Must Have Car Accessories And Gadgets For The Winter

      Ames Ford thinks we could use some tricks, and hacks to make every day tasks easier for us. Even when driving, there are tons of car accessories and gadgets that add to the experience, and also make tasks a breeze. Over the years, companies and inventors have created innovated products in result of certain struggles drivers come across. Some of these products, may not be the solution to a problem, but more … [Read more...]

Bad Habits We Pick Up During The Winter

A lot of us are hundred times more cautious when winter hits. We have got to be on top of everything, we have to drive more safely when it snows. But some of us may be making it worse for ourselves without even knowing it. During the winter we may pick up some bad habits that can be quite dangerous. You may not notice at first what you are doing, maybe think twice before you do them, wonder if it is good or bad. Take a look at some of these … [Read more...]

What Happens To Your Car During The Winter?

For some winter is right around the corner, but for others it's in full blast. Fort Dodge want's you to there are a lot of things to take in consideration as the colder days approach. I live in Florida, even though the average temperature here is around 85 degrees, we do get those chilly days that can do some damage. For all car owners, this weather can mean bad news, during the winter when there are a few negative things that … [Read more...]

Keep Your New Car Shinning Like The Sun

Everyone loves that feeling of a shinny new car, but soon we get comfortable and the outside of the car gets cruddy. Rust, dirt, and film start to cover areas of the car, rims and lights. It doesn't look like the new car you just bought anymore does it? Well, there isn't anything wrong with putting in some effort in keeping that fresh, clean look. When I clean my car, I really don't use any store bought washing chemicals besides a … [Read more...]

6 Reason To Have Your Brakes and Tires Check Before Winter

Dealers like Hoffman Chrysler Jeep Dodge want you to be safe this coming winter, and know that many drivers may live in an area where winter is harsh, and how much a tole this can take on your car. With the freezing cold temperatures, the thick snow, and icy roads. All these things can cause a lot of troubles, and accidents for car owners. That's why they want you to know how important brakes and tires are. These are two … [Read more...]

10 Useful Auto Hacks

Driving is a wonderful thing, but most know that having a car comes with some problems, some problems a mechanic won't be able to fix. But overtime, as a driver you can figure ideas to MacGyver your way through simple issues you come across. To help you out, here are 10 car hacks, and simple tricks that Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Baltimore thinks can benefit you on your travels, and if you have kids it'll help them out too! 1. … [Read more...]

Tips for Safe Trick-Or-Treating this Halloween

As Halloween approaches lots of car dealers like Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Edgewood want you to be safe as you enjoy a night out with your children trick-or-treating.  For kids, Halloween night is one of the most exciting nights of the year. I mean who doesn't love free candy, and lots of it! From the candy to the costumes, Halloween is such a fun holiday for the kids and parents too.However, it can have … [Read more...]

When to Replace Your Tires

Whether you are living on a tight budget or not it's important to change your tires when needed. Because the last thing you wanna do is put off the changing out worn tires. Badly worn tires can prevent a safe drive each time you get in the car. New tires are an expense we can't avoid or ignore. However knowing when it's time to get new tires is not something all drivers know.  Our tire traction gives us the ability to … [Read more...]