4 Tips for a Quicker Home Remodel

4 Tips for a Quicker Home Remodel

Maybe you’ve been inconvenienced by all of the drills and plastic sheets. Maybe you’ve even been locked out of your home while contractors knock down walls or build new floors! Remodeling your home is always tough on your usual routine, but the good news is that there are ways to speed up the schedule and get your house back sooner rather than later. Here are just four tips for a quicker, smoother remodel.

1. Check for Mold

If mold is found inside your walls, your contractors will be legally obligated to stop working until you hire mold removal services. It’s an issue of liability that they can’t ignore or hammer around. Instead of waiting for someone to peel off your drywall and discover a delay, go ahead and have your property inspected for mold before your remodeling work begins.

2. Gather Your Materials

Nothing slows down a renovation like constant trips to the hardware store. If you want to avoid these kinds of interruptions, gather all of the necessary tools, supplies and materials before your contractor even steps foot on-site. You can call them and ask for a list a few days before the project begins. While there might still be a dash to the store every so often, it won’t happen every day, and it won’t be your fault.

3. Create a Schedule

It’s a little-known fact that most contractors work multiple projects at once. While you can’t change this or monopolize their services, you can sit down with your contractor and work out a schedule that suits both of you. For example, you might say “I expect X hours of labor per day” or “you’ll need to make on-site visits at least three days per week.” If they have concrete goals and deadlines to meet, they’ll be more careful with how they spend their time.

4. Plan for Delays

At the end of the day, even the best-planned remodeling projects can run into unexpected problems and unavoidable weather. This is why you work “wiggle room” into your schedules, itineraries and expectations. If you give yourself a few extra days than your project actually requires, you won’t be frustrated when it inevitably takes a few more days than anticipated.

If you love remodeling your home but hate living behind plastic sheets for months on end, use these tips to speed up the entire process. Some might work for you more than others, but all are worth the effort to try.

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