Clothing Resources

I wish for this list of clothing resources I have compiled, helps you in your times of need. I understand times are tough and sometimes even the basic necessities such as clothing for work, school, prom and even every day wear can be difficult to afford. I know personally there have been times where I could not even afford to shop at the thrift store. Because of the hard times I went through in my life,  I then became aware of several resources available to people with a low income. Below is a list of clothing resources I have found and wanted to share. If you know of any clothing resources you think I should add please contact me and I will be sure to add your information.

Clothing Resources

Prom Clothing Resources

Donate My Dress – Need A Prom Dress or Prom Clothes

Prom and Teens – After-Prom.org

Did you know gowns and tuxedos are given free of charge (or for a nominal donation) to students whose limited financial situation could prevent them from attending their school’s proms, semi-formals, or graduations.

Baby and Kids Clothing Resources

The Pajama Project – Provides warm pajamas and a book to read for children who need some coziness and comfort in their lives. -  Kizoodle is a free site for parents where they can Swap & Auction your kids stuff Share Family Photos Meet other Moms & Dads Chat About the issues you care about

Cloth Diaper Foundation – For cloth diapers go here

Men’s Clothing Resources

Career Gear – A national nonprofit organization offering interview clothing and job counseling to men in need. Check it out here

Woman’s Clothing Resources

The Women’s Alliance – A national organization of independent community-based members who provide professional  attire, career skills training and related services to low-income women seeking employment.

Program Locations Alabama  California  Connecticut District of Columbia  Florida  Georgia  Illinois   Kansas  Massachusetts  Maryland  Michigan  Mississippi   Missouri  New Jersey  New York North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma  Pennsylvania  Texas  Washington  Wisconsin CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION :

Dress For Success – Non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide.

Clothing Resources

Craigs List – find your area then click on free and you can get a lot of free items you may need. –

Freecycle – share clothing ,  formula , baby food , food in general , furniture, books , dishes , cameras , computer accessories , and so so much more -

Clothing Resources By State

This is a new list I started and would love for anyone who has more clothing resource information for other states to share with me so I can add them below to help my readers. I hope to have all states listed eventually.

Connecticut Clothing Resources

Acts 4 Ministry – offers free used seasonal clothing (including business attire) and kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom housewares to Waterbury and Naugatuck residents in need. Open by appointment only. Located at Phone: (203) 574-2287Address: 1713 Thomaston Avenue Waterbury, CT 06704

MORE For a larger list of clothing resources in the Connecticut area visit

Michigan Clothing Resources

Jackets For Jobs – Provides professional career clothing for men and woman, career skills, training and employment etiquette to job seekers.  Located 5555 Conner  Suite 2097 Detroit, MI  48213 Phone:  313-579-9160

MORE helpful resources for families in need in the Michigan area on Julies List She has compiled a list of resources for adoption, dental, medial, clothing, disability. employment training, financial assistance, food programs and more.

Oregon Clothing Resources

Beaverton Family Resource Center – Children’s clothing and diapers provided through Northwest Children’s Outreach.  Parenting classes and referrals for energy assistance available. Serving Beaverton area primarily, call in advance.

MORE For a huge list of clothing resources in the the Oregon area also visit Rose City Resource at

New York City Clothing Resources

There are plenty of organizations in the New York City area that offer free clothing for interview clothes for children, jackets and more. Supplies are limited, so always call before you. For the huge list of clothing resources in New Your City head on over here to Download the Clothing Resources Spreadsheet

Virgina Clothing Resources

Working Men’s Closet – Free professional clothing to prepare for an interview or work. Referral is needed from your pastor, Social Services, case manager. Clothing donations also accepted: clean, pressed, gently used pants, dress shirts, golf shirts, ties, belts, suits & jackets. Located at at Anchor Thrift Store123 Battlefield Blvd. (near the locks)Chesapeake, VA 23320.

MORE For a list of other clothing resources in the Virgina area visit at


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