Christmas Help for Needy Families

Christmas Help for Needy Families

Christmas help for needy families, holiday help for low income families, Christmas help, Holiday Assistance, Help With Toys for Christmas, Holiday Help, what ever you name it, it’s on the page. Whether you need help with food for Thanksgiving or gifts for Christmas.  I have taken my time to make a list of different ways you find help for the holidays. Enjoy and I wish you luck in finding the help you need.

Also check out these lists I created to help you earn cash for the holidays: 

Many people are in great need during this time of year. So it’s important when signing up to agencies for help that you truly need it. Most places work on a first come first serve basis. So be sure to sign up as early as possible this way the agency will not run out of toys or food baskets before they get to your family. If you are fortunate enough that you don’t need help this holiday season. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to one of the organizations below.

NOTE: I do not donate gifts to families. I have offered my time to find the resources listed below and update regular as I find more.

Call your child’s school and ask for help

One of the first and best places to start is your child’s school. If you don’t have children in school skip this paragraph and continue below. For those of you with children in school start with calling the school and ask for the school counselor or social worker (some schools have both). If your school is separated into different counselors for different grades or whatever just ask for your child’s counselor. It’s important that you talk the counselor, because they are the ones that will have this information. Asking the first person that picks up the phone may not get you anywhere, and sometimes they may even say they don’t help or they don’t know what your talking about. Simply because they really don’t most of the time. Once you have the counselor on the phone simply tell them your situation (why you’re in need) and ask if they have any information on how to find help for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If they don’t they will also point you in the right direction (important: most of the time if you don’t ask they won’t tell you). Schools are very giving during the holidays, and they also have other resources for school supplies, clothes, help with and electric bills etc all year round. You just have to ask to find out what your school can help with. My daughter’s school once helped us with getting her a pair of glasses. They paid for the eye doctor and all. All schools may not have the funds to have the same resources so please call them first. Most importantly, don’t wait till the last minute.

Call your local Food Banks or Pantries

Most food banks and pantries have resources for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past I was able to receive a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas basket from a local pantry. Head on over here to find your local food banks or pantries in your area and you can also try  If you have any trouble finding what your looking for remember you can always call your local Charities, Civic Organizations, Human Services, or D.S.S for information in your area.

Contact Your Local Charities

Also contact your local charities and civic organizations to find out about all programs for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas time and all year round.

Churches may be able to help

Ask your own church, call and speak with the pastor about receiving assistance for your family or another needy family you may know. If your church is already collecting food items and toys for Christmas and Thanksgiving for the needy, ask if you qualify to be a receiver. If you don’t go to church that’s fine too, you are still welcome to contact any of your local churches and inquire about their programs if any and apply.

Call a local TV or Radio Station

Call a local TV or Radio station and and ask if they know of any programs helping family for Thanksgiving and Christmas if they themselves can not help you they will know who you can call.  

Christmas Angel Tree -Salvation Army

Christmas Angel Tree is a program sponsored by the The Salvation Army. Have you ever gone into Walmart or the Mall and seen the little trees with tags on them that have children’s ages gender written on them. Well that’s part of their program. To get your child’s name on a tree you must register to receive Christmas toys through your local department of social services or call your local Salvation Army to find out where you can apply for it. Most of the time it’s threw Salvation Army.

They will require some simple information from you to determine weather you are really in need of the services. Find your local Salvation Army and there contact info just add your zip code to the top right corner. If you’re having trouble finding yours you can also just look them up in your phonebook or call information. Please call right away some places sign ups have already begun.
Family Christmas Online
Family Christmas Online was formed to help your family to have a joyful and meaningful Christmas, even if your life is going in thirty different directions.Check it out here at
Lion’s Club
Lion’s Club also helps with Christmas gifts. Simply contact your local Lions Club branch.  But please make sure you do this within 1-2 months in advance of Christmas to request assistance. Assistance is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis and limited by member donations and available volunteers. Click here to find a local Lions Club

Toys For Tots

The US Marines sponsors, Toys for Tots, each year and collect and donate toys to children of families in need. Toys you receive from Toys For Tots are new and unwrapped. To sign up for your children and request Christmas toys from Toys For Tots just contact your local Department of Social Services or Human Services, 2-1-1 or Catholic Charities for information on where they will be holding the event in your town and when. 

Again if you’re having any trouble please call your local Charities, Civic Organizations, Human Services, or D.S.S for information in your area. Request a Toy. You can also donate toys here.

The Angel Tree – Prison Fellowship Program

Angel Tree works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent. 1-877-478-0100 

Family Giving Tree

Their Holiday Wish Drive offers a way to directly touch a child’s life. They work with more than 250 Bay Area, California social service agencies that supply them with the names and wishes of the children they serve year-round. A wish card is printed for each child, detailing their age, gender, first name and their wish for a holiday gift. Over 900 Bay Area, California companies, schools and organizations participate in the program by displaying the wish cards, often on trees, in their lobbies and other public areas. It is the generosity of employees, customers and students that makes this program a success. They do not work with individuals, but Social Service Agencies located in northern California, seeking assistance from the Family Giving Tree. So please check with your local Social Services office to ask for more information. Check out their “Who we Help” page before contacting their office. Head on over here for that information

Military Families – Trees For Troops
Part of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation that provides real trees to families with members in the military. They are based out of Missouri, the foundation does provide National assistance to those in need. This year they are teaming with FedEx to deliver the trees all over the nation.  You can contact Christmas SPIRIT for help here
The National Holiday Project
Sign up with the charity for help and see what kind of assistance they offer in your area. They bring the spirit of a holiday to people who otherwise would not have a celebration

Make-a-Wish Foundation
The Make-a-Wish Foundation is a charitable foundation that grants wishes of kids throughout the year. Even more importantly, it’s for kids who face life-threatening medical conditions. For children ages  2 1/2 to 18 years old.
Operation Santa
Get a letter from Santa Mailed to your child click here for more information
Find a Freecycle in your area. Your trade items with other people that you don’t want.

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