iFrogz Caliber Axiom Universal Gaming Headphones with Mic Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a prestige pair of gaming headphones. Zagg sent me over the iFrogz Caliber Axiom Universal Gaming Headphones with Mic. These headphones are perfect because they are compatible with the PC, Play Station 3, and the Xbox. So if you have more than one platform you like to play on, no need to get a different pair headphones for each system. These will do it all. I chose the flexible and detachable mic, … [Read more...]

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Review

The most recent gamming headset we tried is called the Siberia v2  for PS3 made by SteelSeries.com, and its compatible with XBOX 360, Mac and PC. I have 2 avid gammers in my house that are ages 15 and 19 who gave this headset a try. Here is their reaction and overall thought about it. In the past they haven't come across very many good headsets unless it's one we spent a lot of money on. It was easy to set up, just plug in two cords. They … [Read more...]