8 Crazy Things You Should Store In Your Freezer

Think your freezer is only good for storing TV dinners and huge quantities of meat? Think again! Your freezer has a ton of different uses that you probably didn’t even realize. Here are 8 crazy non-food items you should start throwing in the freezer. Batteries—About 3 billion batteries are bought in the U.S. alone every single year. That’s a lot of batteries and a lot of money spent on them! We use batteries to power all sorts of items … [Read more...]

Frugal Home Security Solutions for Families

Families can’t afford security cameras and advanced technology to prevent home invasions or theft. With the rising cost of living in most major metropolitan areas in the U.S., parents would rather spend extra money towards groceries, movie tickets for their children, or for a pizza night at home neighbors. Even though parents think they can’t afford superfluous and outrageous home security systems, there are other solutions to protect your … [Read more...]

Brylane Home Hexagon Gazebo Review

BrylaneHome is an online store that carries bedding, bath, kitchen, home appliances, storage, furniture & decor, window care, plus size, outdoor and more!  BrylaneHome sent me over a Hexagon Gazebo in exchange for my honest opinion. The BrylaneHome Hexagon Gazebo is perfect for summer and early fall. This is their New and improved Hexagon Gazebo that lets you enjoy the outdoors without all the unwanted bugs ad … [Read more...]