Choosing Your Elevator Repair Service

Elevators are often taken for granted, but they can also be fearful apparatuses for some people. Be certain that your elevator system is always up and running to its best capacity with help from a tried and true elevator repair service. Check out these tips for choosing the right company for you. Check Out Credentials and Qualifications The first thing that you need to do when browsing through elevator repair companies is … [Read more...]

Happy Healthy Cat Month: Show the World That You and Your Cat Are Purrfect Together

  I have 4 wonderful cats, each with a different personality and different ways of doing things. I have two grey tiger cats; Panini and Angel and two black cats; Baby and Blaze. My cats are like my little furry babies, they deserve so much love and care and treats! And they return all the favors. Sometimes when I come home my cat Baby greets me by meowing over and over and sticks her tale up and rubs against me. The others don't greet me … [Read more...]

When to Replace Your Tires

Whether you are living on a tight budget or not it's important to change your tires when needed. Because the last thing you wanna do is put off the changing out worn tires. Badly worn tires can prevent a safe drive each time you get in the car. New tires are an expense we can't avoid or ignore. However knowing when it's time to get new tires is not something all drivers know.  Our tire traction gives us the ability to … [Read more...]

Avoid These Dangerous Driving Habits

Driving can be dangerous even for people who consider themselves experienced safe drivers. Even if you've been to drivers Ed, and feel you are a very skilled, experienced driver with an excellent record, anyone could make a serious error while on the road, and cause an accident.When we are negligent while driving, this can cause accidents, and harm to others. Remember just because you have been driving for … [Read more...]

Save Money on Car Insurance for Teens

If you are anything like me you have also been dreading the moment your teen gets in thier own car. Because you weren't sure how much more this was gonna cost you to add another driver to your insurance policy. As a parent, keep in mind when adding a teenager to your car insurance policy this can cause your premiums jump 50 percent or possibly double.  The reason for this is, because teen driver accidents are very … [Read more...]

Why Is Your Car Overheating and How to Prevent It

Keep in mind that even in Fall, and Winter when there is much cooler temperatures your car can still possibly overheat. Once this happens the engine runs too hot, and this could damage your car or even worse it could ruin your engine, and threaten your safety. This is a situation you must handle quickly so you don't totally destroy your engine.  Use these tips help prevent your car from overheating: Watch Your Temperature Gauge. … [Read more...]

What Can Parents Do to Stop Texting While Driving?

Over time distracted driving has become a huge issue and a major safety threat to U.S. drivers. Many parents like myself are worried about our teens getting into car crashes. Teens today are tech savvy, and addicted to thier cell phones. The problem with texting while driving is especially critical among teen drivers. Data has shown that our teen drivers from the age group of 16-19, are the greatest … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Fall Car Care

Fall is almost here and October is just around the corner. Many families are excited to start decorating and taking the kids out for Fall festivities. Choosing costumes for Halloween parties and Trick-or-treating. But there is one more thing we must not forget as Fall approaches, and that is making sure to do some Fall car care. Take a little time out of those busy schedules to be sure you car is ready for Fall, and the harsh Winter weather … [Read more...]