Navigating Workers Comp When You’re an Independent Contractor

Generally speaking, Independent contractors aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ compensation is the insurance system in place to provide benefits to employees who are injured on the job—the operative word here being “employees” — which independent contractors are not. Employers are not required to pay workers’ compensation insurance for independent contractors. According to the Bureau of Labor … [Read more...]

CAB It The Next Time You Need A Loan

A direct lender is often the first organization Americans think of when they need fast access to cash, but for those living in Texas, there’s another source of financial assistance. Credit Access Businesses (CABs) are rapidly replacing traditional lenders in Texas due to their quick and convenient lending processes. They offer cash advances that exceed the typical single payday repayment schedule, making them an ideal source … [Read more...]

A Child Support Enforcement Agency Helps Parents Get What They’re Due

There are plenty of factors that may influence the chances of divorce. Money, education, and even genetics have been identified as the reason behind many marital splits. Whatever the cause may be somewhere between 40 and 50% of all marriages end in divorce. For some, separation is amicable and there are no issues over dividing belongings and sharing custody. For a far greater number of divorced couples, the process of … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury can be devastating. Often it results in many months of physical pain and hardship. It ruins your social life. And, sometimes, it makes it impossible to work. When taken together, it's clear that personal injury is severe indeed. That's why choosing the right person to represent you is an important decision. In fact, it could be the most important decision you make in fighting your personal injury claim. Step One: Determine … [Read more...]

3 Smart Investments For A Thrifty Home

Image source Most people’s homes are likely to need a few renovations here and there. There might be some minor damage to a window or a lick of paint needed. Perhaps the driveway is overgrown or roof isn’t well insulated. Sometimes the deeper we look, the worse it becomes! If you’re short on time, thrifty with finances (or both!) there are some smart investments you can make in your home that keep it looking fresh. Over time, they also ensure … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Out of Your Debt Problem

Being in debt is never a lot of fun. It can really drag you down, so you need to solve the problem as quickly as possible. It’s not as hard as you might imagine to get out of debt though. If you put a plan in place and approach the problem in a logical and rational way, you can break free sooner rather than later. The debt you have might seem insurmountable to you right now, but that need not always be the case. So, here is how you should … [Read more...]

New Technology Slashes Electricity Bills for Texans #EnergyOgre

Many people struggle to pay bills every month. What's worst is the ones we need paid the most can sometimes be the most expensive such as electricity and rent. Now there is a new way to save money on your electricity bill each month.  If you live in a deregulated market in Texas (and millions do), there is a new technology company that is helping people save 40-60% off their energy bills. First, take just a few … [Read more...]

5 Easy Marketing Tips for Etsy Sellers

Etsy is a fantastic marketplace for artisans, crafters, and artists from around the world. It's the best place to make your work known, sell it and create your own brand. You can create your own shop, list your products and price them as you wish. The marketplace manages your sales, provides support, helps you with shipping and will get your products in front of millions of possible buyers. The website has tens of thousands of artisans and … [Read more...]