5 Tips to Become a Better Driver

Driving is a global thing, billions of people do it, and they all have different ways of doing so. There’s new drivers and old drivers who have been behind the wheel for years. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on a few things that can enhance your driving skills and all around make you a better driver. Here’s a list of 5 things that can potentially make you a better driver no matter what age. 
5 Tips to Become a Better Driver
1. ​ Practice. It never hurts to practice. 
Like practicing parking, or turning, and such in like an empty parking lot. Practice makes perfect.    
2. ​ Taking driving classes and courses. 
Online driving courses can help you know things you either forgot or things you never knew about driving. Also, taking actually driving classes and getting behind the wheel as if it were your first time. It can help because if you’ve been driving a certain way or parking wrong you can have someone correct and help you.    
3. ​ Don’t drive under the influence of anything. 
This should be a given. Never drive drunk, or under the influence of any drugs. Even certain prescribed medicines from doctors tell you not to get behind the wheel after you’ve taken it. Even if you are generally a good driver, being on drugs or have been drinking won’t show such skill. Not only will your driving be bad but you’ll get a ticket or a night in jail or possibly more. Also, never drive if you’re sleepy, you won’t be alert to things happening.    
4. ​ Be a defensive driver.   
Expecting the unexpected, and checking your mirrors making sure you have no blind spots. Being aware of everything in your sight, looking ahead from where you a driving helps. Click here to read the full post.
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