4 Causes of Summer Auto Breakdowns

For some the summer is just about over, but when you live in the south summer is 360 days of the year. Teens are still driving all over for their fun summer adventures, families are still on trips, amusements parks are still busy, traffic in the cities are still packed. In the summer, people who are very frequent drivers can come across some pretty common summer car breakdowns. Here are a few of the most common summer car breakdowns and how to solve them and be on your mary way.

4 Causes of Summer Auto Breakdowns

1. Overheating engine.

With high beating temperatures in the summer, engines overheating is probably the top reason for car breakdowns. In the summer, the hot weather can make the engine’s coolant system work harder than normal. Check the weather ahead of time, and check your coolant levels, if they’re low take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic and get it changed as soon as you can. Especially if you’re on a time limit to get to the amusement park early before all the traffic starts up, you don’t want any bumps stopping your summer fun.

2. Clutch.

The reason for a clutch being worn down over time is slow moving traffic, unfamiliar roads your car isn’t used to, or if you’re towing something. In the summer all of these can be evident that your clutch will wear down. Be sure to make a schedule and leave early for your trip so you don’t get stuck in long slow moving traffic. Make sure not to take any quick short cuts with bumpy roads, hills or a lot of turns that your car is not used to. Usually when the clutch is bad your car won’t budge when you accelerate. Get it checked out before any long trip.

3. Battery.

A dead battery can be common during the summer, the a/c blasting to stay cool from the melting heat plus phones, or tablets hooked up charging, then add a long trip ahead (2 or more hours). All that together can make your car battery work extra hard. Then adding frequent short trips while away on holiday trips or even stop-start drives at home. To help prevent a dead battery in the middle of traffic or worse in the middle of nowhere, make sure your battery is charged before any long trips, or if you noticed your vehicle takes time to start, or the lights on the inside are dim. Take it to get replaced especially if it has been longer than 3 years.

4. Flat tires

With all the traffic and summer fun parties, the streets and roads can have more sharp objects scattered on them. Either from people littering or partying near the streets. Running over one of these objects can cause you to have a flat. There isn’t really much you can do to prevent how clean your streets are, but you can most definitely make sure you are prepared if a flat tire is to happen. Make sure you learn how to properly change a car tire, and have all the right tools in the trunk as well. So you can get out change it and get back in and on the road to have more fun.

With the few summer days some folks have be safe and make sure you are prepared if any car troubles are to arise.

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