5 Signs For Brake Repair or Replacement

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with driving a car and a lot of things to keep up on. You always have to make sure you have enough gas to get your car around, make sure your tires are in good shape, your engine, oil, brakes and more. In this post I will be talking about 5 signs your brakes should be changed or checked.

5 Signs For Brake Repair or Replacement

1. Noises.

Noises such as screeching, any clicking or even grinding are indicators that you need to get your brake pads changed. You’ve probably heard a screeching sound before, either from your car or other cars. I can say I hear it daily, as I am approaching a stop light and slow down I can hear a screeching sound coming from a car beside me as they stop. It’s quite hard to miss this sound even with the windows up, but if you do hear such a sound coming from your cars it is your brakes and they are telling you to change the brake pads ASAP. As well as any unusual clicking sounds when the brake pedal is held down or hard grinding noises.

2. Too hard or too low.

If you don’t hear any unusual sounds when your foot pushes down on the brake pedal here is something else to look out for, when you do push down on the brake pedal, if you need to use extreme pressure to get the pedal down or little to no pressure and the pedal hits the floors, this means there is a problem with the hydraulic or vacuum power assists. Thus meaning there is a problem with your brakes.

3. Longer brake time.

When braking, if it takes longer for your car to fully stop after pushing down on the brake pedal that means that the brake pads need to be changed. There’s no traction for the pads to stick and stop your tires. Click here to read the full post.

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