10 Tips for Styling A Stunning Vintage Wedding

Whether your vision for a vintage wedding is a Great Gatsby-style blowout or a quaint, rustic evening, a vintage style wedding is a great way to show off your unique style.  The key to styling a successful vintage wedding is in considering all the elements of your day and how they work together.

Here are 10 tips for styling your perfect vintage wedding:

  1. Choose your venue wisely

When you’re hosting a vintage wedding, your venue will play a large part in how your wedding ultimately looks. It will be hard to make a modern hotel ballroom look vintage, so to make it easier on you to decorate for your big day, look for a venue that already has a bit of vintage feel. Whether this a refinished barn, a heritage bed & breakfast, or a rental mansion from decades past, you will find it much easier to decorate if the space already looks vintage.

  1. Gather details, don’t spread them out

If you’ve hunted down tons of adorable vintage details for your wedding, don’t spread them around your venue. When spread out, these details lose their visual interest, but gathered together it can be much more visually interesting.

  1. Use vintage-inspired blooms

Your bouquet is one of the centrepieces of your wedding. Use large, drooping blooms that have an old-world grandeur for your bouquet to draw in some of that vintage charm you’re looking to capture. Your florist will have ideas on vintage-inspired blooms.

  1. Bring in some family history

Whether you bring in some family history through antique jewelry or your grandmother’s veil or locket, this is a great way to add that “something old” to your wedding.

  1. Choose vintage-looking stationary

To signal to guests early on the theme of your wedding, use vintage-looking stationary that reflects the antique style that you’ll be channelling for your big day. Consider using one of your wedding colors as the main color on your invites.

  1. Create vintage tablescapes

Gather antique bottles, mercury-glass votives, and heritage-style blooms to create vintage style tablescapes that look opulent or chic, depending on what vibe you’re going for.

  1. Use antique furniture

There are rental companies that specialize in antique furniture for wedding rentals. From pews, to doors, to dressers, and chairs, these companies can bring in, set up, and take down gorgeous, vintage furniture that will truly set the scene for your vintage wedding.

  1. Rent vintage glassware and plates

The opulence of vintage glassware and plates will bring a gorgeous, quaint feel to your wedding. Look for different colored glassware in blues and yellows and look for bowl champagne glasses popularized in the 1930s.

  1. Use a vintage dress

If modern wedding dresses aren’t catching your eye, consider looking at vintage wedding dresses. These antique wedding dresses can have the feel you’re looking for. Find a good tailor familiar with antique wedding dresses so they can modify the dress to your body.

  1. Use lanterns

Antique or antique-looking lanterns can add a great ambiance to a vintage wedding. Even if you use LED candles, the flickering of candlelight on the brass or gold metal of the lanterns can give your space a warm, welcoming appearance.

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