2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Now Accepting Submissions

Do you represent a brand or organization? Are you looking to get more exposure for your brand during the holiday season? If so you have come to the right place. I am currently accepting submissions for my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! This is the perfect chance for your brand to get direct exposure to a large following of loyal readers. I am looking to create comprehensive guide filled with lots … [Read more...]

How To Crate Train A Puppy In 5 Easy Steps

So, you’ve bought the crate, furnished it, and found the perfect spot, now we’re ready to discuss how to crate train a puppy… in 5 easy steps. Crate training is not a difficult thing to do, but for it to be effective and a wonderfully positive experience for your puppy, there is an ideal order to follow, which you will find below. Ready to begin? Here we go Step One Grab some high value treats. I mean the really delicious ones he’ll perform … [Read more...]

Why Crate Train a Puppy

When meeting a client who just welcomed a new four legged addition to their family, I like to talk about why crate training a puppy is a good idea. Some, okay more than some, are instantly put off by the thought of "locking their puppy in a cage." It's a shame there are so many misconceptions about crate training, which I hope to dispel here.  Why crate training is a great idea Limiting access Letting your puppy have free reign of your … [Read more...]

Bacon: Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend #woofyeah

  Our furry kids Roscoe, Passion, Mia are family to us. So we enjoy given them surprises, and gifts just as mush as we do our human children. They are just as excited, and always show how thankful they are. Coming up with ways to do something special with your dog is not always easy. However you really can't go wrong with a tasty treat for them to enjoy.     Pup-peroni has our pups saying 'woof yeah' this past … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Elevator Repair Service

Elevators are often taken for granted, but they can also be fearful apparatuses for some people. Be certain that your elevator system is always up and running to its best capacity with help from a tried and true elevator repair service. Check out these tips for choosing the right company for you. Check Out Credentials and Qualifications The first thing that you need to do when browsing through elevator repair companies is … [Read more...]

Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

You don’t need to travel to experience a refreshing dip in the pool; not with Riverina Pools!  Choose a Style That Suits You Riverina Pools is your go-to resource for gorgeous pools and accessories that transport your backyard into a luxurious oasis. Whether you are looking for a simple relaxation pool or a large swimming area for your friends and family, these professionals can do it all. They offer the most exquisite … [Read more...]

Tips for a Contemporary Makeover

Is your outdoor living space looking a bit bland? Whether it is for residential or commercial use, you can give your space a much-needed makeover with the contemporary and exquisite pieces at Outdoor Furniture Online. Make Your Materials Matter When it comes to creating a contemporary outdoor living space, a good place to start is with the materials of your furniture. Outdoor Furniture Online offers a wide range of pieces … [Read more...]

Happy Healthy Cat Month: Show the World That You and Your Cat Are Purrfect Together

  I have 4 wonderful cats, each with a different personality and different ways of doing things. I have two grey tiger cats; Panini and Angel and two black cats; Baby and Blaze. My cats are like my little furry babies, they deserve so much love and care and treats! And they return all the favors. Sometimes when I come home my cat Baby greets me by meowing over and over and sticks her tale up and rubs against me. The others don't greet me … [Read more...]