5 Tips That Will Help Extend Your Vehicles Battery Life

I’m sure you love your car, sometimes you take it for granted and forget how lucky you are to have a car that runs and gets you from point A to point B. But sometimes all of a sudden, something can happen and your precious car isn’t drive able anymore. It could be one issue that can mess the whole car up. Like the battery. The car’s battery is like the powerhouse. Without a battery the car will not run whatsoever. The battery supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle, it feeds energy to the starter, which starts the engine. Which gives power to the car’s electrical system and so on. The battery is like the beginning of a domino effect.

Instead of having to buy a brand new one each time, which can cost some people a lot depending on what type of battery their car needs. All car batteries have a lifespan, but with too much wear and tear some drivers kill it way before then. Here are a few tips to live by to help extend the life of your car battery.


What really effects your car battery is the extreme weather temperatures. Your car battery already exerts heat when it’s working to charge the whole car. So add that to an extremely hot and humid day, you got yourself a bad situation. It’ll overpower and the car will overheat and shut down. When you know the weather is gonna be bad, try your best to drive very little in the weather or not at all if possible. Or invest in a car battery insulation kit.

2.Turn off Lights

This is a given and a lot of people know to do this. But there are some who forget and wake up to a dead car before work. When you park your car make sure all the lights are turned off, the lights inside and the lights outside. Leaving them on will drain your battery through the day/night.


Take your car in monthly if possible, to make sure your battery terminals are clean and don’t have corrosion. Corrosion can destroy the connection between the battery and the vehicle. Or with a simple Google search you can learn to clean them yourself.

4.Don’t use Electronics When in Idle 

I was one of those people that had no idea what doing this did to the car battery. I always thought turning the engine off, but still using the radio, or having my electronics plugged in was okay. But when the car is not on yet I’m still using the power and it’s electronics it still can kill the battery faster. So the best thing to do is avoid using any electronics while the car is off.

5.Secured Well 
If you get a new battery make sure it is fastened in tightly, if not it will vibrate about which can cause it to short circuit thus, making it die faster. If you take it in to get inspected, ask the mechanic if the cables are secured and the battery is tightly in place.

These are just 5 tips of many. But with a little extra TLC,  careful driving. Your car battery could last a little longer. If your in the market for a new car head on over to ClaremontCDJR to take out one of their new cars for a test drive.

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