Best Vehicle for Seniors

As the years pass, technology is getting more and more advanced, but it's also becoming more confusing for some to understand. All the crazy buttons, tons of screens, etc. Many of us still like the simple things that are easy to figure out, and maneuver without having to read a 100 chapter booklet on how to work every single part of something. Cars are getting more advanced on what they offer for the driver, where now you … [Read more...]

Best Vehicle for Young Adult Road Trips

As teenagers turn grow into young adults, and get a little older they will start being adventurous and want to explore more. They'll tap into their inner imaginative child, they'll want to travel across the country, site-seeing, letting the road take them any where, meeting new quirky people in different states, take memorable photos with friends and sit under the stars in every city. We only live once, so why not travel and explore while your … [Read more...]

Biking In A Group? 5 Safety Rules You Should Know

When you first got your driving license, the instructor went into some detail about how to drive safely. Your knowledge of these safety rules allowed you to get your license. If you were smart about it, you stuck with these safety rules even when no one was watching. Later, when you were an experienced driver, you probably expanded on this idea of driving safety to improve the safety of your road trips. So on a long road trip, you would … [Read more...]

6 Painful Emotions That Come With Infertility Issues

The joys of parenthood are sometimes overshadowed by the emotions of infertility and struggles to conceive. Often we hear about the problems associated with postpartum body issues and depression, but the process of trying to get pregnant still isn’t a common topic in society. Part of the reason for this is that many couples who are having problems conceiving keep the matter to themselves. This is especially true for couples who have announced … [Read more...]

What to Look for in a Condo When Moving as a Family

Condos aren’t just for young singles and couples and retired people. The number of condos you’ll find in the Seattle area that are ideal for families with kids may surprise you. Meet with the Seattle area condo experts at the Stroupe Group and discuss what to look for in a condo for your entire family. More Bathrooms Many Seattle condos offer two full bathrooms — and some even offer two and a half or three full bathrooms. When you’re trying … [Read more...]

Find Out How You Could Get Free Gas!

Disclosure: I receive a free gas card from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency in exchange for this post. This is disclosed in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All opinions are my own. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information. This summer Sunoco has another Free Fuel 5000 sweepstakes happening!  Sunoco will be giving away $5,000 in free fuel to 11 prize winners! And thousands more will win Sunoco gift … [Read more...]