Computers For Low Income Families

Free computers for low income families, free used and recycled computers, used computer hardware, free PC’s, computers for the classroom, free computers for the disabled and so on is a post I started in 2008. Because I understand not everyone can afford to buy a computer. Computers have also become an important part of education and society making them essential for a household to have one. Because of this there are many organizations that now offer free computers for low income families and to people with disabilities. For most programs like these you must first qualify by proving your income and other requested paper work  as well as what the computer is for.

Free Computers For Low Income Families

Since these programs are not just offered up to people with low income, and it’s seems to be some big secret that many people don’t know about. I decided to search high and low to find all the resources I can to help families in need to obtain a computer for their household. Programs likes these should not be kept a secret.

Please take a look at the list below and let me know if any links are not working so I can be sure to fix them. Do you know of any places that give computers to schools, families with low income, non profit organizations and people with disabilities? If so please share below and I would be happy to add it to my list. I will continue my search regularly and add more as I find them.


With Causes recycles, refurbishes, and fixes computer equipment for reuse to benefit many families in need, nonprofits and educational causes. Click here to request help. DO NOT CALL!

FreeCycle is an online network a nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own town! This would be a great way to get a free computer for your family. Membership is free. Sign up by finding your community.

Komputers 4 R Kids has many volunteers helping to build no longer wanted and broken computers. That then turns around and donates them. offers a Digital Learning Program that provides those who are eligible with training for teachers, students and their parents along with a free broadband-ready home computer loaded with educational software and 24×7 bilingual help desk support. National nonprofit organization

Computers With Causes goal is to provide refurbished computers for an educational, or future learning program. Apply Now or donate today. They ask that you please DO NOT call them , just simply fill out the application, as their phone lines are dedicated to “accepting” donations. Please respect this request.

Recycle The World allows you to take freely or give freely. You can share items you no longer need with people who need them. This site lets you shop for a free computer or others goods you may need. Just head on over to their site and make sure to register and they will email you a password. Next sign in with your password and from there you can post items you no longer need and find the ones you do. If there is an item in particular you really need or want, just post about it in their wanted items section. This program seems to be every state.

World Computer Exchange donates used refurbished computers to groups who have become their Partners. Partners can be NGOs, government ministries, schools, orphanages, libraries, youth centres, telecentres, universities & entrepreneurs.  Computers from World Computer Exchange are only for public settings to help connect more youth in developing countries to the Internet at low cost.

Computers For Learning (for schools and nonprofit ONLY) transfers excess Federal computer equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations, giving special consideration to those with the greatest need.

Accelerated Schools has no link to click instead a number to call. Accelerated Schools has a computer loan program for families. Which means you CAN’T keep the computer, but instead they will loan it to your family. But first you must submit a $100 deposit that they will return to you once you return the computer. This program may or may not be nationwide. For more information about this computer loan program you can call 1-800-SCHOOL3 or call 1-800-724-6653.

Technology Assisting People In Need offers free computers to economically disadvantaged or disabled people. This is an Ohio program. This program may or may not be nationwide. For more information on this program click here


Computers For Classrooms provides working computers to only families who can’t afford one. This can be determined by whether they receive any of the following: Medicaid, Free or Reduced lunch, Financial Aid Recipients, persons receiving disaster assistance through the Red Cross, Section 8 Housing and more. For qualifying families they also give a free checkup to computers you already have. This program may only be for California residents.

Computers 4 Kids California – I am not sure if this is part of the other programs for C4K. This one is for the California area

Computers 4 Kids California – Again I am not sure if this is part of the other program for C4K, but this one is for California also

Computer Recycling Center donates refurbished computers to qualified programs serving the community with social justice and public benefit such as:  C.A.S.A, Foster Youth, Health and Human Services disabled homebound elderly, and  Public School Teachers for their classrooms. California area. Click here to find out how to apply offers qualifying residents in San Diego County who are low income and disabled or seniors (65+) with free computers. This is a California program.

Computers for Classrooms and Families Program– students, parents, community members are welcome to come earn a FREE computer from Computers for Classrooms, Inc. To earn a computer they must be willing to work 50 hours helping to refurbish computers. This is a great way to learn more about how computers work and earn your own computer at the same time. This program is based in California. Click here to read all about the program


Alachua FreeNet Recycling Program redistributes used and refurbished computers to organizations and individuals with special needs who have no other access to computer resources and the internet. This is a Florida program.


Computer Banc offers cheap refurbished computers from $60 to $120 to Illinois residents. Find out more here


Computers 4 Kids Kentucky – I am not sure if this is part of the same program above but here is this one located in the Kentucky area


Computers for Louisiana’s Families Program offers low-cost refurbished computers with a Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System and additional software pre-installed.  If you qualify for our CLF program, the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council can help!


PC’s For People has locations in multiple cities in Minnesota and each office distributes computers differently. Cities are: St. Paul, Mankato, Grand Rapids and International Falls. They provide personal computers and education to people who have limited experience with technology due to social, physical and/or economic circumstances.

Michigan: offers free computers to students in 5th grade through College who are unable to buy a computer and need one. To qualify they must work 10 hours of Service to their community. Grand Rapids Area West Michigan area.


WITS offers free electronics and school supplies, also available on a first come first serve basis on Saturday’s. They offer also Desktop computers starting at $50 with Windows & Open Office. Laptops computers starting at $100 with Windows & Open Office. Computer/Laptop Repair Starts $30. For more information call  314-382-165. 

New York:

Computers for Children offers Buffalo City Mission area low cost reconditioned computers from $99 and up in their thrift stores. This helps give computers to children.
701 Seneca Street, Suite 601,
Buffalo, NY 14210
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-6 pm

Micrecycle Rochester New York offers free and low cost refurbished through Micrecycle Computers for Education Back-To-School Promotion. For more information email:

GE Elfun Computer Rehab of Schenectady Inc (for schools and nonprofit ONLY) donates free computers to schools and nonprofit organizations who cannot afford to buy new equipment. Schenectady New York area only.


Free Geek is a Portland Ohio based program that offers free computers to volunteers and through their Hardware Grants Program. This program is in the Portland area.


Computers 4 Kids Tennessee – I am not sure if this is part of the other programs above for C4K, but this one is for the Tennessee area


Computers 4 Kids VirginiaCharlottesville and Albemarle students in grades 7 through 12, who qualify for the federal school lunch program, are eligible to join their program. They emphasizes one-on-one mentoring and developing in-depth technology skills through project based learning and creative exploration. When students are not meeting with their mentor, they can access Computers 4 Kids’s after-school learning lab 5 days a week for homework support, educational workshops, and other structured activities. All students in the program are eligible to earn a free home computer system. This program is in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.


Computers For Families each school year distributes 600 computers in 28 South Coast elementary schools. Visitors are welcome to attend and share in the excitement as students and families receive their computers.

More helpful programs:

FREE Internet Access

All Free ISP  FREE Internet Access is the way to find a cheap or free internet access service provider in your local area.Quickly find all free internet service providers in your local calling area throughout the USA and Canada. 

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