5 Important Summer Car Care Tips

5 Important Summer Car Care Tips

Summer’s high temperatures can take a toll on vehicles, and lead to some drivers being stranded. Williams Brothers Dundee and associates want you and your vehicles to be prepared for the warm months ahead. Use these helpful tips to avoid being stranded this summer.

Check the battery
Heat and vibration can wreck havoc on vehicle batteries. Be sure your battery is prepared for the high temperatures this summer. There is nothing we can do about the summer heat and our battery, however as far as vibration we can make sure the battery is securely mounted. This will minimize the vibration.
Since battery fluid evaporates quicker in high temperatures it will cause corrosion on the terminals and connections. So it’s important to keep them clean. A simple google search will help you learn how. Once they are clean make sure the clamps are tight and secure. Lastly check the date on your battery or have it serviced to see if it’s due to be changed out. 
Check your fluids

Have all fluids top off at the start of summer. This is important because when the fluid levels get low your vehicles  cooling effect is reduced, which then increases the possibility of your vehicle overheating. Not only at the start of summer it’s important to check, but all vehicle fluids should be regularly checked.

Check the tires

Have your vehicle tire pressure checked monthly and be sure they are properly inflated. This is important because your vehicles tires will lose a pound of pressure about every month through normal driving. You never want to drive on tires that are under-inflated tires because it can cause them to over heat and possibly blowout. With the summer heat and hot pavement it’s even more possible.   

Keep the engine cool

Make sure your cooling system is topped off with the proper fluid. This is important in keeping your engine cool. Your cooling system works hard to protect the engine from overheating. It should also be flushed periodically, so be sure to have that checked. If your attempting to check the coolant yourself it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you never remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot! If you do this the boiling coolant that is under high pressure will splash on you and cause terrible burns.

One other component in keeping your engine cool is the hoses and belts. Be sure to have them checked for cracking, soft spots and make sure they are in good condition.

Check your vehicle A/C

No one should drive without good working A/C in their vehicle. If you notice your car is not as cool as it once was have it taken in and looked at.  You may just need more refrigerant. If not it could be another issue your local mechanic or technician will be able to service for you. Along with the A/C be sure the cabin filter is inspected for debris and dust. Have it replaced if needed to create maximum airflow to keep you cool all summer long.

At the end of the day it’s important to be prepared for summer breakdowns. Even when you thought you have  done all the preventive maintenance possible, summer breakdowns can still happen.  

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