Automobility Disability Assistance

Have you ever heard of the The Automobility Program at FCA US LLC? It was designed to help customers with permanent disabilities with being able to enter, exit and/or operate thier new vehicle. This program was also the first in the industry that helps to ease the financial burden for drivers that have physical challenges. They help by giving a cash reimbursement of up to $1000. This is for expenses that are directly related to the adaptive … [Read more...]

Cheap DIY Upholstery Cleaners

It is just about summer time, time to clean all that muck and dust from spring and winter off the car! Let it shine in the bright summer sun. But don't forget about the inside of your car now, we know there's some crumbs in the creases of the seats from those Christmas cookies your mom sent you. Or a coffee stain on the seat from one of your morning lattes. Make sure the inside matches the outside. Don't just clean in the inside with any cleaner … [Read more...]

Prepare for a Safe Road Trip This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, college kids are finishing up their finals and are ready to relax for the summer. I know a lot of college kids are planning to take road trip with each other and just get away and do everything they couldn't while they were busy in school. Or parents want to take the kids out to a nice amusement park and stay a week at a nice hotel for the summer. But let's set aside the excitement for a second and get on … [Read more...]

What to do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

So what do you do when your check engine light comes on? That's one question not a lot of people can answer unless they are car savvy or a mechanic. However when it comes down to it this is something that's best to have a little knowledge on. This way when something does go wrong with your car and your check engine light come on you can at least be more prepared and understand possibly the reason it's happening.  So if you are … [Read more...]

7 Auto Hacks Everyone Should Know

Cars have been out a long time, and threw out the years there's been some very creative car owners, that have thought up some amazing ideas to help with lots of issues in vehicles. We searched the internet and found a few awesome car hacks that may make your next car ride a little more pleasant.  1.Keep it Clean With a Mini Trashcan   You can use many things for this idea. Use a plastic bag, tiny … [Read more...]

Save Money On Auto Repairs

Most people find themselves operating their vehicle at least once a day or more. Whether commuting to work, home, or running errands. As we go on with life doing our day to day we sometimes forget about the important maintenance involved when owning a vehicle. We get in it, it starts and goes, so then we think everything is great and go on about our day. Unfortunately many of us only take note if we here a strange noise or … [Read more...]

9 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

When our vehicle starts to acting up or not working like it once did, many of us ignore the issues when it seems small. Small issues are easy to take for granted. Sadly sometimes important things can go wrong without notice. However regular preventative maintenance can insure your vehicle will work optimally. When life gets in the way keeping your vehicle maintained can sometimes be tough. So I complied a list to help you prioritize and plan … [Read more...]

Best Gas Saving Tips

As we all know gas prices have always gone up and down. Now that the busy spring and summer road trip season has arrived, most drivers will start to see increases at the pump, because gas will now be in a higher demand. Unfortunately as these gas prices rise, it will have an impact on so many families. Losing an extra $10 or $20 a week due to gas prices rising could mean less to spend on other important household … [Read more...]