3 Critical Things to Know Before Pressure Cleaning Your Brisbane Home

Brisbane is the most populated city in Queensland, with around 3.6 million people. The city is one of the oldest in the country, which took its name from one of the founding members, Sir Thomas Brisbane. If your house is situated in this busy metropolitan district, you know how smog and pollution can affect your home’s exterior. Power washing is an effective way to eliminate dirt, dust, loose paint, mold, and algae that cause serious discoloration to your pavement and walls.

Hiring a company offering pressure cleaning in Brisbane will help you achieve the right results in less time. It is one of the best ways to keep your home’s exterior clean, doing away with all the manual scrubbing often required.  

Get Everything Done with a Unified and Clean Look

Most often, DIY cleaning does not adequately remove all the dirt and grime. In some instances, people scrub bricks and pavement with too much force that they are damaged or chipped.

Pressure cleaning provides a forceful yet gentle jet of water that easily dislodges everything. Professionals can also add chemicals like commercial cleaning soaps, baking soda, or citric acid if you want a whole area sanitized. 

Power washing is ideally done in areas with larger than usual sizes, including the pathways, fence walls, and patios. It deeply cleans these areas creating a unified, clean look compared to a manual job.

Professionals Know Which Surface to Touch

It is always better to have pressure cleaning in Brisbane done by professionals because they know which surfaces would look better when pressure washed. Remember that different surfaces react differently when treated with pressurized water. 

Take, for example, laminar sandstone washes away when touched by the jet water’s propulsion. Asphalt roofing also breaks the granules apart, literally destroying the whole structure. Only professionals would understand how different stones and other materials react to strong water pressure. 

It would be beneficial to get the help of certified cleaners rather than doing it alone. It is never easy to be left with an irreparable surface because of the sole purpose of cleaning them.

Pressure Cleaning Large Areas Takes Time

If you have a larger than usual driveway, it will take longer to power clean the entire surface. And if you are trying to do a general cleaning job, it would take you days to complete the whole process.

A professional cleaning team can accomplish your project in less time. These professionals are skilled and know which areas to concentrate on. A non-professional would see the whole area as the same and devote their time to thoroughly picking on spots that should have taken less time.

Additionally, an experienced pressure cleaner knows how to handle his equipment well. He can increase pressure on areas with hard-to-dislodge dirt and grime and change the settings when needed. 


It is often easy to be carried away in the hype of modern technology. You can purchase a personal power washer, but without the right experience and know-how, you’ll end up with more problems than you initially bargained for. 

It is better to have professionals do it right the first time to remove the instances of doing the job repeatedly. Not only will it save your precious time and effort, but also provide you with better pressure cleaning results.

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