5 Unique Landscaping Ideas For Your Property

It can be exciting to begin a landscaping project but depending on the scope of your project can become a big undertaking. As you’re looking at your options you may want to find something so that your yard stands out from your next-door neighbor’s. 

When everyone’s landscaping seems to look a little cookie cutter to you, there are ways you can get your lawn to look different and unique. Whether you’re looking for epic curb appeal or simply want your own little oasis to escape to everyday, awesome landscaping can make your dream a reality. 

Whether you ultimately plan to care for your yard yourself or you are planning to hire a lawn care service when your landscape is stellar your yard will be the envy of all. Here are 5 unique ideas to consider as you are planning for a landscape project. 

1. A Perfect Patio 

When you picture yourself enjoying your yard, does a patio spring to mind immediately? If not, then you may need to dream bigger since a patio is a perfect place to spend time outdoors on your lawn. From complete outdoor living rooms with built-in speakers to more basic options, a patio can be unique as you! 

Patios are a great landscaping idea because they most often do not require a permit to add them to your home. Decks, on the other hand, are more time consuming at typically require paperwork to complete. Patios are the easiest surface to quickly boost the look and value of your lawn. Whether you’re looking for an that is shaded and protected or a perfect place to sit in the sun a patio can be created to suit your needs. 

Patios can be as small or large as you’d like so you don’t need to feel limited by anything but your imagination. Because patios can be created by all manner of materials, for example, cement, stone pavers or bricks, patios can easily be styled to match any color of landscaping design you desire. 

Patios can truly be the heart of your landscape design and more intricate patios have built-in firepits, brick ovens,  pergolas for the wow factor! With limitless options,  can make your new patio as unique as you’d like! Include paver paths throughout your lawn as well

2. Towering Timbers 

If you consider trees to be a massive investment… you’re right. Adding trees to your landscape can definitely carry a large price tag but when you consider the major value that trees can bring to your property, they are certainly a worthy and beautiful, option for landscaping. 

As you begin to look at different types of trees for your landscape you will want to be sure you fall in love with trees that will grow well in your climate zone. A little research can go a long way towards ending up with healthy trees that thrive and make your landscape look unique. 

Planning out a variety of trees can help your yard look completely different from your neighbors. Whether you opt for a pattern or an intricate laid out scape of trees, any option can add shade, privacy, and beauty to your lawn. Depending on your climate you may want to consider the fall foliage colors, or whether a fruit tree would be a fun addition to your lawn. 

No matter which tree variety you choose it is important to research the eventual height of your trees since small sapling trees will eventually grow up. You will want to ensure that your tree’s crown won’t eventually hit powerlines or your home. While trees can provide excellent privacy, you wouldn’t want them to cause damage. 

3. Water Features

Everyone may not appreciate a pond or fountain, but adding a water feature can be one of the most soothing aspects of landscape design. With so many choices in customization for water features they are an easy way to create a truly unique and personal landscape. 

All water features can present a drowning hazard for small children or pets so take that into consideration before you install one in your yard. A pond will attract waterfowl which can be fun to watch, but if water remains stagnant for too long it could put off an unpleasant odor. You can combat that with koi fish to become extremely low maintenance pets. 

When lights reflect off the water they can sparkle and shine so adding lights to highlight your new water feature can be a magical addition to your landscape. With the lights highlighting your pond, your landscape will be eyecatching even after dark.  If a pond isn’t quite your style then perhaps adding in a built-in fountain is more your cup of tea. 

Whether you want it as an eyecatching focal point in your yard or you prefer a more subtle running water feature, a fountain is the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping project. You can build a fountain to match your home or go in a completely different direction! And if you don’t love the idea of a pond or fountain, maybe you’d prefer a bird bath?

4. Create a Pollinator Garden 

Maybe you’ve heard that the bee population is severely endangered. If you’re concerned you can grow your very own pollinator garden in your lawn to attract honeybees and butterflies to visit and help keep them alive and busy. The bonus is that pollinator gardens are beautiful additions to any landscape and because they grow so wildly, are completely unique. 

First, you will need to find out what kind of butterflies live in your geographic area and which plants they prefer. You want plants that will grow well where you live so that your garden will thrive.  

It’s important to avoid modern hybrid flowers, as surprisingly those varieties don’t often have pollen or nectar within them. Butterflies and bees need plants that provide nectar! You may also want to plant varieties that will help feed the caterpillars. These plants will be eaten so don’t be alarmed when that happens. 

Butterflies also like to drink water, so having a shallow bowl of water with rocks for them to land on can be useful. Putting out pieces of overripe fruit can also feed the butterflies. Not only will your landscape look beautiful with a pollinator garden but since your lawn will also attract butterflies to watch, you never know who you will see fluttering by in your yard. 

5. Beautiful Retaining Wall 

While many people utilize retaining walls to help prevent soil erosion, they have also become increasingly more common additions to landscapes simply for aesthetic purposes. Whether you add raised beds around trees or want to add some useable space in your yard, a retaining wall can be a unique addition. 

With many different rock styles to choose from you can have your retaining wall in almost any style you can imagine. Finding a stand out rock is only the first step, determining the style and shape of your retaining wall design can be a fun and exciting experience. 

Whether you plan to build your retaining wall yourself or hire some help, the finished look will pack a big punch for your landscape design. Retaining walls are an excellent way to get a completely unique look. 


Getting a unique landscape can seem daunting but with many different ideas to make your landscape stand out, you’re already well on your way to a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood and backyard hideaway you can be proud of. 

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