4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets

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Did you know the 4th of July is the BUSIEST day of the year for animal shelters? Dogs (and even cats) run away
from home, trying to escape the scary “boom” from the fireworks. In addition to the risk of your pet possibly running away in fear of 4th of July fireworks, it’s very common that they will present other negative behaviors, all rooted in anxiety, such as barking, digging, chewing or clawing uncontrollably, just to name a few. 
ThunderShirt, a proven-effective solution to pet fear and anxiety, is a perfect fit for this story. Similar to the idea of swaddling an infant to calm them down, the ThunderShirt’s gentle, consistent pressure has a similar calming effect on our dogs and cats. It’s the most recommended product for stress and anxiety among veterinarians and trainers.
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
There are many dog/cat owners out there that have to deal with episodes of pet anxiety, discomfort, and being scared. Especially during thunderstorms storms and the 4th of July, which is one of the number one things. Some have said that their animal freaks out, scared, hiding, barks, meows, etc. because the loud noise scares their pet. Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore especially with the ThunderShirt. 
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
ThunderShirt is the best solution for dog and cat anxiety in my opinion. This easy to use shirt is used for the fear of thunder, barking problems, general training tool, any noise anxiety, separation anxiety, car or travel anxiety, any excitability, crate anxiety, reactivity, general fearfulness and more! Now, you’re probably thinking how can a simple shirt help with all of this?
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
Ok well, the ThunderShirt’s patent-pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s/cat’s torso and this pressure has an amazing calming effect. It has been proven that pressure has been used successfully to reduce anxiety not only or animals but for humans as well for many years. Like when a baby is cradled by a parent.
I have a small Chihuahua who is easily alarmed by loud noise and she shakes and whines and claws to get in my lap close to me, which isn’t always convenient. I can’t hold her every time a loud noise occurs. Or when I leave her, she whines for me. I can’t always bring her everywhere I go.  Using the ThunderShirt helped so much. It’s wrapped around her and applies pressure to her torso like when I hold her. After she got used to wearing it I saw improvement in her behavior after any loud noises or when I left her alone. She doesn’t instantly whine or freak out anymore, which is so great. 
The ThunderShirt comes in all sizes, to fit the smallest dog up to the biggest, comes in different colors as well, like the classic grey, blue polo, pink polo, and red polo. 
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
Also, like myself and other dog owners who have large, strong dogs we have been pulled and yanked. Either from excitement, lack of training, etc. I have a pitbull and she looks like a little sweetheart but boy is she strong. Nearly every time my daughter goes to take her out to go to the bathroom she will pull hard and yank. Or when she is over excited she will pull hard as well. But now with the ThunderLeash, my problem has a solution!
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
The ThunderLeash, is an easy to use, “no-pull” solution. Can go from your standard leash to a no-pull walking solution in seconds.The ThunderLeash quickly and easily wraps around your dog’s torso using the patent-pending hardware design. When your dog pulls, the ThunderLeash applies a safe amount of pressure on your dog’s torso. This gentle pressure, consistent feedback lest your dog know to stop pulling. 
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
I was a little skeptical on how just a simple leash could stop my strong dog from pulling, but was I wrong. Nearly instantly after I put this leash on and took her out to go to the bathroom she didn’t pull! It was so easy to walk her around. I even walked down the road where other dogs are, and usually she wants to pull hard and go see them. But this time she didn’t pull. We both gradually and peacefully walked over so she could see the other dogs. I was so amazed! I use this leash all the time now! I highly recommend the ThunderLeash to any dog owner who has a strong dog that pulls. 
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets
4 Facts about 4th of July & Your Pets: 
  1. Pet ID. Make sure your pet has up-to-date identification in case he/she runs away when scared by noisy fireworks. ID can help your pet be returned to you safely.
  2. Avoid Fireworks. Don’t take your pet to events that involve fireworks. Your pet is better off being left home if you are going to partake in firework festivities.
  3. Crate Your Dog. If you regularly crate your dog, he/she may find the crate a place of comfort during fireworks. Make sure his favorite toy is available for further distraction.
  4. Don’t Leave Pets Outside. Keep pets inside as much as possible during fireworks displays. The insulation of your home will help drown out the noise and make your dog feel more secure.

And always remember don’t scold a scared pet. This will scare and confuse a dog and reinforce fearful behaviors.

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