5 Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Music is as old as time. For as long as the human race has been in existence, so has music. Literally all cultures have music. It serves numerous purposes among them being entertainment and worship. Scientific research now proves that listening to music is additionally therapeutic. It promotes both mental and physical well-being. In certain instances, the effect of music on health has been more impactful than conventional medicine. How is this so?

Here are 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music:

1. Music lowers emotional problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

Listening to music such as through freemake.com plays a role of releasing dopamine. This chemical brings about positive emotions which results in one feeling elated. Depression, stress and anxiety reduce causing one to relax. In effect, blood vessels function properly increasing blood flow, maintaining good blood pressure level and overall improved health.

2. Music is an immune booster.

Stress compromises the immune system by releasing the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can weaken the immune system, cause heart diseases, bring about memory lapses and that is just scratching the surface. However, when you listen to your favorite music, your immune system is boosted because the antibody fighting diseases are increased.

3. Music helps in relieving pain.

Patients who have gone through surgery need less pain relievers when music is included in their post-surgery treatment. The elderly who are sick and in pain, those undergoing palliative care and other patients suffering from pain, experience noticeable relief when listening to music. This is because while listening to music, a chemical known as endorphins is released in the brain. Endorphins are responsible for the improvement of vascular health and reduction of pain.

4. Music is a good workout companion.

Physical performance is heightened under the influence of music. Bike riding, jogging and other workouts are improved when combined with listening to music. Without music, there is a notable reduction in the physical workout. Music motivates the athlete by distracting him/her from the actual physical activity to listening to the music. Workouts become a fun activity with music but more so, translates into an overall health bonus.

5. Music heals insomnia and overeating.

Sleeplessness not only increases stress levels but also causes high blood pressure. It also bring about anxiety, low moods and loss of energy. However, just by merely listening to music, insomnia can be treated. In addition, music also improves the time it takes to fall asleep by shortening it. Soft music particularly is effective in lulling the sleepless because it is soothing and causes them to relax and be calm.

Habitual overeating is unhealthy as you can eventually become obese. Diseases associated with obesity are deadly for example, heart disease. Even so, listening to music while eating can help. The soft background music that plays while you eat helps in eating less.

In conclusion, music is a significant part of life. The benefits of music on your health are so critical that it is important to nurture your love for music for the sake of your health. Although music is therapeutic, listening to the kind of music with headphones that pleases you is most beneficial. Classical music for instance has been proven over time to affect your health positively.

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