WellnessMats Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a WellnessMat. The makers of WellnessMats were nice enough to send me over their Antique Collection by WellnessMats in exchange for my honest review. WellnessMats are the solution to comfort and well being while you stand from long periods of time. They are a proven leader in the anti-fatigue mat market, and are ergonomically engineered and designed to provide maximum safety and relief from the aches … [Read more...]

DEWALT 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set Review

My son is is becoming an amazing mechanic, it's almost like something he was born to do. I can remember since he was just 10 years old he was so interested in cars and how they work. He even changed our oil, brakes, rotors, did tune up's, transmission filter and more with never any training. Like I said it's like he was born to do. With that being said this is the profession he's in now and the right choice in my mind. So it's essential that … [Read more...]

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Keeping headlights clean not only makes your car look better but it's safer. Because when cars headlights become dirty and full of  oxidation they look clouded, dull, hazy and yellow which gives off less light making the distance they light up not as far. My Cadillac CTS headlights became very dirty and the distance of light they gave off was just awful. Thanks to SYLVANIA for sending over their Headlight Restoration Kit and SilverStar zXe … [Read more...]