Low Income Family Help

On this page, you will find help for low-income families and organizations that help with things such as: rental assistance, food assistance, holiday assistance, car repair assistance, energy assistance, housing assistance, financial help, government programs, where to find jobs and more. Just click any of the links below.   Energy Assistance  Free Diapers For Low-Income Families Free Computers for Low … [Read more...]

A Parent’s Guide To Productively Work From Home

While many people saw coronavirus as a health issue that is confined to one area at first, it soon takes shape as the world economy's biggest threat. Nearly 100 countries have suffered, and analysts suggest that there may be a recession on the horizon. With this said, companies are required to have their employees work at home. One problem that most home-based workers face is being productive. If you're looking for an effective and more detailed … [Read more...]

Significance Of A Personal Injury Lawyer And How To Enlist The Best Attorney

Accidents are in most cases unavoidable. As an act of God, you can't predict when and how they will happen, leading to injuries. But, when an accident occurs due to negligence, carelessness, or malice, it becomes a hard pill to swallow. If you find yourself in such a situation or know someone who had been injured due to avoidable circumstances, then you have the option of seeking legal action. A White Plains Personal Injury lawyer or … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips During a Painful Divorce

Divorce can bring up many emotions, questions, and concerns. You may be feeling angry or betrayed by your spouse. If you have children, you are probably wondering what impact your divorce will have on them.  Somewhere on your list of concerns is the financial impact of a divorce. Not only can the divorce itself cost money in court fees and legal fees if you hired a lawyer, but you will also likely have to divide some of your marital assets … [Read more...]

10 Safe Driving Tips For Parents To Avoid Truck Accidents

It's holiday season, and families across America are gearing up for those seasonal celebrations. It’s that time of the year for family get-togethers or heading off to that new holiday home. Sadly, it’s also the time where road accidents statistics go up in the US. And many of these accidents involve trucks. Here are a few facts published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) about truck accidents: In 2017, there were … [Read more...]

Want to Ride Your Bike in Winter? Know How!

Do you have what it takes to ride your bike in the winter? Turns out, winter riding isn’t as different as you may think. If you’re about to set out for the first time down a snowy trail or city street, use these commuting basics. From city bikes to adult tricycles virtually any type of transportation can still be safely used in the winter. Go Slow Don’t hit the most demanding trail at the beginning of winter. Go for a ride around your block … [Read more...]

Plan Your Heists in Path of Exile’s Newest Expansion

Live out your Phantom Thief fantasiesIf you happen to be a fan of Ocean’s 11, Persona 5, or Payday, you’ll surely enjoy the next update to Path of Exile. With the POE Heist league, you’ll be able to plan out increasingly elaborate PoE heists all to get the treasure and escape successfully. Of course, there’ll be all new PoE currency and PoE items to collect and steal, so don’t miss the opportunity!Here’s a quick look at all the things we know … [Read more...]

How Fortnite Manages to Keep Afloat In 2020

The battle royale genre has morphed from a budding gameplay experience the likes of which no one had ever seen before into an oversaturated market filled with both good and bad games. It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of battle royale games these days. Trackers for these games such as the Fortnite tracker have also popped up in recent years due to stiff competition among players. We soon saw the emergence of a new contender in the esports … [Read more...]

Fortnite Patch Update 14.10: All You Need to Know

Fortnite is on a roll these days. Since the release of the new season, its Marvel-themed additions have been turning heads left and right in a positive way. We’re happy to announce that, until now, there has been no shortage of new content coming in from Epic Games. Whether it’s new skins to quench a player’s thirst for more ways to customize their characters from the Fortnite item shop down to some map changes that impact how people play the … [Read more...]