5 Sneaky Reasons You Might be Gaining Weight

Everyone knows that if you’re at the local drive-thru every night and go through a tub of ice cream every day, you will pile on the pounds, but that doesn’t sound like you. Maybe you rarely ever eat out – let alone fast foods – and when you do treat yourself to a dessert, you make sure to have a sensible portion. But you still seem to be struggling to shift those extra pounds – in fact, you’re even putting on weight. The thing is, the reason why those pounds could be piling on is not always as obvious as you might expect. There are several sneaky reasons why you could be gaining weight without even realizing it. Here are some things that could be the culprit:

#1. You’re Eating Too Many Wholegrains:

Wholegrains are healthy and good for you, so there’s no reason at all why you should consider cutting them out of your diet – they’re an essential part of your plate. But if they are covering all of your plate, then you might start to see a problem. You can have too much of a good thing, particularly where whole grains are involved. Try to limit yourself to a one-cup serving for foods such as brown rice, brown pasta, and quinoa.

#2. You Eat Straight from the Bag:

There’s nothing wrong with a snack from time to time, and you might even opt for low-fat, baked chips over their unhealthier fried counterparts. But if you’re eating directly from the bag, your portion sizes are going to be adding up quickly without you even realizing it. Sure, baked chips are much better for you – but when you’re eating a bag full in one sitting, you’re having more calories than you’ve probably realized. Instead, measure out your snacks, so you know exactly how many calories you are consuming and where to stop.

#3. You’re Drinking too Many Calories:

It’s easy to drink away half your calories for the day without even realizing it, even if you stick to ‘healthier’ drinks such as fruit juice. But the truth is, even if you’re not downing cans of soda every day, a glass of orange juice has around 45 calories in it, which can quickly add up throughout the day if you’re drinking a few glasses of juice. And if you enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time, that will add to your calorie intake too, so make sure that you’re accounting for it. Drinking water, is of course the best option wherever possible.

#4. You’re Snacking on Nuts:

Nuts have a reputation for being a healthy snack, which for the most part is deserved. They are certainly filled with healthy fats, vitamins, protein and antioxidants, which makes them a much better option for snacking on compared to a bag of chips or a candy bar from a vending machine. However, similar to wholegrains – you can have too much of a good thing. Recommended serving sizes for nuts are much smaller than you probably realize, so make sure that you’re measuring these out too.

#5. You Have an Underlying Health Problem:

Sometimes, you can do everything right and still struggle to lose weight. In this situation it could be a case of an underlying health problem, particularly a hormonal issue, so it’s worth going to the doctor and getting checked out. You can find several supplements to help with hormonal balance, too – Vitamonk digs deep, for example, to improve testosterone production enabling you to work out better in the gym, see better results, and have more energy for your healthy lifestyle.

Could any of these sneaky reasons be the cause of your weight gain?

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