Elegant Dresses by Style for Homecoming

Elegant Dresses by Style for Homecoming

The first formal dance of the school year, Homecoming, celebrates current and past students. Get gussied up, dress to impress in a beautiful new gown.

Ever heard the expression: “Mutton dressed as lamb.”? How about “Age before beauty.”? “Pearls before swine.”? Of course you haven’t. These are adages that out date our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. Also, these sayings seem to address a demographic for which you won’t have to worry about for decades. Still, those expressions, which were originally disdainful of women who don’t dress their age has evolved into a slightly different meaning: looking age inappropriate. The opposite can be said for young women who age themselves by dressing much older.

You’ll be happy to know that it’s still possible to be teen-headed to homecoming and still look classy and elegant and not like a “Real Housewife.” You don’t have to be treated to pre-homecoming cocktail parties for which outsiders will inquire if you’re the hired den parent, keeping everyone in line. If you’re preparing for Homecoming, do not worry that you’re jumping the gun or that you’re too far ahead of schedule. After all, the new school year is only a few weeks away, and Homecoming is following up shortly thereafter.

In an effort to understand how to achieve a classy and elegant look, you have to be familiar with the available styles and how to wear them, as well as what to avoid. Once you’ve made the choice of what kind of image you’d like to put forth, commit to it and begin your quest by researching elegant dresses by style.

The degree of dress formality will depend wholly on your school and classmates and the location of Homecoming. For many high schools, the first home football game of the season is a time when students show up to demonstrate school spirit and share he stands with alumni – and family of all ages. It’s a time that evokes the bite of fall weather, and the warmth of reunions.

Some schools move the festivities (raucous or somber, based on whether your team won or not) right into the school cafeteria or gym, and the atmosphere is decidedly most casual than if it were held at a local hotel reception room or event venue. Unlike prom where a significant portion of attendees are in black-tie formal gear, homecoming offers you more of a dress-length choice – you can go for either a long, cocktail, short or mini, as long as it fits the classy criteria.

In actuality, the rules for elegance have less bearing on the dress length than it does the dress’ styling. Avoid too much flounce. Avoid ruffles. Avoid anything too novelty. Save costume-y for another time. No ruffles, no tight corsets, no cut-outs or midriffs. Strapless gowns, still very popular, are a great way to appear statuesque; this look is definitely achieved when applied to sheath.

Color is another element that will define your dress’ vibe. You can’t go wrong with black, brown, navy, or nude colouring. You can have patterns, but understated and in a small print. You may be tempted to lean towards a statement dress, but again, this might be better saved for another time. Do not have any outlandish embellishment. This is not to say that you can’t have beading or sequins, but you want to convey something other than excess.

Another beautifully elegant style is the asymmetrical one-shoulder dress. If you can pull it off, just go for it.

Accessorize lightly. Do not layer your jewellery, but, in keeping with the classy and elegant theme, wear only a single necklace with a modest pendant or a very simple string of pearls or crystals. For earrings, choose diamond/cubic zirconia/Swarovski studs.

If you’re choosing a dress length above the knees, look for a skirt that isn’t overwhelming (i.e. layered in tulle).

Choose a dress you’re comfortable to wear, making you feel confident throughout the entire event. Bear in mind that you don’t have to try really hard just to look classy during homecoming. Confidence is always the key.


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