Organizations that Help Low Income Students Go to College

A college education is one of the surest ways for low income students to crawl into the middle class. With the growing demand of college-educated workers, and a college graduate taking double a salary than that of their non-degree-holding counterparts, the higher degree is becoming an essential now.

Organizations that Help Low Income Students Go to College

However, thousands of low income families each year face numerous challenges and barriers to access good colleges for degrees. It is fortunate that there are numerous organizations working and helping low income families to get their children enrolled in good colleges and encouraging them to pursue their degree. Let us discuss some of the organizations working and how they are helping with college cost:

  1. Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS)

EOS is one successful organization that has encouraged the high school teachers to have a detailed conversation with low income students and with a much needed push, inspire them to reach towards their goals and encourage them to pursue a college degree. Since Google has awarded them $1.8 million funding, EOS has been successful in helping thousands of low income students. Learn more at

  1. MDRC

MDRC aims to confront the challenges faced by low income families, children and individuals. Their program is to help the student to achieve balance between their work and education and therefore they give fixed biweekly aid money to lower income students and help them to graduate with a degree.

  1. The Education Trust

This organization works in the back end and seeks justice for low income students and the students of color. They work at the state and federal level and put their influence when policies are drawn. They study the data on national, state and local level and look for problems and suggest solutions. Learn more at

  1. Quest Bridge

Quest Bridge is a great organization that solely works with colleges and helps them to recruit talented low income students. They provide unique opportunities in the form of program, scholarship and network and gives the financial aid to low income students to get enrolls in the nation’s finest college. They are currently providing two forms of scholarship. For juniors, they are providing College Prep Scholarship to get a boost on their college application and increase their chances of enrollment. Moreover, for talented low income students they reward Quest Excellence Program to further encourage them to excel at the college level. Learn more at

  1. National College Access Network (NCAN)

NCAN is another organization that strives for equality, diversity and positive change in education on a national level. NACAN through their four strategies provide a better education system for low income and under-represented students. They make sure that the organizations which are helping students are well trained and well informed and they regularly monitor their progress. They help the groups for completion of post secondary education and fight and represent the rights of low income students. Learn more at

Thus, these organizations are working hard by reviewing school policies, finding scholarships, working with students and with their plans and advocating for equal opportunities for lower income students.

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