Low Income Family Help

On this page, you will find help for low-income families and organizations that help with things such as: rental assistance, food assistance, holiday assistance, car repair assistance, energy assistance, housing assistance, financial help, government programs, where to find jobs and more. Just click any of the links below.   Energy Assistance Free Diapers For Low-Income Families Free Computers for Low Income Families Free … [Read more...]

Halloween Horror Nights Unleashes “The Horrors of Blumhouse,”An All-New Haunted House 

Halloween Horror Nights Unleashes “The Horrors of Blumhouse,”An All-New Haunted House Inspired by Blumhouse’s Freakyand Upcoming Supernatural Thriller The Black Phone,Beginning September 2 at Universal Orlando Resortand September 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood All Tickets Now on Sale for Universal Studios Hollywood, Including the PopularFrequent Fear Pass for Guests to Experience the Scares Again and Again,and Select Tickets and Packages … [Read more...]


UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT UNLOCKS UNIVERSAL’S GREAT MOVIEESCAPE – BRINGING THE DESTINATION’S WORLD-RENOWNED CRAFT OFCREATING INCREDIBLY-THEMED ENTERTAINMENT TO ITSFIRST-EVER ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE Escape into Thrilling Adventures Inspired by Universal Pictures and AmblinEntertainment’s Epic Films Jurassic World and Back to the FutureBeginning This Fall at Universal CityWalk Orlando, Fla. (June 13, 2022) – Universal Orlando … [Read more...]


HIS BEGINNING IS YOUR END  HALLOWEEN’S RELENTLESS SLASHER MICHAEL MYERSMAKES HIS VENGEFUL RETURN TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS’HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS IN HAUNTED HOUSESINSPIRED BY THE CLASSIC 1978 FILM  Relive the Most Iconic Moments from HalloweenBeginning September 2 at Universal Orlando Resort andSeptember 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood Click Here for a Glimpse at the Terror that Awaits Orlando, Fla., Universal City, … [Read more...]

7 Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts from Car Wreckers

Do you require a new battery or transmission for your vehicle? Do you need a reliable car battery but are on a budget? If so, it's time to choose the best car wreckers to buy car parts in Christchurch. Choosing to prioritize used auto components, whether you're installing used tyres or going to the junkyard, is a huge decision. It's no secret that old vehicle parts are less expensive and surprisingly long-lasting. If you're still … [Read more...]

Buying Bulk T Shirts to Make Massive Savings on Clothing

During summer, people wear light-colored clothes made of cotton because they are soothing and relaxing. T-shirts are the most popular clothing item worn, due to how simple and comfortable they are. However, t-shirts are more than that - they are a tool of expression. The great diversity of styles makes them the perfect addition to many outfits. So when it's obvious you need more than one to achieve your goal, what are your options? Fortunately, … [Read more...]

Roof Repair: Is it better to DIY than to hire a professional?

The process of repairing damage to a roof, such as leaking, holes, or other flaws, is referred to as roof repair. It may also require repairing roofing materials that have been damaged. Depending on the severity of the damage, making repairs to a roof can range from an easy task to a difficult one. If you reside in Florida and your roof is in need of repair, you might be debating whether you should get a professional roofer to complete the work … [Read more...]

Summer Watering: 10 Tips to Keep a Healthy Lawn Without Overwatering

It's hot outside and everyone is looking for ways to keep cool. While you're enjoying a refreshing swim or air conditioning, don't forget about your lawn! Proper watering is essential during the summer months to keep your lawn healthy and looking good. Here are 10 tips to help you water your lawn without overdoing it! The Negative Effects of Overwatering Overwatering your lawn can cause a number of problems, including: - encourage the … [Read more...]

Creating a beautiful outdoor room – where do I start on a budget?

Having an outside space is not limited to a garden full of flowers and trees that you can admire from behind the windows of your kitchen. Even the smallest of outside spaces can be turned into an additional room where you can relax, read, entertain friends, and just contemplate life in the fresh air, even if it is a bit chilly. In fact, sometimes the smaller the space the better. You can give yourself free rein to be as creative and … [Read more...]