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Just recently I had the pleasure of reviewing Hip Hop Bling jewelry. HipHopBling.com is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that offers quality in style Hip Hop jewelry. HipHopBling.com focuses on the quality and value of their products. Unlike some of these companies I have seen offer cheap, very low quality hip hop jewelry made from plastic and plated finishes that tarnishes after wearing them just a few times. Some of these cheap products can break just from dropping them! I know this because it happened to me before. My son had a chain with a big pendent we found on online for about $12. He dropped it one day and the whole pedant broke in half and you could see it was filled with plastic. The stones were cloudy looking and stuck on. I’m happy to have found HipHopBling.com because I can purchase high quality jewelry from a company that is known for their strong reputation. As well as safe buying, fast shipping and a much larger selection such as: custom G Shock Watches, Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches, black jewelry, iced out chains, disco ball bracelets, watches, grillz, rings, Official ICP Jewelry, bling bling earrings & More! They are also the only site on the internet that uses solid metal and brass cores on all of their jewelry, giving your piece the look but most importantly the feel of fine jewelry! With this company your getting high quality diamond simulates that have a high sparkle just like the real diamonds set in a clean, crisp manner. If your looking to buy a higher quality piece just shop their VIP and premium jewelry collection made from real genuine cubic zirconias or Czech crystals which have many similar properties of a real diamond. You can also buy real diamond jewelry form HipHopBling.com. For those of you that need to wear the big deal HipHopBling.com can still keep you shinning for less even with real diamonds. By using smaller diamonds in your piece and .925 Sterling Silver and 316L Stainless Steel. Since HipHopBling.com wants to remain your loyal hip hop jeweler they will continue to expand their genuine diamond line in hopes to have you stick with them when you make it big.Hip Hop Bling

The items I was sent to review was a Custom Totally Iced Out Bling Bling Watch. This custom bling bling watch I received is completely iced out as well as a full iced out dial! It also includes a jumbo iced out 60mm removable bezel and custom 6 row bracelet. When you remove the bezel it’s like a whole new look to the watch. This watch also has a lot of weight to it, and the sparkle that bounces off it is amazing! All the stones are set in strong and feel very durable. The clasp snaps easy and appears to be very secure . The entire front surface is totally covered in faux diamonds. There are over 700 stones on this flashy watch. Gucci Mane has even been spotted wearing this style of iced out watch. You will definitely feel like a true baller wearing this piece. With out having to spend rapper money. You can grab this watch in sizes 7″ 8″ or 9″ for only $59.99 (retail $199.00) that’s a 70% savings.

Hip Hop Bling

Another product I received from HipHopBling.com was the Ice Blizzard Bling Bling Dog Tag & Chain. This is a fully iced out Dog Tag which includes a chain. And each stone has been hand placed for a clean crisp look and shine. HipHopBling.com doesn’t half step nothing! When you see the bling coming off this piece it’s impossible not to notice whose wearing it. You can see this piece in the photo above. The whole piece is strong and durable and no sharp edges. You can buy this for $19.95 (retail $49.00) that’s a 59% savings!

The next piece I reviewed was the Big Cluster Rhodium Bling Bling CZ Earrings. Each earring has 7 perfectly placed stones that are secure. This set of iced out Cluster Bling Bling earrings are a Fresh look for 2012! I love the shine and sparkle and the way they look on my man! I can hardly tell the difference between his real diamond and these. Grab these up for only $19.99 (retail $49.00) that’s a 59% savings! HipHopBling.com has so many iced out earrings to choose from I am sure you will leave their site with more than one pair.

 And lastly I received an Iced Out Ring Classic Men’s CZ Micro Pave. I really love the way this ring features 4 raised rows of stones along with 2 more rows of ice on the sides. All of the stones are also CZ prong set just like the way real diamonds are. This ring also has a nice weight to it and an amazing mirror shine as promised. Very solid and durable and appears it’s going to last! This ring just looks and sparkles like the real thing! Rhodium dipped for a lasting platinum like shine. What an excellent value at only $24.95 (retail $69.00) that’s a 64% savings! The ring comes is 7 – 12. I am very pleased with these products and they way they were package securely and as well as the super fast shipping! All of the products I received from HipHopBling.com were superb quality. I highly recommend this company for all your Hip Hop jewelry. There is no reason to shop anywhere else.  And for the lady’s be sure to check out their amazing tennis bracelets! Get your jewelry today at HipHopBling.com and shine like a hip hop star.

 You don’t need to be rich to shine like a rap star with HipHopBling.com as your jeweler!

Hip Hip Is…

Hip Hop Is… “Rapping about your neighborhood,things you seen, heard about,or went through,hip hop is dancing,partying and having fun, hip hop is style ,swag, its a art like Picasso, hip hop is a story, a mind state owwwwwwwwww.” ~ Eddie BARNZ,PA

Hip Hop Is… “Rap battles and house parties. Going to the playground and listening to the neighborhood fellas spit their unwritten vocals to became best in the hood.” ~Shaunn,FL

Hip Hop Is… “The Epitome Of Lyrical Art” ~ Big-Ern,NY


Soulja Boy Shout Out to HipHopBling.com

Rick Ross Style Black Diamond Solitaire Necklace

This is the world famous style of Rick Ross’s new black diamond solitaire chain. This chain is completely covered in all faux black diamond full stones. There is no prong or glue setting, instead all of the stones are connected by a metal wire running through each one. This is a amazing one of a kind bling bling chain pioneered by hip hop star Rick Ross. This necklace has about 380 carats of 6mm wide faux black diamonds on this 32 inch long chain. for the maximum iced out look.  Yo can grab this piece for only $29.95 (retail $149.00) that’s an 80% savings.

30MM Wide 36 Inch Jumbo Pimp Run DMC SILVER Dookie Rope Chain

This Jumbo Pimp Run DMC Dookie Rope Chain is huge and weighs over a pound! And is made of hollow links just like the real thing. With layers of .925 sterling silver layered over the brass core for a realistic fresh looking and long lasting shine. The old school dookie rope style chain was very popular back in the day. In the 80’s it was worn by all the top rappers like Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Run DMC. You can even find NAS wearing this dookie rope chain in the January/February 2007 Issue of XXL Magazine. You can find this chain on HipHopBling.com in gold or silver color today and replicate the stars hip hop jewelry at a fraction of the cost!

Big Daddy Kane – Lean On Me

Run DMC My Adidas

Hip Hop Bling History (Source http://www.hiphopbling.com/hip-hop-bling-about-us.html)

HipHopBling.com is a jewelry retailer and wholesaler with much experience and knowledge of the hip hop jewelry segment. Their company has been around for over a decade offering the finest products to consumers and hip hop related retailers across the globe. They have now grown from a small room during the 90s to a full blown 3000sqft warehouse in Columbia MD! They ship hundreds of orders everyday, with satellite offices and affiliates throughout the US. Their mission: Is to find the best jewelry in the world and sell it at the lowest prices possible without compromising service.

HipHopBling.com does not use any false lifetime guarantees or claims of 200+ mils of plating. They take all of their photos in an in-house studio and they never “borrow” pictures like smaller websites. With HipHopBling.com you are getting the quality and service of a jewelry store, while getting the prices of an internet based superstore.

Not only do they sell fashion jewelry and accessories, but they have originated so many popular trends that you see today. Back In the 90s, they were the first to offer the “LL Cool J Cross” which was inspired by a cross he wore in a popular music video. This design was created by HipHopBling.com and sold over 2000 pieces. In 2001, just as the spinning rim started to get popular, HipHopBling.com was the first company to create and sell a spinning rim pendant. This was the first spinning pendant in the mainstream, even before 50 cent’s G unit spinner. Their spinner pendant was highly detailed, based on the popular rim lowenhart LD1. Soon after, the market became flooded with cheap imitations with half the detail.

HipHopBling.com continues to bring it with the latest trends and the hot new items in the market. If they do not yet exist, they create them from scratch. They take ideas and turn them into quality products for their clients. They juts recently released the micro pave pendant collection in addition to the micropave earrings collection, featuring the best replica hip hop jewelry to date. The quality rivals fine diamond jewelry while maintaining the prices of plain sterling silver jewelry. The new High Class Pendants Collection offers the best quality plated jewelry on the market and no one else sells them. They continue to improve their products and bring you the newest trends without paying thousands of dollars for the real thing.  Check out HipHopBling.com and you’ll be getting the latest in hip hop jewelry, with low prices and fantastic customer service!

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Hip Hop Bling

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Disclosure I received HipHopBling products for free from HipHopBling.com in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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