3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Fall

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There are a multitude of reasons to love fall. For one, it’s known as the sweater weather. So, you might as well put your summer clothes and bikini worries away. Then, make way for pumpkin spice lattes, crisp air, more sleep, and lots of comfort food. 

Another reason to love fall is Thanksgiving dinner. This will be the start of family gatherings and reunions, so buckle up. 

And since you’ll soon be welcoming loved ones to your home, you need to make it fall-ready. By this, we mean to rid it of the remnants of summer and make it resilient against the clashing cold, dry, and warm air. As there might be frequent severe thunderstorms, it would be a pain if you didn’t repair the leaking roof. Also, you need to check on the fireplace or stack up on wood beforehand. 

To help you prepare for this lovely season, here are some tips you can review and follow. 

Check the roof and gutters. 

Since you’re expecting a cold and rainy season, you need to ensure that water from your roof can drain away fast. To achieve this, you must check, clean, and empty your downspouts and eavesdrops. 

Leaves can clog the rain gutter, allowing water to build up and sit on your roof, inviting critters to nest in them. Aside from the critter problem, the stagnant water might also get into the attic. This can cause more significant issues. 

It’s wise to clean these areas often to avoid doing most of the heavy work before fall. But, if you haven’t cleaned up yet and think it’s not something you can do yourself, seek help from professionals. 

Aside from that, you can also consider investing in filters. You can install these in your eavestroughs. These can keep critters from entering and leaves at bay while also letting all the water through. Check with a home improvement store or contractor in your locale. They will give you the best recommendations that would work on homes in your locality.

Seal openings to keep indoors comfortable.

After clearing your gutters, the next thing you need to work on is your doors, windows, and other openings. Consider using caulk to seal unwanted openings that would allow cold air in and warm air out. 

You might have done this in spring, but it’s still wise to recheck the perimeters to avoid discomfort come fall. This is a good practice that allows you to keep your home cozy and also helps you save energy. Your heating system won’t have to overexert itself to normalize the indoor temperature. As a result, you get to lessen your energy consumption. 

Apart from caulking your doors and windows, check other areas in your home. These include around your bathroom exhaust fan, dryers, vents, pipes, and cables. These run outside your house, so there is a high chance that they have openings that could let cold air in.

Stock on firewood and tend to your chimney.

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Now is the time to enjoy a hot chocolate while you read your favourite book by the fireplace. But, before you can do that, you have to ensure that your chimney is as fall-ready as you. 

The first thing you must do is to check on your chimney cap. This is essential because this cap keeps snow, rain, and animals away from the chimney. It also serves as a spark arrester that keeps those hot embers from your roofing. Here are a few things you should also check.

  • Debris or bird nest on the chimney cap
  • Tree limbs near or above the chimney 
  • Missing or crumbling mortar and bricks 
  • Status of the chimney crown 
  • Visibility of the flue liner 
  • Condition of the roof flashing 

If you notice anything amiss, contact the experts. They can inspect, clean, and repair your chimney. You might spend money on this, but at the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Once you can see that your chimney is in tip-top shape, it’s time to stock on the firewood. The best way to keep a home fall-ready is to make it cozy, and lighting up the fireplace is an excellent way to make this happen. 

Other Things to Consider 

Aside from making your house comfy for the holiday season, here are other things you should check out. 

  • Check your smoke detectors. Then, change their batteries if you have to as this will ensure they are in good working condition. 
  • Inspect your carbon monoxide detectors. You also have to make sure they’re working well. 
  • Test, inspect, and replace non-working fire extinguishers. 
  • Empty your rain barrels and keep them away. 
  • Bring your delicate plants indoors. 


Fall, like any other season, is best enjoyed when you have nothing to worry about. As you prepare for the changing seasons, it’s best to also check on the state of your home. Make sure that you’re on the same page. 

Take note of the tips mentioned above and get yourselves moving before it’s too cold to clean up outside. Remember that a safe, cozy, and comfortable home will always bring delight to those who live in it. 

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