5 Best Tips For Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Underwear

5 Best Tips For Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Underwear

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable innerwear such as a voguish women’s brief or French cut panties? I advise women to be selective when choosing the fabric of their innerwear for their comfort and long-term usability. So, how to choose the best fabric for your underwear? Take a look at the tips I’ve compiled below:

Go For Premium Cotton

When it comes to selecting comfy innerwear, Cotton reigns supreme. Whether it’s a Knix bikini, a cool sportswear or a nice pair of hipsters, Cotton is the best fabric to stay comfortable. You’d essentially want something that is light, soft and elastic so you can easily move around without having to fret about an uncomfortable feeling. Cotton also helps avoid moisture entrapment that can cause sweating, rashes, and bacterial infections.

Select Synthetic Fabric

I suggest picking undies made of synthetic fabric. It not only provides a slimmer look but promotes comfort as well. Materials like nylon, spandex or Lyora are good examples of synthetic fabric. These are processed to offer durability and easy wear. Go for a high-quality underwear that is made of nylon with a cotton central portion or gusset for added comfort. You can also opt for cotton blend knits that are available in a plethora of nice hues and patterns from select online stores and brand outlets.

Silk Innerwear Is Great For Special Events

If you’re looking for something elegant and classy, appropriate for a special occasion like a theme party or a wedding, then go for smooth silk panties. Although not as breathable as cotton underwear, it’s a great outfit-match option. Be careful not to wear these for too long as the trapped moisture can cause bacterial infections. You can find these in a horde of aesthetically pleasing designs that will work well with your chosen dress (an evening gown or a casual jumpsuit).

Try Stretch Fabrics

Elasticity is one of the most important considerations when buying a nice pair of boy shorts or panties. Stretch fabrics like mesh, lace or stretch velvet provide more comfort and breathability as they are thinner and lighter. For example, a good quality knit with at least 5% spandex helps provide the required stretch and comfort. I suggest you experiment with different types of stretch fabrics and test them for elasticity before you divvy up any bucks.

Elastic is Key

Whether you’re buying a 100% cotton knit or a silk underwear, make sure it’s a good elastic. These can be plain, fold-over or picot. Fold over elastic is durable, breathable and comes in a variety of colorful patterns. With picot elastic, panties have a looped or plain edge that yields a softer yet more vibrant finish to the undies. If you’re looking for something more decorative and elastic, go for a top quality stretch lace. This is easy to wear, very breathable and provides a lot of flexibility so you feel good at your home, office or outside. It also promotes hygiene with minimal moisture absorption, so you don’t have to worry about any rashes.


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