3 Friendly Bird Species That Make Fantastic Pets


Bird species that you want to have in the house should be chosen because they are sweet, easy to deal with, and easy to care for.  You need to remember that most of the pets that you bring into your home need to get along with you and your kids. You need to bring in pets that are going to get along with other pets in the house.  Also, you need to be sure that you have taken some input from your family so that you know which bird would be the right one for you. Every type of bird that you choose from the list here will be much easier to care for so that you do not have problems when you want to have a feathered friend in the house.  

1.  Cockatiels

Cockatiels are favored by vets that specifically treat birds because they know that these birds are not too small, have a good sense of humor, and like to learn.  This is not the kind of bird that gets so big you think you cannot deal with them, but this bird is not so small that they will be hit by temperature changes like something like a parakeet.  You should try a cockatiel because they will enjoy having a nice big cage in the house, and they will play with you while also learning tricks. Some of these birds will learn how to speak, and they can pick up on the things you say so that you can have a much more interesting relationship with this bird as it learns about being in your home.

2.  Parrots

Parrots are an obvious choice because they are so smart.  However, you need to be sure that you have room for a parrot in your life.  A lot of people will actually get a parrot thinking that they can handle the bird because it is docile and smart.  However, this is not always the case. You need to be sure that you are prepared to take care of a bird this size because it needs a lot of stimulation while it is hanging out with you during the day or at night.  Also, you need to have a vet to go to because that is the only way that you can get the bird the care that it needs.

3.  Finches

Finches are a great friend to have in the house because you can get a small group of them to all live together.  These are very small birds that are much heartier than others, and you could keep them in a large cage where their whole community lives for much of the year.  Be sure you have tried this when you want to have many friends in the house with you every day.

The birds that you get to live in your home should be chosen based on the care you can give them and the things they can do.  Pick a smaller bird to have little friends, and pick bigger birds when you want a much smarter animal and companion for daily conversation.

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