5 Reliable Ways to Help Our Grandparents

As you get older, you will begin to see the obstacles and difficulties that were not present in your younger days. As independent as your parents and grandparents are, they won’t always be upfront for asking for assistance when they need it. There will always be ways to help them and make their lives easier.

Here are 5 ways that you will be able to help your grandparents.

Health care and needs

One way that you will be able to provide help to your grandparents is by ensuring all their medical and health care needs are met. Once you start entering the later stages of your life, your health becomes more and more of a priority. This is because your body is no longer as strong as it was once before and you are more vulnerable to catching illnesses and getting sick with a weaker immune system. This involves things such as making sure they go to the doctors frequently and are taking all the medication they need to stay healthy, and inquiring about medicare plans which according to www.cpoe.org/medicare-supplement-plans, fill the gaps within a health care system.  It is important to have good knowledge and monitor the health of your grandparents as they age to ensure that they are in good shape, or get the treatment they need if things stray from their normal health.

Groceries and Errands

As you begin to age, the ease of the things that you do in your day-to-day life is taken for granted. A simple trip to the grocery store or pharmacy may take longer and require a little bit more effort for your grandparents for a number of reasons. Their mobility may have changed, and won’t be as able as younger members of their family. If you have time to run a quick errand for your grandparents, especially if it is something that is on your way or little to no trouble for yourself, that will save them a trip that they do not have to take and will mean a lot more than you know.


One of the best ways you can help your grandparents that doesn’t take much effort at all is simply talking to them. Socialization is such an important part of being human. As you get older, your social circles tend to get smaller for a variety of reasons. It is important to make sure that your grandparents are still able to maintain a sense of social activity and interaction, so spending quality time with them is not just helpful but essential to their health and well being. Putting your grandparents in a teaching role is also important to their mental health and will keep their brains engaged and active. Ask them questions, have them tell stories, seek advice, play games, and find new hobbies that you can share and they can dedicate time to even when you aren’t around.


Spending time is not just a passive experience that will help your grandparents. It is important to engage them with physical activities as well, so going on walks and hikes, playing physical games and sports, will all help provide positive outcomes to the physical well being. This is important because the muscles, bones, and body in general will deteriorate faster with old age, and is very susceptible to inactivity. Keep them engaged and feeling young by promoting a physically healthy lifestyle.

Access and Understanding with Technology

Technology tends to grow at such a fast rate, that if you are not actively using it or seeking it out, it will easily pass you by. As you age, the technologies around you are still progressing at a quick pace that even you will have a hard time keeping up. Your grandparents are no different when it comes to struggling with technology. This is especially true when technology was still in its infancy for many of them growing up. It is important to be able to have the patience and understanding that their technological literacy is not as strong as yours but many can learn and adapt. Take the time to help them learn and it will make living in a society that is so highly dependent on different tech so much easier. This will also benefit your lives as communication through video calls, text messaging, email and other means will be easier without having to explain and means you will have open lines of contact in case of emergencies.

The important thing to note about your grandparents is that they are not babies or children. They are more than capable of doing many things. This doesn’t mean that you should refrain from helping them from time to time. It will show them that they have a family that cares and is around which is helpful in its own way, even if just to talk.

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