5 Reasons to Start Crocheting Now!

If you thought crocheting is for grannies, it is time to change the way you think. Well, it is one of the most disappointing trends of the 21st century. Tagging everyone who crafted their own dresses as oldies or hipsters is common in school. Knitting and crocheting may not be widely valued but they are essential skills. Don’t let frustrating labels deter your spirits. Learn this glorious tradition that is worthy of appreciation and praise!

5 Reasons to Start Crocheting Now!

Here are 5 reasons why you should start crocheting:

1. It improves your health

Yes, you read it right. Crochet helps you with memory and cognitive skills. It also improves the motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If you spend your spare time watching television or browsing the internet you never get the same. Age-old crocheting has always been a healthy alternative. On the plus side, you would also get brand new clothes or gifts. It is not a skill for women alone to pursue. Many men have benefitted from doing crochet as well. Crocheting prevents arthritis and has also helped some people to quit smoking!

2. It is cost-effective

When you buy wool and a crochet hook, it would not cost you more than $20. The hook can be used again for another project. Make unique knitwear or gifts at a price that you never expected. Few balls of impressive cygnet yarns can give you a stunning hat or scarf or a dress that you can cherish for years. If you give a close friend a handmade present it would be a treasured gift forever.

3. You always have the best DIY gift

A handmade gift is so rare. When you crochet, you can always make something unique for a party. Your gift would stand out from the boring store-bought gifts that most people get. All the love and time spent on a handmade gift always makes it special and memorable. Handmade toys for kids are always safer and appreciated by parents.

4. Watching TV is never a waste of time

Binge TV watching becomes meaningful when you crochet. Initially, it might be a bit tricky to watch television and crochet but with practice, it becomes easy. If you have ever been addicted to watching TV shows, watching TV for over 6 hours may feel like a complete waste of time. If you crochet, by the time the show is over, you would have a handmade scarf or hat ready. Enjoy movie marathons with friends and family without guilt!

5. Effective stress reliever

Repetitive hand movements while crocheting has a soothing effect. After a strenuous day, spending some time making something that you like. The practice could give you custom-made clothing in your favorite colors that you may never find in a store! Be creative and imaginative to form new patterns and create new every day. Being able to think out of the box could be a morale boost to the otherwise mundane boring life!

Whether it is your first time or you are getting back the skill, it is always a good time to start. Crocheting is quite different from knitting. Learning the skill offers you more choices than what you could imagine. Once you learn to crochet you would never want to go back to expensive knitwear from the shops. In fact, the skill has made many people set their online shops as an extra source of income. With many YouTube lessons and websites at your disposal, learning to crochet is easy. Try it out now.

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