3 Important Safety Tips When Your Pets Are in the Vehicle

Most people look at their dogs as family and companions and will bring their dog with them wherever they go. Whether it be a road trip, errands, to a friends house and more. However as safe as you think you are bringing your pet along means added distractions for the driver.

Many dog owners don’t realize they are distracted by their dogs while driving. If you participate is allowing your dog on your lap while driving, give food and or treats to your dogs while driving, or you play with your dog while driving then you are distracted by your dog. This distinctive behavior can increase the risk of you getting into a vehicle accident. Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep want’s you and your furry kids to be safe while driving and suggests these few simple pet vehicle safety tips below.

1.Keep your dog restrained

Always keep your dog restrained while you are driving. Dogs that are unrestrained can be very dangerous to the driver. Dogs can be buckled just like humans can, just differently. The most popular way to buckle up your dog in a vehicle is with a harness that has this function built in. You can find these at most pet stores. This is a great option is is very safe for your dog. This will keep them from distracting the driver, confined, and safe in the event of an accident.

2.Get a pet barrier

If you have a very anxious and excited dog that likes to climb on and over you, a pet barrier would be a great option for your vehicle. It will not offer protection during a crash, but will keep them restrained to one area and reduce distraction to the driver. So if you drive an SUV, hatchback, or van this may be an option to look into. Such as the 2019 DODGE JOURNEY SE at Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep. A pet barrier is like a type of fence that can be installed in the back of your vehicle. There are many different types. This will keep your dog restrained to one area of the vehicle. Just make sure to choose one that’s going to fit your specific vehicle.

3.Crate you dog

If you have a dog that doesn’t like taking trips in the car or is very overwhelmed by all the sounds of a car, then a crate is a great option for them. It will also help them feel more confined and safe. You can also cover the crate to make the ride easier for them, so they won’t see so much or to prevent them from barking at people. This can help keep them more calm and quite.

Next time you travel anywhere don’t forget to make sure your dog is buckled or restrained to one area.

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