazing selection of new … [Read more...]

Tips for Test Driving a Car

Besides buying a house, purchasing a new vehicle is the second most expensive purchase many people will make. However not all of us will take the time to to properly evaluate the vehicle while at the dealership.  Test drives should always consist of more than just driving around the block. It is worth every car buyer’s time and energy to try out the vehicle longer during a test-drive. Because there's nothing more … [Read more...]

Stay Safe Behind The Wheel On New Years Eve

Around this time of year stores and roads are super busy. Everyone is buying food, and gifts for the holidays for friends and families. People from all over are driving to spend the holidays with one another, employees are off work, and children are out of school.  It's a very busy holiday on New Year's, it's a time to come together with friends and celebrate the new year, and remember everything you went through in the past year. … [Read more...]

Why Is My Car Vibrating

Driving can save time and sometimes money. A lot of people over look how such a blessing being able to drive is. But over the years driving can become a chore especially if you have a car that has developed troubles. As cars get older they are bound to have a problem, whether it be simple or something that is crucial to your safety.   Sometimes as well drive we either hear some odd sounds or vibrations coming from the car. Some are car … [Read more...]

Tips For Better Gas Mileage

Gas prices are always up and down, and many of us are always trying to save a few on gas. There are plenty of little tips and tricks you can do that will help you save. Humes Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram wants to see you put more money back in your pocket. Below are 7 tips to help you improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency so you can save on gas now. Watch your speed It's always best to follow road safety, so making sure to drive … [Read more...]