4 Tips to Write that Perfect Essay

Your essay reveals and important thing about you that your test scores and grades don’t – your personality. It provides a sense of who you are to your admission officers and showcases your writing skills. Below are some tips for craft that perfect essay with a touch of personality.


The hardest part of writing an essay is starting it. A good place you can begin is to define your strengths and brainstorm your personality traits.

Original Thinking

A decent essay can be secondary where a superb essay has to involve your original thinking. This does not mean you need to come up with a brand new theory. In fact, most of the topics you will be studying at undergraduate level or GCSE, A-level have already been thought about in great depth by many others with just about every possible angle you can think of. However, what this does mean is your essay needs to stand out from other students’ essays by taking an original approach. You might approach the topic from a new angle, introducing new intelligent insights or new evidence from resources that aren’t included on the reading list or perhaps coming up with a distinct hypothesis of your latest discussion in class.

Proper Structure

Your essay needs to be readable. This can be done by breaking it down into paragraphs. Trying to read an entire page of solid text is undesirable and frankly, hard to do. When you break your essay down into paragraphs or different sections, you make it easier to read and it flows in a logical manner. There is a simple formula for this.

1. Introduction: This is where you introduce to your readers what you plan to tell them in your essay. You want to introduce the topic here and go over the points briefly of what you plan to make in your essay. If you are planning on arguing a point, be sure to make this clear in your introduction what the point of view or argument is.

2. Body Paragraphs: This is the meat of your essay. It typically consists of 3 to 5 paragraphs and each contains its own separate point that will contribute to the overall argument or theme of your essay.

3. Conclusion: Sum up everything you just told them in your essay.

Proofread and Correct Errors

Make sure you go back and reread your essay checking it thoroughly for any grammar and spelling errors or typos. You might want to have another person read it as well as it can be easy to miss mistakes.

Show your draft to friends, family or teachers. Ask them if it sounds like you and makes sense. Absorb any feedback from them and make needed corrections, keeping it you voice, however. If at all else, you might wish to outsource your essay writing to a professional service such as Do My Essays. You might ask yourself the question, Can domyessays.com write my essay for me? The answer is definitely, however, you will need to be very clear about how you want it structured and give them ideas of your personality so they can fit that in as well.

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