Happy Pets Matter: Satisfying the Needs of Your Indoor Cat

Indoor cats have seen something of a rise in popularity. Everyone wants to keep their precious bundle of fluff in the house. With roads becoming busier, it makes sense to keep your kitty protected. After all, your pet is part of the family. You need to ensure that they are happy and healthy. But, how can you satisfy the needs of an indoor cat? After all, cats like to be outdoors. When it comes to keeping your feline friend happy on the inside, … [Read more...]

Best Features To Look for In Dog Friendly Vehicles

Dogs are family now for many pet owners. We have 3 dogs of our own and they are just as much a part of the family as my children, because they are my furry kids. Whenever possible we like to bring them with us. They enjoy going to the beach and the dog park the most. If you also have children and dogs you know already taking the dogs all the time is not always possible. However, with the right vehicle everyone can ride along and enjoy … [Read more...]

Family Trips: Packing for Children

When it comes to traveling with small children, the potential for discomfort is high, regardless of whether you are flying or taking a family road trip. It is useful to keep in mind that you will be counting on your little ones to learn from your actions on how to make their way through one strange circumstance after the next. Being unsure of exactly what to anticipate, particularly if their parents appear stressed out, will be alarming for your … [Read more...]

Make This Summer Worth Talking About

Schools all over are already letting out, kids are home for the summer, some may go off to summer camp, stay with relatives, or just stay home. But to avoid having your kids  in doors all summer, how about a fun family vacation, or if you do decide to stay in have a great fun-filled night in, like ordering pizza, watching movies or playing board games. Give them a great summer to remember, and when they go back to school in the fall they'll … [Read more...]

May’s Super Geek Box Review

I recently reviewed Super Geek Box's May box. If you are unsure about what Super Geek Box is take a look at this post to find out how it works, April's Super Geek Box.   I love receiving Super Geek Box every month, with different themes each month. This month's theme was 'Hero', so items in this box had something to do with a Hero.    The items in this box included:   -Funko Pop Plushie: Captain America/ SDCC … [Read more...]

Softsoap’s New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps

I recently had the chance in reviewing Softsoap's New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps. These two new foaming hand soaps feature a rather simpler formula that is dye free, alcohol free, has 100% natural fragrances and can effectively clean and purify.      Softsoap's New Pure Foaming Hand Soaps come in 2 scents:   -Fresh -Lemongrass   The Fresh scent doesn't really have a distinctive scent that can be pinpointed, it's … [Read more...]