Cars and Car Repairs for Low Income Families

There are many programs that offer free cars for low income families, and free car repairs for low income families. Sadly they don’t tell people who need this most. I am not sure why they keep these things such a big secret with so many people in need. Not owning a car is tough. Everyday things are a hassle such as: making it to work on time, grocery shopping, picking up your child from school when they are sick, Dr. appointments, the list goes on. Public transportation is scary especially with small children. Not only that, it takes up a lot of time. With that being said I have decided to take it upon myself and find this information and share it with the world in hopes to help people who truly need a car. 

There is help out there if you qualify. Please take the time to make phone calls, write letters and search all the resources I have listed for you. I have spent countless hours finding as much information as I can to help those in need, because I know what it’s like to be poor and not to have a car and other important necessities. Car distributions are reserved for households without a car, not families wanting a second car or young adults considered as dependents.

Free Cars For Low Income Families

With so many people in need these days and a car being a very important necessity they now have more and more programs popping up to help families get a car who otherwise could not afford one. If you qualify for a car from a charity, you don’t have to pay for the car.  It will be donated to your family free of charge. If you are a low income family you may be eligible to receive a free, discount car and/or car repairs from a nonprofit organization or car charity organization.  If so, the car you will receive will be absolutely free because someone special with a huge heart has already donated it, just for someone like you.PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them. Common Qualifications for a Free Car from Charities:

-Low income 

-Victims of natural disaster  

-Families living in transitional living shelters 

-Families transitioning from public assistance to work    

-Victims of domestic violence    

-Medically needy    

-Military families in need     

-Non-profit organizations    

If you know of any resources you would like to share please let me know and I will be happy to add it to the list. I will continually add to this page as I find more resources. I wish you all the best in finding the help you need.

Nationwide -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Online Car Donation – has provided thousands of free cars to families in need as well as social service agencies and numerous charitable organizations. DO NOT CALL TO ASK FOR HELP! If you would like to apply for a free vehicle click here and explain your situation in the provided form. If they select you to receive a vehicle they will contact you.
  2. With Causes Charitable Network offers vehicles to those with low income and other qualifications. DO NOT CALL TO ASK FOR HELP! Complete their form and they will get back to you. Click here.
  3. 1-800-Charity Cars provides free vehicles to a wide array of clients such as: victims of domestic violence, medically needy, natural disaster victims, families transitioning from public assistance to work, families living in transitional living shelters, the working poor, non-profit organizations, and more. Click here to apply.
  4. Opportunity Cars – The website is no longer working. Carolyn Hayden, Director Opportunity Car Opportunity Cars email –
  5. Modest Needs – helps with assistance for car repair. Click here to sign up and find more information on this program.


  1. Restoration Rides Ministry – You must have a referral from social services.  Thier mission is to provide automobile maintenance, and repairs to the economically disadvantaged and financially distressed who are in need of reliable and safe transportation.

Alabama -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Caring Cars Program Alabama (Madison County) provides cars to low income families for job transportation. This program is for families who cannot afford to buy a car or cannot qualify for a traditional car loan. Each family receiving a car will be charged a small down payment and small monthly payments at 0% interest to cover program costs. Approval is based on need. Applicants must meet all of the requirements to be eligible. Click here.

California -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Irvine Car Ministry (Irvine California) helps to create hope to deserving persons with a donated car. Supports those in need through the various Mariners Outreach Ministries. Click here for more information.
  2. The Benevolence Program Mike Rose’s Auto Body, Inc. has joined with other members of the community along with their insurance partners, to present the Benevolence Program. The Benevolence Program is a community relations program whose mission is to: Present refurbished “new” used cars to deserving individuals or organizations during the holiday season. Click here for more information.
  3. Wheels to Work CA – Find transportation and related services aimed at securing employment. Here.

Colorado -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Good News Garage program of Lutheran Social Services with operations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont provides affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need. Click here to read more.
  2. Cars for Charity (Non-profit organizations only) is a non-profit organization that helps other non-profit organizations to have an in-house vehicle because they financially are unable to spend the money. Click here.

Florida -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Car Care Ministry (Cape Coral FL, at Cape Coral Campus) serves the needs of Widows and Single Moms with children, by blessing them with a free oil change and 16 point vehicle inspection 3 times a year; at the Cape Coral Campus. Click here for more information and how to apply.
  2. FLORIDA Citrus Cars (No Link) addresses transportation needs for people who are leaving welfare for work. Only qualified residents can will be able to lease a good used car for a small monthly free. They are required to retain employment, and maintain automobile insurance, and after two years of successful participation they gain ownership of the car. To qualify, you must apply at one of Polk Works’ One-Stop Career Centers in Lakeland, Winter Haven or Lake Wales, meet income requirements and prove that not having reliable transportation is a barrier to getting a job. For more information call 863-683-5627 ext. 130.

Georgia -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them

  • CAR MINISTRY in Georgia  Volunteers from McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church in Powder Springs, Ga., repair cars for needy people once a month.
  • A Helping Hand Ministry (Car Give Away) Furnishes cars that have been donated by church members to church and community members. Those interested in donating a car or who are in need of car should contact the church office. Atlanta, Georgia area. Church Office: 220 Auburn Avenue, Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Tele: 404-827-9707 .

Indiana -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Grace Care Center offers Repairs and vehicles to those who qualify. By appointment only. To find out how to  qualify click here.

Illinois -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. C.A.R.S. Ministry over the last 20+ years, the C.A.R.S. (Christian Auto Repairmen Serving) Ministry of Willow Creek Community Church has provided reliable transportation to thousands of qualified single moms in their community. Reliable vehicles and auto repairs free-of-charge, helping single parents and their families gain independence and opportunity. Click here for more details.
  2. Car Ministry (Chicagoland ,IL Area) distributes donated vehicles to needy families in the Chicagoland area. Click here for more information on this program.
  3. Heartland Cars Ministry helps those in need receive dependable transportation to help them get to work, church, doctor appointments, school, and daycare. Click here for more information.

Maryland -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Vehicles For Change (Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC) receives car donations and then award them at affordable prices to eligible families in need in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area. To qualify for a vehicle, you must meet their basic criteria. Click here to find out more on the programs they offer.
  2. Car Care Ministry (Owings, Maryland) offers oil changes for single women, single parents and widows. One Saturday every 3 months they offer a free oil change and cursory safety inspection. If you are interested in being served by this ministry, please sign up at the Welcome Center in the west lobby.  Click here for more information.
  3. Cars for Careers operates in cooperation with the Howard County social services community providing cars for low-income families. Call 410-418-5310 for more information.

Massachusetts -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Good News Garage operates car donation programs giving cars to low income families in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Click here for more information.

Minnesota -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Auto Technical (Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties) helps to provide low cost cars for low income families. Click here for more information. Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties areas.
  2. Wheel Get There program supplies low cost vehicles to people with low income from vehicles they receive as donations. Click here for more information.

New Jersey -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Cars for Success offers donated vehicles that are then given directly to needy families living in the Strengthen Our Sisters shelter. Click here for more information.
  2. CARS  Ministry is a self-supporting ministry of Princeton Alliance Church designed to provide vehicles to single moms and families in need. Click here for more information and how to apply.

New York -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

Wheels for Work (Tioga County, NY) helps low-income Tioga County families get or maintain a reliable car needed to maintain employment. Assists with car loans, car insurance, car repairs, defensive driving course fee, and driver’s education fee. Family needs to be TANF qualified, 21+ yrs, have a qualifying child in the house, working at least 25 hr/wk, be the owner of the vehicle, and have a “clean” valid driver’s license. Contact: Patty Porter, Coordinator 607-414-1023 or

Wheels to Work (Otsego County, NY) is a transportation assistance program designed to support income eligible households in acquiring safe, reliable transportation. Click here for more information.

North Carolina -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Car Ministry helps provide low income families a suitable vehicle. They consider application letters from people in the community who are going through a challenging life situation and are without a vehicle for transportation. Click here to apply.
  2. Wheels For Hope is operated on a volunteer basis and provides low income families with reliable, affordable cars. Click here to apply.

Ohio -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Christian Auto Redemption (Miami County or limited Montgomery County zip codes of 45406, 45416, 45414, 45377 and 45426.) The C.A.R. ministry accepts donated vehicles, repairs them and in turn donates them to families who have worked hard in the C.A.R. Program. Click here for more information.

 Pennsylvania -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Community Auto (Allegheny, Butler or Beaver Counties) NHCO’s Community Auto program makes vehicle ownership affordable to low-income individuals and families experiencing economic hardship. Applicants must be residents of Allegheny, Butler or Beaver counties in Pennsylvania and work a minimum of 25 hours a week or have a hire letter in hand, dependent children in the home, need a vehicle for work and perform basic, daily functions such as grocery shopping and getting children to school, day care and medical appointments and so on. Click here.
  2. Grace Car Ministry (York County, PA) donates cars to needy families within York County. They only place between 10 and 15 cars each year. They help typically, single mothers with one or two children trying to support a family on a minimum wage salary. People who have lost their job and are looking for a job but their car has died and they have nowhere to turn. People who are just starting to see the light at the end of the financial tunnel, but their car seems to consume any extra cash due to repairs. Click here to find out how to apply.
  3. Wheels to Work PA– This groundbreaking program transforms lives by selling reliable, used cars at a fraction of actual value to pre-qualified, low-wage families while providing the maximum tax deductions to the car donors. Here.

South Dakota -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Wheels to Work SD – Helps single parents, who are living alone with their minor children, obtain a reliable vehicle to take them to work, take their children to school or day care and run necessary errands. Here.

Tennessee -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. First Wheels Loan Program has been expanded to working Food Stamp families with children and low-income child care assistance. The First Wheels Program is a loan program for the purchase of automobiles. An automobile loan with no interest or finance charges. An automobile loan program with low monthly payments and requiring no down payment. For more information call (731) 687-4222.

Virginia -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. The Car Ministry offers low income, full-time ministry workers like pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other Christian workers to obtain a car. Click here.

 West Virginia -PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

  1. Good News Mountaineer Garage offers donated cars to low income families. Click here for more information on how to apply.

Wisconsin – PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

    1. Fond du Lac County Gift of Wheels provides low-cost, reliable used cars to Wisconsin W-2 eligible families to help them get and keep jobs. Click here for more information.
    2. WINR Donated Wheels Program provides donated vehicles to income eligible families who need reliable personal transportation to gain, retain or improve their employment status. Call 920-236-0131 or email at
    3. JumpStart Wheels to Opportunity is available to residents in Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix counties. Jump Start assists eligible, low-income families in buying a reliable car for work or employment training. Click here for more information on how to apply.
    4. WETAP, the Wisconsin Employment Transportation Assistance Program, helps low-income workers and job seekers obtain reliable and affordable transportation, so that they and their families can become economically self-sufficient. Check it out here.

Here is a very long list of places that may or may not be able to help. If they can’t be sure to ask if they know of anyone who does offer cars to low income families. PLEASE NOTE: –PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

YOU MUST LIVE IN THE AREA OF THE LISTING OR SOMETIMES BE A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH. Please DO NOT contact anyone if you do not at least live in the area of the below listing.

      1. Action in the Community Through Service(ACTS), PO Box 74, Dumfries Va, (I kid you not)22026, Phone 1-703-369-5292
      2. Akzo Nobel’s Acoat National Benevolence Program, Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc.,300 So. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, Il. 60606 Phone 1-888-238-1558
      3. Allegheny Center Alliance Church, 250 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh,Pa. 15212 phone 1-412-321-4333
      4. Auto Lease Program (run by So. Minneapolis Workforce Center), 777 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN. 55407 phone 612-821-4000
      5. Auto-Mission of Evansville, Inc, The Methodist Temple, 2109 Lincoln Ave., Evansville, In.47717 phone 1-800-980-4881
      6. Auto Technical, Inc. Minnesota phone 1-612-571-3680
      7. Car Donation-Project Self-Sufficiency, 375 W. 37 St.,#200, Loveland, CO. 80538, phone 1-970-667-3232
      8. CareerScope, One Mall North, 10025 Gov. Warfield Pkwy. Suite 216, Columbia, MD phone 1-410-992-5042
      9. Car Ownership Program, Schoharie, NY Dept. of Social Services, Association for Retarded Citizens and Private Industry, Schoharie NY, phone 1-518295-8130
      10. C.A.R. Program C/O Tricap, 1139 Franklin Avenue NE Suite 3, Sauk Rapids MN 56379 phone 1-320-202-7824 or 1-800 909-9339
      11. C.A.R.S. Ministry (Christian Automobile Repair Service), Calvary Christian Reformed Church, 400 Beeline Rd., Holland, MI.49424 phone 1-616-844-1148
      12. Cars Ministry, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 10390 SW Canyon Rd., Beaverton,OR. 97005 Phone 1-503-644-9148
      13. Cars for Careers, Delaware Division of Social Services phone 1-302-577-4880-Ext.117
      14. Cars for Christmas, Kansas city, 1-816-897-0621
      15. Cars for Work, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, PO Box 668768 Charlotte, NC 28266 Phone 1-704-372-3434
      16. Catholic Charities 3838 Cathedral Lane, Arlington, Va. 22203 phone 1-703-841-2531
      17. Charity Cars, 105 W SR 436 Suite 2064, Altamonte Springs, Fl.32714 phone 1-888-558-4122
      18.  Community Auto Repository(C.A.R.) The Cooperative Ministry, 1928 Taylor St., Columbia, Sc. 29202 phone 1-803-799-3853
      19. Community Auto Repair and Redistribution Service(CARS)Minneapolis, Mn. 1-952-881-1115
      20. Dignity Project Auto Club, 1125 SE. 4th St., Suite B, Gainesville, Fl. 32608 phone 1-5352-371-6792
      21. Donated Used Vehicles, Illinois, phone 1-312-793-2342
      22. Earn A Car, Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corp(CHRIC), Chautauqua County,NY1-716-363-4650/4185
      23. Emmanuel, 408 E. 23 St., Bryan TX.77803, phone 1-409-822-0441
      24. Esperanza Unida’s Vehicle Donation Program, 1329 W. National Ave. Milwaukee, WI. 53204 phone 1-414-671-0251
      25. First Wheels c/o Families First Project, Tennessee Resource Conservation and Development Association phone 1-615-736-5472
      26. Fond du Lac Gift of Wheels, Fond du Lac Area Career and Job Center 349 N. Peters Ave., Fond du Lac, WI. 54935 phone 1-920-929-3924
      27. Freedom Ranch Prison Ministries, 4455 camp Bowie Blvd.,#114-59, Fort Worth, Tx. 76107
      28. Getting  There Program In Minnesota, 712 Canterbury Road So., Shakopee, MN.55379 phone 1-952-496-2125
      29. Giziibii Resource Conservation & Development(RC&D) Association, 3217 Bimidji Ave. No., Bimidji, Mn.56601 Phone 1-218-751-1942, Ex.5
      30. Gifts from God, PO Box 1300, Osprey, Fl. 34229 Phone 1-941-485-4707
      31. Good News Garage, 1 Main St., Ste.214, Burlinton, Vt.05401 Phone 1-877-448-3288
      32. Good News Garage Massachusetts, 630 Main St. Ste.2, Sturbridge, Ma.01566 Phone 1-508-347-1277
      33. Good News Garage Hampshire,325 Merrill St., Manchester, Nh. 03103 phone 1-603-669-6937
      34. Good News Garage Connecticut, 3580 Main St., Hartford, Ct. 06120 Phone 1-860-566-5774
      35. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 1620 E. Polk St., Phoenix, Az. 85006 phone 1-602-254-2222
      36. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 4622 W. Indian School Road, Suite D-7, Phoenix, Az. 85031 Phone 1-602-245-9545
      37. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work, 1940 E. Silverlake, Suite 308,Tucson, Az. 85713, phone 1-520-622-7173
      38. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to work, 820 E. Fry Blvd., Sierra vista, Az. 85635 phone 1-520-459-7026
      39. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to work, 423 N. Florence St.. Casa Grande, Az. 85222, phone 1-520-836-0073
      40. Goodwill Arizona Wheels to Work , 813 Hancock Rd., Bullhead city, Az. 86442 phone 1-520-758-7265
      41. Helping Hands/Membership Assistance Ministry, Sagemont Church, 11323 Hughes Rd. Houston, Tx. 77089 Phone 1-281-481-8770
      42. Independence Through Transportation Program, 14th Floor, John H. Mulroy Civic Center, Syracuse, Ny. 13202 phone 1-315-435-3516
      43. Interfaith Services of Henrico and Volunteer Services, 8600 Dixon Powers Dr., Richmond, Va.23273 phone 1-804-501-4091
      44. Kingdom Cars, York County Christian Women’s Job corp, 434 Museum Rd., Rock Hill, Sc. 29732 phone 1-803-327-6077
      45. Lutheran Social Services of New England, 17 W. Central St. ,Natick,Ma.01780 phone 1-508-650-4406
      46. Minnesota’s Family Loan Program, Family Service America phone 1-800-221-3726
      47. Neighborworks Community Garage, St. Francis of Assis Catholic Church, 2150 Frieze Ave., Ann Arbor Mi. 48104
      48. New Leaf Services, Georgia, phone 1-404-289-9293
      49. Northwest Michigan Works/Goodwill Industries Car Program, 2194 Dendrinos Dr.,Traverse city, Mi., 49685 Phone 1231-929-5000 & 1-800-692-7774
      50. Peach on Wheels Program 624 Green St. N.E.,Gainesville, Ga.30501 phone 1-770-536-1221
      51. Peninsula Community Foundation, 1700 S. El Camino Real, suite 300, San Mateo,Ca.94402 phone 1-650-558-9369
      52. Per Scholas, 1231 Lafayette Ave. Bronx, Ny. 10474 Phone 1-800-877-4068
      53. Rahima Foundation, 1987 Bellomy St., Santa Clara, Ca. 95050 phone 1-408-297-0178
      54. Rivertown Car Care, Minnesota
      55. Serve(Securing Emergency Resources Through Voluntary Efforts), 10037 Nokesville Rd., Manassas, Va. 22110 Phone 1-703-368-2979
      56. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Car Donation Program, 210 N. Ave.21, Los Angeles,Ca. 90031 phone 1-800-97-HELP
      57. Southwest Car Care Center Ministry, 82-573 Indio Blvd. Indio, Ca. 92201 phone 1-760-342-4876
      58. St. Croix Valley Christians in Action,(Car care Ministry) Lake Elmo, Mn. phone 1-651-430-0751
      59. 2C8 Corp(Ministry to those in need of a car), 10520 Main St. Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Phone 1-703-538-4388
      60. 2C8 Transportation Ministry, Falls Church, 1-703-237-0058
      61. Trade-In Equipment Exchange(for disabled individuals), 1 Empire State Plaza, Ste.1001, Albany, Ny. 12223 phone 1-800-522-4369 or 1-518-474-5567
      62. Wheel Get There Program Minnesota Valley Action Council phone 1-507-345-2400

Wheels to Work and Wheels for Work Cars – PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

      1. Wheels for Work, Anne Arundel County Dept. of Social Services, 80 W. St., Annapolis, Md. 21401 phone 1-410-269-4603
      2. Wheels to Work, East Second St., 139 rear, Berwick, Pa. 18603 Phone 1-570-759-8203
      3. Wheels to Work Transportation Program, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, Equitable Bidg., Atlanta, ga. phone 1-404-656-0939
      4. Wheels to Work, c/o United Way of Bartholomew County, Inc., 522 Franklin St., Columbus, In. 47201 phone 1-812-372-3419
      5. Wheels to Work, Combined Community Services, 110 E. Prairie St., Warsaw, In. 46580 phone 1-219-269-5531
      6. Wheels to Work, Forsyth County, Nc. phone 1-336-727-8311
      7. Wheels to Work, 7 Junkins Ave., Portsmouth, Nh. 03801 phone 1-603-431-2911
      8. Wheels to Work,St. Mark Catholic center, 429 E. Grandview Blvd.,Erie, Pa. 16504 phone 1-814-824-1111
      9. Wheels to Work, Fort Worth, Tx and Expanding to other Tx cities phone 1-512-463-2668
      10. Wheels to Work Program,Central Wisconsin community Action Council, 205 E. Lake Ave., Lake Delton, Wi. 53940 phone 1-608-254-8353
      11. Willow creek Community Church, 67 E. Algonquin Rd., South Barrington, Il. 60010 phone 1-847-765-5000
      12. Winnebago Interfaith Needs Response( WINR), Winnebago county, Wi. phone 1-920-236-0131
      13. Wisconsin Job Access Loan Program, Dept. of Workforce Development, 210 E. Washington Ave., Madison, Wi. 53707 phone 1-608-266-3131
      14. Work and Ride Program, Catawba County Work First Plan, Catawba County Department of Social Services, PO Box 669, Newton, Nc. 28601 phone 1-828-326-5625
      15. Workers on Wheels Car Donation Program, Wexford-Missaukee County Family Independence Agency, 10641 W. Watergate Rd.Cadillac, Mi. 49601 phone 1-231-779-4500
      16. Work First Employment,NC Commerce Work First Project, 4301 Mail service Center, Raleigh Nc. 27699 phone 1-910-727-2175
      17. Working Wheels, Central Vermont community Action Agency, 195 US Rt.302, Berlin,Barre Vt. 05641 phone 1-800-639-1053

Misc. – PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

Find out what’s wrong with your car or how to fix it? Click here for more information.

Auto Zone has a program called Loan A Tool where borrow tools. You can also get free repair booklets at Auto Zone. Also check out their Repair Help page.

FREE GAS – PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT RUN THESE PROGRAMS. Nor am I in anyway whatsoever affiliated with any of them.

FREE Gas USA is a nonprofit gasoline grant assistance provider. You must be low income and are a United States citizen in need of gasoline to drive to work, medical appointments, school, grocery shopping, etc. Grants are awarded monthly to pre-qualified candidates based on your level of income, need, circumstance and the availability of grant funding. To find out if you qualify for a grant, please read all of the instructions on their website before you attempt to submit your application. Click here.

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