Christmas Help for Needy Families

Christmas Help for Needy Families

Christmas help for needy families, holiday help for low-income families, Christmas help, Holiday Assistance, Help With Toys for Christmas, Holiday Help, whatever you name it, it’s on the page. Whether you need help with food for Thanksgiving or gifts for Christmas.  I have taken my time to make a list of different ways you find help for the holidays. Enjoy and I wish you luck in finding the help you need.

Also, check out these lists I created to help you earn cash for the holidays: 

Many people are in great need during this time of year. So it’s important when signing up to agencies for help that you truly need it. Most places work on a first come first serve basis. So be sure to sign up as early as possible this way the agency will not run out of toys or food baskets before they get to your family. If you are fortunate enough that you don’t need help this holiday season. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to one of the organizations below.

I do not donate gifts to families. I have offered my time to find the resources listed below and update regularly as I find more.

Call Your Child’s School

One of the first and best places to start is your child’s school. If you don’t have children in school skip this paragraph and continue below. For those of you with children in school start by calling the school social worker, school psychologist, or guidance counselor. Tell them your situation, and ask if they can help or have information on how to find help for Thanksgiving and Christmas in your area. If they don’t they will point you in the right direction. Schools are very giving during the holidays, and tend to have additional resources for school supplies, clothes, help with electric bills, etc all year round. You just have to ask to find out what your school can help with. They are not just going to offer. Most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute.

Call Local Food Banks

Most food banks and pantries have resources for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past, I was able to receive a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas basket from a local pantry. Head on over here to find your local food banks or pantries in your area and you can also try  If you have any trouble finding what you’re looking for remember you can always call your local Charities, Civic Organizations, Human Services, or D.S.S for information in your area.

Contact Local Charities

Also, contact your local charities and civic organizations to find out about all programs for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas time and all year round.


Ask your own church, call, and speak with the pastor about receiving assistance for your family or another needy family you may know. If your church is already collecting food items and toys for Christmas and Thanksgiving for the needy, ask if you qualify to be a receiver. If you don’t go to church that’s fine too, you are still welcome to contact any of your local churches and inquire about their programs if any and apply.

Call a Local TV or Radio Station

Call a local TV or Radio station and ask if they know of any programs helping families for Thanksgiving and Christmas if they themselves can not help you they will know who you can call.

Christmas Angel Tree -Salvation Army

Christmas Angel Tree is a program sponsored by The Salvation Army. Have you ever gone into Walmart or the Mall and seen the little trees with tags on them that have children’s ages and gender written on them? Well, that’s part of their program. To get your child’s name on a tree you must register to receive Christmas toys through your local Department of social services or call your local Salvation Army to find out where you can apply for it. Most of the time it’s through Salvation Army.

They will require some simple information from you to determine whether you are really in need of the services. Find your local Salvation Army and their contact info just add your zip code to the top right corner. If you’re having trouble finding yours you can also just look them up in your phone book or call information. Please call right away some places sign-ups have already begun.
Family Christmas Online
Family Christmas Online was formed to help your family to have a joyful and meaningful Christmas, even if your life is going in thirty different directions. Check it out here at
Lion’s Club
Lion’s Club also helps with Christmas gifts. Simply contact your local Lions Club branch.  But please make sure you do this within 1-2 months in advance of Christmas to request assistance. Assistance is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis and is limited to member donations and available volunteers. Click here to find a local Lions Club

Toys For Tots

The US Marines sponsors, Toys for Tots, each year and collect and donate toys to children of families in need. Toys you receive from Toys For Tots are new and unwrapped. To sign up for your children and request Christmas toys from Toys For Tots just contact your local Department of Social Services or Human Services, 2-1-1, or Catholic Charities for information on where they will be holding the event in your town and when.

Again if you’re having any trouble please call your local Charities, Civic Organizations, Human Services, or D.S.S for information in your area. Request a Toy. You can also donate toys here.

The Angel Tree – Prison Fellowship Program

Angel Tree works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner parent. 1-877-478-0100

Family Giving Tree

Their Holiday Wish Drive offers a way to directly touch a child’s life. They work with more than 250 Bay Area, California social service agencies that supply them with the names and wishes of the children they serve year-round. A wish card is printed for each child, detailing their age, gender, first name, and their wish for a holiday gift. Over 900 Bay Area, California companies, schools, and organizations participate in the program by displaying the wish cards, often on trees, in their lobbies, and other public areas. It is the generosity of employees, customers, and students that makes this program a success. They do not work with individuals, but with Social Service Agencies located in northern California, seeking assistance from the Family Giving Tree. So please check with your local Social Services office to ask for more information. Check out their “Who we Help” page before contacting their office. Head on over here for that information


Military Families – Trees For Troops
Part of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation that provides real trees to families with members in the military. They are based out of Missouri, the foundation does provide National assistance to those in need. This year they are teaming up with FedEx to deliver the trees all over the nation.  You can contact Christmas SPIRIT for help here at
The National Holiday Project
Sign up with this charity and see what kind of assistance they offer in your area. They bring the spirit of a holiday to people who otherwise would not have a celebration
Make-a-Wish Foundation
The Make-a-Wish Foundation is a charitable foundation that grants the wishes of kids throughout the year. Even more importantly, it’s for kids who face life-threatening medical conditions. For children ages  2 1/2 to 18 years old.
Operation Santa
Get a letter from Santa Mailed to your child click here for more information about
Find a Freecycle in your area. Your trade items with other people that you don’t want.

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  1. kevin buckner says

    I know it’s late to try an get christmas help, but this is the only way i feel i wil get help. I have a 18 yr old daughter, 5 yr old daghter, and a 2yr old son. That i cannot provide christmas for, along with my wife. I fell on hard times do to my truck transmission going out. I bought another truck after scrapping the last one and used the money to buy a used truck and now the transmission is gone out on it. I can’t afford christmas, because all the money i had was spent on bills and rent. We are not able to buy christmas dinner or gifts. If there’s any help that i can get will be truly a blessing for me and my family.

  2. Hello my name is Rotatia. I’ve recently lost my job, and have to tell my 16 year old daughter that mommy can’t afford Christmas this year. I’ve had to move in with my mom & sister. My sister has also lost her job, and my mom only gets retirement income. It’s not enough for four people. We are now down to one transportation due to the fact that my truck has died, and my sister was in an auto accident that totaled her car. My daughter is growing out of her clothes and shoes. I just wish I could put a few things under the tree with her name on them, even though she’s not expecting anything cause she’s well aware of our current situation. Just don’t know with it being so late in the month, what help is out there. Was told you have to apply months in advance for programs. And I really wish I could get my truck up and running. Some prayers please and thank you 🙂

  3. Im from Kashmir i need your help
    I really need help with Christmas I had to stop work and take care of my mom and niece so we don’t have any money are food for Christmas please help me

  4. Angela Hunter says

    I am a single mother if 5 with lupus..being employed full time but working part time I’ve been getting by but I had a rough month out of all and I have until Dec 22 to come up with 1,000 or be out so my kids want have a gift for Christmas but please pray for us that we keep our home .. while I await my disability claim son 2 girls 12-13-15-18 thanks in advance and merry Christmas to all

  5. Amanda Park says

    Hello all me and my hubby to be both have child from our first marriage how our children aren’t with us and as of this morning we have been kick out of where we were staying after my wallet came up missing yesterday and I noticed a lot more of my thing and my man’s stuff we’re disappearing. After she call me and my man thives I opened my mouth and now we have nothing all our money went to get them Xmas gift or gas in the car to take them where they wanted and needed to go. My puppy is only a year and half years old and very depressed cause she knows something isn’t right and we can’t get her anything she need from Santa paws if you can help it would me the would to me and my man thank you

  6. Hi, I lost my job a few weeks ago and have had no luck finding another so far. I have a 14 year old daughter, a 7 yr old son, and a newborn baby girl. I have always made sure my baby’s had a great Christmas but this year I am not going to be able to provide anything. I never expected to loss my job or not be able to find another one, or I would’ve reached out to agencies in the area to help. But now it’s just a week before Christmas and I don’t know what I am going to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Merry Christmas and Thank you

  7. Miatyia Jackson says

    Hi, I’m a single mother of 6 ages 17,15,14,8,7,1yr and I’m askn for a little help.I would appreciate just a gift for them. I’m not eirkn right been dealing with a lot of health and mental issues been on all types of medications ,.it’s been a struggle amongs us with no help from no one I just want my kids to b happy. If anyone out there can help us I will really appreciate it Thank you and have a Blessed Holiday

  8. Lauren K Henderson says

    Hey I’m just about to the ends of my ropes do you know anyone that helps with secret Santa. …Honest my Lil girl has been so sick and in and out of the hospital and may have to have surgery on her head because her soft spot is not closing and I have not been able to work. Do u know who might could help me I have 4 other kids 3 are step but we don’t think that way. They bring so much joy to my heart and I just want them to have a good Christmas, they know its not about gift and things. Is about Jesus and his birth, they are great kids. Jayden14 Zander11 Grace10 Kylin5 And Honeat1. Please if someone could help it would make my dreams come true

  9. Michelle J Francis says

    Hello. My husband and I are both disabled and his disability check is our sole source of income. We both were once hardworking individuals who were proud to be working, but our health statuses have become overwhelming. I myself have a pending disability claim for which I am awaiting a hearing. There is a child support deduction from my husband’s SSD check which is paid to his ex wife. This leaves us a small amount to maintain with each month. Our youngest daughter has asked for a keyboard which we desire to see her have, but cannot afford at this point. She is 14, a gifted singer and writes songs. We also have five grandchildren whom we would love to buy gifts for as well but we can’t. My husband is in and out of the hospital due to complications from diabetes and though I love my husband dearly, this can be overwhelming too at times. We are very grateful people and any generosity at this point in our lives will be deeply appreciated. God bless you all and Happy Holidays!

  10. steven. amerson says

    Hi im. A. Veteran. With. 4. Kids. Shelby. 17yrs. Clifford 13 yrs. Stephen and. Stephine are. Twins. And. Are. 11Yrs. Old. All. The. Toy. Drives. Are. Closed. If. Anyone. Can. Me. Pleases. Email. Thank. U

  11. tara poalnd says

    I’m mother of 3 kids ages 4, 7 ,,8 , years old all I want to do is give my kids a good Christmas this year my 4 year is asking for a airplain and my 8 year old is asking to become an elf for santa . my 7 year old is asking to have tea set for Christmas I just wold like to have there wish come true . the 4 and 7 year old are grils 8 year old is a boy if there anyone ot there can help me make there wish come true would wold be great ful thank u to everyone one .

  12. I’m a single mother of 5 . This is my first year I have humbly asking for someone to adopt my family. I was married young went from my parents home to my husband’s. We are without him now and I don’t even have the means for a tree. My youngest is 4 and she truely doesn’t deserve (nor any child) a Christmas with nothing . I have many applications in but it being g the 12th I don’t foresee me being able to swing a Christmas mircial. My children and I have endured alot the last two months and all I want for them is happiness. They are Kami 17. .Damon 16. . Matthew 14. . Greyson 12. .and Emma 4. We will b truely grateful for anything. Thank you and I wish all a Merry Christmas <3

  13. Melissa Utter says

    Hi, My family and I are going through a hardship right now that we are desperately trying to over-come, it couldn’t come at a worse time (Christmas) My 3 children I am afraid won’t have a Christmas this year. I have 2 girls 15 and 11 and a 4yr old little boy. My mother was just released from ICU after being on life support and almost dying for the past 2 months. She is now living with me… on top of My home I had for the past 8yrs being condemned Nov. 10th and had to move immediately forcing us to go in to a hotel home. I did not have a phone for the month of Nov. or I would have ask sooner, on top of being back and fourth to hospitals visiting and helping my mother that I was very afraid of losing whom is still terminally sick. My biggest wish is that my kids have some kind of Christmas this year. If there are any resources that anyone knows that can help please feel free to contact me, any help would be very apperceive. Thank you.

  14. I am a single mother of two wonderful boys. I resently moved to Oklahoma to be closer to my parents who have failing health. I am also disabled due to physical abuse from the father of my children. I haven’t been able to provide Christmas for my children this year due to our move being so costly. Though my children are understanding of financial difficulties. They shouldn’t have to pay for me choosing family over financial comfort. I would still like them to have a merry Christmas and to see their faces light up as they open presents Christmas morning. Any and all help would be a blessing. I would be very appreciative.

  15. Eddie Parr Jr says

    Hello, I am disabled and struggling to make ends meet. I can to work due to a severe spinal injury and severe spinal damage. I don’t have any resources to get my 10 year old any thing for Christmas. It saddens me to the point that I cry. Sometimes, my son sees me crying and I have to explain to him that I cry because I cant give him the things other kids have. I am asking for help of any type in order that my 10 year old son can at least have something for Christmas. Any help will be appreciated.

  16. keyna Johnson says

    Hello i am a single mother of 3 kids trying to get help for christmas gets moved her to georgia don’t know anyone and don’t have any family support my mother passed away and she was my biggest help my kids keep asking are we getting anything for christmas and i said i don’t know if santa stopping by my little girl started crying i don’t know what else to do or say no one has reached out to help it’s very frustrating not knowing if your child will wake up for christmas with nothing under a tree oh wait i don’t even have a tree, i hope someone hear my ple for some christmas help.

  17. Elizabeth Jones says

    If anyone could help my boys have a blessed Christmas I would really really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Full time mother part time AFC home dcs. I love my job but the wages are little. I have four boys anticipating Christmas and I hate to see their faces when they think Santa skipped them. Please help us if you can

  18. Single mother of a 4 year old boy. Between paying rent and providing for my child, my expenses have overcome my ability to buy gifts and a tree for my baby. Could use some help this holiday!!

  19. Gwenetta sims says

    Hi my name gwenetta Sims I’m a mother of 4 someone came into my home and stolen my money now I’m bout to be evicted and my kids have no Christmas

  20. roberta harper says

    I have two boys in need of a happy Christmas one have autism which is 12yrs. he want a bike, the other one 9yrs like spiderman please help

  21. Ishundrea phifer says

    Hello. I need help for my 6year old daughter. Please help me put a smile on her face. Thanks

  22. Silvia vargas says

    Hi i need help im currently homeless with 5 kids i will apreciate if you guys could help put a smile on mu kids for christmas thank you

  23. Dawn McCarty says

    Hello let me begin with my name Dawn age 42 I want to let everyone know how special my son Ashton Daniel McCarty age 12 loves video games on his ps4. Well we are going through very hard times and if anyone deserve a Christmas gift under a tree it would be Ashton as a child my son has gone through alot I thank God everyday day for giving me him . The only thing we have is each other and were living with a friend at the moment. I am a single mother that has been sober off pain pills for a year and a half. I am doing my best to awake and go to bed sober and enjoying every waking moment with my son I realize the wrong that I have done to him and my selfishness. I really don’t know how to explain how much I appreciate my son and ask for anyone’s help that could me give him a Christmas he deserves please anyone and I would love to tell you my whole story and all about my lil angel Ashton.

    • Nicole pekar says

      I know what u r goin thru. I am a recovering addict myself with 3 beautiful baby girls. Im 26 n my husband threw me out after he moved me n our kids here to nc. I had no where to go and i really dont have much family or anyone willing to help me. Im living with one of his familly friends. I have no job n no way to provide christmas for my girls. They deserve a christmas as well they have had a really bad year n my 7 yr old has had a rough life bc i use to b on drugs n then i got clean and he became her dad at age1 n hes all shes known and he left her and she hurts so bad. If u need to talk my number is under my two post nikki n nicole pekar

  24. I really need help with Christmas I had to stop work and take care of my mom and niece so we don’t have any money are food for Christmas please help me

  25. Elizabeth Woolery says

    Very helpful thank you for all that you do god bless thou Angie found some helpful info on site didn’t know where it who to ask for help yippy made it easier tho find help this year.

  26. I’m actually trying to find a place for myself & my kids to volunteer at to help deliver Christmas gifts to kids. Any ideas?

  27. I’m single mother who struggling to afforded Christmas for my child. I trying to find someone who will adopt a family for Christmas. Can’t find someone who will help us. Please can you help us. Thank You Shelia Meli

  28. Tanishia Starr says

    Hey I’m a single mother of 4 kids that I live to death it’s been hard for me for the last pass year but I know that God have a plan for me and he never done me wrong I stay in low income apartments which is ok but it’s a lot my kids see over here that they should not see at all my kids fathers is not in there life sad to say but it’s so true my mom pass at a time I really needed her I was 14yr but God call her home and now I understand now I would love for you help me and my kids out thank you and may God keep blessing you

  29. Michelle Tritt says

    Hi my name is Michelle, I have a 12 and 13 year old daughters. I have a job but can’t get Christmas for my girls. I have multiple disconnect notices and I’m behind on my rent. I hate asking for help but I could really use some help for Christmas for my girls this year. Please help me. God bless you

  30. Hey my name is Keyana Jones an I have five kids 4 girls an one boy the girls are 6,3,4 my lil man is 1 an am having a hard time with my rent an got give my kids a good Christmas that they never had it’s hard for me to get a job because of my special ed needs I try an try an am not getting anywhere .. I cry ever night because I can’t give them a good Christmas they never had one an all am asking is for some help please am bagging y’all can somebody please help me that’s all I ever ask please God bless

  31. Hi my name is Christy I’m a single mom n lost my job,my child’s father is ordered child support but don’t pay.I really cld use some help so that she will have a good Christmas. I hate to ask for help. I’m very independent but she means the world to me. Ty.

  32. My husband was a hard worker he worked in the coal mines 24 years but had to retire due to illness then one day you receive a letter from the UMWA explaining that as of Dec 31 2016 you will no longer have health insurance or a pension the American dream nightmare, you call and ask of you are can sign your 2 grandsons who you have custody of on one of the Christmas charities, and find that the cut off age is 13 well my grandsons are 13 and 14 and you do the right thing and do your best to make sure that you are going to be able to survive the loss of income shock so you do not buy christmas gifts instead you make sure you will be able to pay your taxes come April, so we do not become homeless in the near future you get out of debt as well as you can so you spend every penny paying off little bills that will cause grief in the coming months ,I would like to thank Mitch McConnell for all his efforts in blocking any hope that the sick and disabled coal miners had in living the American dream our was just a little dream basic survival.

  33. says

    ih my name mary we reaily need help for christmas please am in a wheelchair year i find hard and my famil y find my husband look after 24 a day i have use of my l]right oney i cant feed my sely or washed my self we have 4hard year please can you make christ mas for kid they didnt any thing in year i live in lreland please please can you help my family and i please please pleas

  34. gayle adair says

    im a single grandmother i have got temp coustody of my 3 grandkids due to their mom on drugs and their dad serving a 38 year prison sentence, its very hard on me im on a fixed income these 3 babies have been put thru hell with their parents hunter is 4 years old hes so sweet and caring callie shes 3 going on 21 lol she thinks shes grown my lil diva then theres paisley shes 18 months shes a handful so sweet and keeps me laughing!! i need help with them for x mas after paying bills i got just enough to get what they need , its hard i cry at night wondering if everything will be ok< please can some adopt these 3 babies for christmas!!

  35. Kelly Bryant says

    Angie my name is Kelly Bryant I received help from you last year through my neighbor Angie lol coincidence, I lived in central square New York I was wondering if that is possible this year? If so I moved so could u email me and let me know if u can help me again??

  36. I was surprised to find this site and i find it really great to do this and like everyone else i need help to provide at least 1 present to the kids i am beside myself due to financial hardship i am hoping someone person will have in their heart to help every child should be able to open a present christmas morning i was thinking of something wrong to do but its not worth it so im praying someone will help. thank you for taking the time to read this.

  37. Theresa Adama-Hardy says

    I have a collapse lung and I’ve got asthma all year around and have trouble of breathing the air outside. I wished there a place can give a car away .just like this guy he got a van for free. My dream ride is Envoy and it’s one of my wishes for Christmas. My birthday is coming I know not getting it. I’ve gave this idea to the main Santa head quarters. Thank you;Theresa Adams-Hardy

  38. I am in need of Christmas help with my 6 yr old son. We just relocated after leaving an abusive relationship. We left with only a couple bags. Any warm winter clothes, socks, underwear,coat and a few toys would be so appreciated. Thank you And god bless

  39. Mary Suyak says

    Im please looking for help with Christmas for my son Andy 16 and my granddaughter and grandson whom live with me. Their father is in prison for murdering their sister. Abriella is 4 and Luke is 4mth. Abriella was in foster care. Im disabled and receive only 717.00 a month SSD. I was barely able to get Abriella pre school clothes.I can barely make ends. I can’t stand the thought of no Christmas for them.

  40. Dustin Clark says

    Need help for Christmas for my daughter

  41. I am a single grandmother who has custody of 3 boys ages 3yrs,5yrs,and 8 yr old due to physical abuse. I have applied for disability and waiting for approval. I haven’t worked since may 2016. I have lost my car due to no income and am having a really hard time making it. I am asking for any help with Christmas for the children. I get no help from either parent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In advance!

  42. Amberly Seeback says

    I am a mother of 3 little girls that are ages 10,8 and 1 years old. I need help with Christmas and I don’t want my kids to go without Christmas this year. I Jus recently got out of a relationship of 12 years and have no help from no one. My kids are my life and my everything. They are my babies I Jus need them to have a good Christmas for once. I don’t want them to go without. I would really appreciate if someone would help me.

  43. I need help with my daughter’s Christmas

  44. Christine L Clenney says

    I am most likely literally dying and my two children and my two grandsons are paying for everything that has went wrong I’m going to lose my home I could not I forward all of my medication my husband was killed in front of our children I’m so chronically ill I can barely get on here I need to speak with someone my life is a battle day and night and I have nothing for my children and they do the best they can to help take care of me as their mother I feel so guilty I just recently got my disability started but it’s only just started since May and it is so not enough could someone please help send the word out anything God bless you I give God all the glory thank you I want to keep doing this talk text but it is just an unbelievable sad situation I hope that someone will contact me so that I can explain thank you for your time

  45. MS.CAROL Lloyd says


  46. Charise Barton says

    Hi I am a single mother of 3 who is desperate need of help this holiday season. My children are 10,8,&4 and is boy girl boy. Please contact me by email.

  47. Jaclyn Truman says

    Hello I am a mother to 5 kids. My husband and I are temporary separated. I currently lost my job because I was really sick when i was pregnant with my daughter who is now 1 month. I have 4 girls ages are 15,13,3,1month and my son is 8..

  48. veronica logan says

    I have a.sister with seven children and she need help for xmas kids age oldest to youngest 15 girl boy age 11 girl 10 boy 9 boy 7 boy 5 boy 3 please help them have a happy merry xmas

  49. Herbert handy says

    I need music instruments for Christmas, food, clothes ,help in paying off bills, a gift of a much needed car,and an extreme makeover.if you can help me to get those presents i will appreciate it. Im low income and i make under $10,000.00 a please help me to get these gifts for Christmas .

  50. gerald malone says

    My name is gerald and am a single father of 3 children ages 4 girl, 6 boy, and 8 girl . I am concerned about gifts for my kids because the gifts I did have and saved up for were all stolen from us during our move to lake lena Minnesota. I have Nothing for them now and am getting stressed out worrying about it cause Christmas is only 6 days away. I’m all cried out and no where to turn it seems. I am writing this as a hopeful last chance to believe that there still are good honest people out there with a little extra this year to assist my family in this dire time of need. Thank you for taking the time to read this

  51. there are 5 children in my home and I took your advice and called schools and churches and cant get help please what else can I do

  52. I thank this is a wonderful site I’m a single mother of 9 children whom my mother adopted she was married to a man whom made her a very happy woman he was an Retired Sgt. Major of 30 years in the US Army the only man my children and I have ever known had a massive heart attack and we buried him Dec. 5 my children are very sad and hurt by this tragedy and we ask you for prayer and Blessings God Bless

  53. I am a mother of 5 whose baby boy past away on September 3 2015 and my life came crashing down so badly. Than my baby girl turned 2 on 10/16 and my son turned 9 on 12/3 and my other daughter will be 6 today 12/13 and I was and am unable to do anything for their birthdays. I also have a 4 yr old son who has autism and he is so wonderful but I cannot afford to provide Christmas for them because we are close to being evicted and I get no child support or help fromantic social services and every dollar I get has to go to rent. They are so understanding I told them I promised I would do better next year and and my oldest 2 told me everything is going to be okay. I’m not asking for much just for somebody to please bring a little joy and hope to 4 children who have lost so much this year please and god bless.

  54. Good morning,

    I am finding that in Massachusetts it is more difficult then I expected to find places accepting items to help a couple families in need. My whole extended family went in together and purchased full decorations such as fake trees, stockings, etc. for a couple families in need in our area. I am having a hard time finding anyone who can help me get these to those families. Angie any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.


  55. crystal hockaday says

    Hello I’m need of help for Christmas I have for children and I have no income at the time I’m seeking a job but no luck at the time so if u can please help me and my family out it will be a blessing

  56. Heather Teague says

    I have three children, two boys ages 6 and 13 and a daughter who’s almost 9. Just moved to a new apartment (low income housing) near Charleston after working hard to get stronger both physically and mentally. Am separated from my husband who has abused me for 15 years and continues to do so but in different ways. Have been hospitalized and near death from the effects of the trauma associated with the abuse, major depression and anorexia nervosa. Finally received electro convulsive therapy for three months and have been building a new life since March of this year. I’m grateful to have Christmas with the children and to have my life and my health even though it’s still a challenge. I feel bad because I don’t have the money to get them much of anything and I don’t even have a Christmas tree for them to decorate. Is it too late to get help at this point? I honestly didn’t know I’d make it this far and only a few weeks ago was able to move here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  57. Tiffany davis says

    Hey i have 4 kids in this early have been very upsetting for me and my family we just find out the early part off this year my husband has bone cancer he had to leave his job he been on for 25 years. It’s hurting him so bad cause i work but all that money go on rent and bills we dont no if ill kids will wake up to anything this Christmas we two boys 14 and 13 and two daughter’s 11 and 6 i have try everything from tryin to get loans i went to the salvation army it was to late to sign up if anyone have any information on how i can get help please let me no it so sad and hurtful we can’t even get them a tree. Thanks Davis Family

  58. Hello everyone my name is Carla and me & my family are in desperate need of everyday essentials this year and we really need help. I have a fundraiser account with Given Foward and the link is below. Any type of help is excepted not just money so if you can please help that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the consideration we appreciate it.

  59. kendrick martin says

    On oct 30 i was in a real bad car accident which left me in the hospital 2 weeks. Due the accident im out of work until Jan.1,2016 and cause my job is unionized im unable to draw short term disability. I have no income coming in and no one to help me with my kids. I have to boys and a step daughter that looks like there not going to be able to have christmas.

  60. Felisha VENTURA says

    I am 21 years old I have 3 children there father is in jail my children have been thru some rough roads.and I recently lost my job.. I am leaving house to house I have a 5 year 4 year boys and a daughter who’s bithday is on 1212 she will be 3 … I have been going thru some hard times and I pray that it will be over soon.I just don’t want my baby’s to have a sad christmas.. I cry at night praying that GOD hears my humble heart. You would make my christmas a very happy one if I know that may kids are happy…

  61. Hi I’m a single mother of five kids nd expecting one more December 23 , I was working before my doctor made me go on Maternity leave which I could only afford to pay my rent and bills with that I have a sixteen year old daughter that’s a Honor roll student that gives me big help with her siblings I have a fourteen year old daughter and a thirteen year old son that’s sayn they don’t want anything for Christmas just so I can make their seven and six years old sisters be happy for Christmas nd I would appreciate if I can get some help this Christmas for once just to make my kids smile on Christmas day a little of nothing will help brighten my kids .I felt really bad not being able to get them and the baby I’m expecting in a few weeks nothing for Christmas I had scraped up some change today just to get my babies a five dollar Christmas Tree that’s something they really wanted I trys my best to make them happy just hoping their Christmas be good Thank you I would be thankful if I can get any kind of help

  62. Audrey pachner says

    I need help with Christmas this year

  63. Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it, Merry Christmas.
    I hope one of those sites you have listed will be able to help with christmas for my 4 kids…

  64. Stevie Sipes says

    This year I’ve had a lot of medical issues hit my family & I. We are a family of 5 (2 parents & 3 children) but only one parent works because I’m disabled. I got a total hip replacement in March & still dealing with other health issues at the age of 31. I’ve survived cancer when I was 18. We aren’t eligible for assistance in my state. So I’m sending this message hopeing God will provide in someway to help with medical bills or just help so our children can have a great Christmas because all 3 of them have seen their mother in pain going on for almost a year now. They’re really are great kids, they truly bless our lives so much & deserve more then we can afford by far. Hope everyone how reads this have a save & Merry Christmas.

  65. jamie wilson says

    Hi I am a 30 year old woman living in kansas city missouri. i am a wife and mom of 3 little children and a step mom to a 16 year old. My husband works but by the time the bills are paid on (not caught up) and the toiletries, and food is bought we don’t have enough money at the end to get holiday shopping or birthdays together. i am in desperate need of assistance with clothes for everyone but me. My 16 year old daughter is 6’0 and 200 lbs, her mother buys clothes too small. my 5 year old is 48″ tall. and all his clothes had to be givin to his 3 year old brother because they’re too small. my 5 year old is so tall that he needs size 7-8 clothes, except underwear. my 3 year old son needs new shoes. ( size 10) my 1 year old daughter doesn’t have a winter coat and is wearing all her baby clothes (0-3 months to no bigger than 9 months clothes) My husband is 6’5 260 lbs, and i have no idea where to get clothes for him, and the clothes i have found are too much money. He needs a new coat, doesn’t currently have one, and he works at aplant that is very very cold during the winter. he needs good work shoes (size 13) for standing and walking all day/night long. I am the only one that doesn’t need too much of anything.

  66. I need help getting my little girl Christmas gifts times have been better but God is good and this is just a bump in the road. Her birthday is one week after Christmas so if I make sure she is happy on Christmas I will be happy and grateful.

  67. I have three girls 8,6,2. Im in needed of help for christmas . I will be blessed for any help.

  68. ginger Monroe says

    We are a family that need help. 3 boys with special needs .5 of us total. My husband is the only one that works we are a one income family i take care of everyone. Please help us.god bless you. Ginger Monroe

  69. In need help getting Christmas gifts for my children. Its been a ruff couple months for us

  70. Paula Thibeaux says

    I looking for help gor my kids for chirstmas please

  71. Monica G Martinez says

    Hi i have five kids me and my husband try to do this as nice as we can for our family every year but its been three years that we just a small dinner on thanks giving so by christmas we dont have much to offer my kids please if some one can adopt us this year please I want to see a big smile on my kids thanks!

  72. hi my name is amber the past year has been one thing after another I lost my house and my car my kids are whats keeping me going but my life fell entirely apart on September 3 our baby pasted away from sids and I fell behind on everything. we are now trying to catch up on rent and bge and other bills but its been hard. now I have our 8 yr olds birthday is December 6 my 5 yr birthday is December 13 and than there is chrsitmas for all four of them I also have a 3 1/2 yr and a 2 yr old and I have no idea what I am going to do im struggling just to pay the rent. I hate to ask for help but I have to for my children they deserve some happiness after all the bad this year and how strong they have been. if anybody knows anywhere I can go or how I can get some help please let me know thank you so much I hope everyone has a happy holiday.

  73. Erin McCormick says

    Anything u are willing to give to us will be helpful thank you so much

  74. Marcia Jackson says

    Hi, I lost my job of 10 years while I was on medical leave I have no income and need help with making Christmas for my family I have a 22f,21f,21m,20f,16m my grandson are 3 and 2 I will be 37 on Tuesday I live in Chicago are there any organization that are still helping needy families for Christmas

  75. I have 5 children n 2 grandbabies sorry that I didn’t include that in my plea for help for Thanksgiving and for Christmas baskets and presents

  76. Sumeko milton says

    Trying to find help for needy families


    I need help to get christmas Toyos from my kids in a single mom and low incom how ir where i can get the help thank you

  78. Kelly Declue says

    I need help with Christmas for my children they are amazing children and deserve to have a great Christmas

  79. Thanks for sharing all this info!

  80. Wow! You’ve made a wonderful list that seems to cover most of the groups that are willing to help during the holiday seasons! You did an amazing job on this post, and I know that this will help many, many people!

  81. bonnie holt says

    This is awesome I knoe a family that could really use this thank you for shareing it

  82. melissa potvin says

    WOW ! Fantastic! Such great info

  83. Wynter Reign says

    Thanks for all of this helpful information! I think this year I will see who I can help, even though it probably won’t be much since I am not working, I would love to brighten someone’s day, just a little.

  84. thank you so very much for sharing all this very good info I sure am glad i read all this because i have been having very hard times the last 4 months and I am going to look into some of the info you have again thanks so very much I hope I can find at leaset one place that can help me :}