4 Destination Hotels In Finland For A Perfect Retreat

Finland is a land of natural wonders. From the storied fjords to the Northern Lights, the Scandinavian nation has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking for exotic things to see here. It might also help that the Norse gods of yore also originated in this part of the world. If you are looking to travel to Finland and stay at a great place that goes with the surreal atmosphere here, here is a list of the best destination hotels in Finland for you:

  • Arctic Light Hotel

Situated in the center of the town of Rovaniemi, the Arctic Light is a five star hotel that is barely a year old. However, the place has managed to figured in the list of best European hotels. The place is best for a luxury stay for aurora hunters, and reindeer excursions and other Arctic delights are easy at hand. The giant polar bear sculpture at the foot of the entrance is a huge indicator of the Arctic decor of the place. The Arctic Light Hotel is best for a mostly comfortable stay in the Arctic town for people who want to hunt for the Northern Lights, which by definition is a very uncomfortable (albeit rewarding) exercise.

  • Apukka Resort

Another destination hotel in the Laplands of Finland, the Apukka Resort is a haven for tourists looking to enjoy the many riches of the Finland landscape in total isolation and privacy. The suites are hardly the most popular places to stay at the Apukka Resort. There are cabins that are shaped liked igloos as well as a bedroom that is made completely of ice. And if you are still not impressed, stay at the glass roofed wagon that sports a sauna on skis, and where you are taken away to hunt for the most stunning Northern Lights alone and away from all the people. The resort is a comfortable retreat away from the world, and its wooden house sauna is almost certain to make you feel all relaxed and at home.

  • Hotel Korpikartano

Run by a couple, this lakeside manor has a very friendly feel, something that you would not get at a chain hotel. It is 250 kilometers into the Arctic Circle and is difficult to reach in the first place. It is located in the small town of Inari. However, once you are here, enjoy the warm and personable hospitality of your hosts while you gaze upon the unreal landscape and the Northern Lights, which not only have a commanding presence over the sky but also let out a very ghostly and unique sound.

  • Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos

4 Destination Hotels In Finland For A Perfect Retreat

Sitting right next to a frozen lake, this place is the go-to for Northern Lights. These luxurious glass igloos are perfect for a vacation away from the pollution of the city. You can enjoy the clear skies and the Northern lights without leaving the warmth of the inside. Laced with ice sculptures along with benches and glasses of ice, this place will offer you the best in luxury and the true North Pole experience.

So, which of these Finnish hotels are you going to stay at?

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