Men and women are two species which are poles apart when it comes to wardrobe. Women just lie in one category that is- they are always cognizant of their wardrobe and what they are wearing. Whereas men can be divided into two categories – one who are extremely conscious of what they are wearing and the second are the ones who are least bothered about their style and attire.

But essentially men should be aware of at least these looks which we are going to explain below, to create their own style statement and not just wander around like dervish.

If you are heading out to shopping, shop category wise, keep these categories in mind one at a time, that way you will be able to build a evocative and inspiring wardrobe with the passage of time.


Professional attire is termed as the attire which gentlemen wear to work. Business attire is sported in organizations where decorum and professionalism go hand in hand and are fabricated in the culture of the organization. Most businesses are very straight forward and stern about the dress code to be followed which has to be business attire at all cost.

Business attire may comprise of a suit, white shirt, neckties, pocket square, oxford shoes and socks. You may like to include a dapper wrist watch Tag Heuer Carrera to add class and uniqueness to your personal style.


Business casual is a casual look designed for the professional working environment as the name implies. Business casual attire may illustrate comfort coupled with high levels of professionalism. Business casual may comprise of trousers, slacks or even a polo style shirt but all in line with the professional attire followed by the organization.

Moccasins with or without socks, loafers, oxford shoes can be your choice of the shoes. The most important part of this look is there is no neck piece required to pull this look off. The shirt buttons can be fastened or may not be buttoned, that is purely a personal choice.


Casual does not always mean a tattered t shirt and rugged smelly jeans. Also, you cannot call it sporty when you head out for a match in jersey and gym shorts. Being sporty too, does come with a protocol. You should not carry just these two looks throughout the week; rather consider them as weekend looks.

This look may comprise of some crisp pair of jeans, a dapper t shirt paired with contemporary and fabric-lined sneakers. While another option can be khakis, boots and a Henley. Either way, this look does give a sense of personal touch and can be sported to any undefined activity for the day.


This look is a new twist to the aesthetic and traditional black tie look. It is mostly seen being sported by Hollywood celebrities to red carpets and award functions.

Considering that the traditional formal wear is uniform of sorts, this creative black tie is a spiced up version with a bit more of color and fun to stand out in the crowd. It is mostly the choice of the millennial’s who defy the traditional conventions of menswear. The basics of this look are quite similar to that of black tie affair but adding a little colors to the vest, bow tie or the cummerbund.

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