5 Cheap Ways You Can Save Room Space

5 Cheap Ways You Can Save Room Space

Almost everyone desires a big home that is spacious and comfortable. Regrettably, real estate professionals do not consider this need and many people are stuck in tiny apartments and houses. Your home is only as tiny as you let it feel and you can use some tips, hacks, and tricks to save room space.

Whether you live in a big amenity-packed home or a small bathroom-less micro-apartment, one thing is true; you can benefit from a little extra space without spending an arm and a leg. These space-saving ideas will turn any home into a spacious and tranquil place on a tight budget.

1. Use Walls

You can save your apartment’s space by using walls to make up for low floor space and let things stay up. Attach some adhesive hooks to your wall and use them to hang jewelry, scarves, handbags, hats, and headphones and save immense space. You can use hooks and turn your hallway into a storage space. A pile of coats and jackets in your entryway has never been welcoming. Build a low-profile coat rack to hang coats and make the entryway more appealing and organized.

Adhesive hooks are inexpensive and readily available in the store near your home. In the kitchen, you can use rails to save space and keep things up. Use the rails to hang cookware, towels, and other kitchen accessories. This keeps the kitchen worktop neat and organized and the entire kitchen spacious and presentable. If possible, install customized wall units that extend to the ceiling in your kitchen to get additional room space.

2. Purchase Space Saving Beds

There are numerous types of beds in the market that are both space-saving and affordable, ranging from foldable beds to elevated beds and slide-out beds. You can opt for Murphy beds that fold up into unassuming wall units. Murphy beds save room space and are ideal when your room has multiple functions. A hanging bed keeps the living space open and you lower up the bed when in use. An elevated bed fits within a modest budget and offers tons of storage. Bunk beds allow you to enjoy two full sized beds, one stuck on top of another.

They are prominent for their space-saving properties and can be used for guests and children. Plenty of affordable twin over full bunk beds are available in online and physical stores. If you are purchasing a bunk bed for kids, ascertain that it has safety features such as guardrails.

3. Make Floating Furniture

Furniture like shelves, dressers or desks can take up loads of space in your tiny room. You can create floating furniture on the wall that will provide you storage and work space without taking up much space. Whether in the kitchen or bedroom, a shelf is always useful for an array of purposes ranging from keeping the books to holding toiletries and storing clothing. If you do not have space for a physical shelf, you can improvise one. Hang a suspended shelf using a wire or rope to act as your bedside table or console and use it to hold bedside essentials such as phones, books, and candles.

You can make a corner shelf in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom to provide extra storage and save room space. Corner shelves fit neatly in corners and make corners great storage options. Additionally, consider using a simple bridge shelf that is elegant, easy to put together, and multipurpose. You can also use a modern floater to create storage space for books and other things as well as minimize space use.

4. Use Dead Space

Make use of dead space in your house, look under, upwards, and even behind furniture for inspiration. Hide mini storage units under your floor to create and save more room on the floor. Mini storage units are perfect for tucking away small objects that can end up being scattered all over the house. The space under your bed can be made to sensible use. You can use it to make storage space to keep books and seasonal clothing. You can make drawers for better organization of the storage space.

Alternatively, you can make rolling bins using wooden boxes and wine crates and attach casters to store laundry hampers. Use the space above your fridge to store equipment you rarely use in the kitchen. In addition, if you are not a frequent oven user, use it to store pots, pans, and bake ware. Do not forget the space under the stairs; it makes a perfect storage as you seek to save room space.

5. Invest in Double-duty Furniture

If you want to save room space, invest in multi-use furniture. You can buy an ottoman that has various uses such as serving as a footrest, coffee table, and extra seating. An ottoman with under-lid storage is perfect for keeping books and blankets from everyone’s sight. Use expandable furniture and expand them when need be. You can also have a sofa cum bed to use when your family or friends visit. The sight of toys all over the house is unpleasant and makes your home disorganized. What if you could have a toy chest that can serve as a table and chair too? Having a toy chest will save you the headache that comes with keeping toys organized in the house.

You can make a toy chest at home with readily available materials and paint it a color of your choice to add a classy touch. When not in use, the toy chest becomes an additional seat for guests or a table.

A spacious home is comfortable and aesthetically attractive. However, you can transform even the tiniest rooms and spatially challenged homes to small havens using organizational hacks and space-saving tips and tricks. Try these cheap and clever space-saving tips for your home and you will be surprised at the amount of space you will have at your disposal. Your house will feel bigger and better. Importantly, declutter your home to get rid of things that have no practical value.

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