5 Ways to Find Your Center When You Feel Lost and Downtrodden

It’s nice to think that we can go through life with a skip in our step and a smile on our faces. However, life is very unpredictable, and every so often, it throws us curve balls along the way. Pressing deadlines, rocky relationships, and unfortunate events that are out of our control can overwhelm us—leaving our internal compasses unhinged.

Finding one’s footing and regaining control isn’t always easy. People get more frustrated when they’re incapable of calming down, adding more unnecessary stress to their minds and bodies as a result. Some even feel lost and uncertain about what lies in their future, so it’s easy for them to become anxious even when making small decisions like what they’re going to have for dinner tonight.

If you’re having trouble realigning with your true self, don’t fret. Here are five ways to help you come to your center whenever life gets you down:

1. Go on a Trip

Everyone deserves a break, so when your work or home environment is starting to get on your nerves, it’s the perfect time to drop everything and go take a vacation. Booking a room in an affordable clean hotel, purchasing plane tickets, and planning out your itinerary will already help you feel pretty pumped about getting that much-needed R&R. Once the day of your trip arrives, you can easily let go of the stresses that’s crowding your mind and focus on enjoying your travels.  

Although having fun is one aspect of traveling, you should also take this opportunity to slow down. When you take the time to stop and absorb all the small details in your trip, you’ll get to learn something new about the destination you’re visiting as well as yourself. As such, don’t hesitate to talk with the locals, smell the fresh morning air in the mountains, or be in awe by the picturesque views of the seaside. You’ll be surprised by how much positivity and appreciation you’ll gain from these simple acts.

2. Start Meditating

If physically removing yourself from your stressful environment is a bit difficult, you can always allot a few minutes in a day for meditation. Meditating is a great way to unplug your mind from the hectic nature of your fast-paced lifestyle and help you break free from the negative thoughts clouding your head. The act of taking slow, deep breaths, and sustaining focus on an image or phrase that brings you peace, helps your mind and body relax.

In order to achieve peace of mind, you need to make sure that you’re meditating in a space that promotes serenity. Your bedroom, for example, is one of the best places to meditate as you can enjoy this activity in complete silence, comfort, and privacy.

3. Seize the Day

Sometimes taking a leap of faith is all it takes to regain your confidence and self-worth. Doing something you’ve never done before or simply acting on a whim will help you realize that you have the power to achieve so many things. Being spontaneous can also be a nice reprieve from the repetitiveness of your daily schedule. Thus, don’t be afraid to make that big online purchase or take up a new hobby. These little victories will give you the boost of happiness you need to help you get right back on track with your life. 

4. Talk to Someone

Bottling up your feelings is unhealthy. If you continue to push your emotions down, they’ll eventually build up and explode into fits of rage. 

Opening up and talking about your true feelings to a trusted friend or a professional is therapeutic. It’s also one of the many ways to help unload the burdens that have been weighing down on your mind. Expressing your thoughts and feelings can also help strengthen the connection with yourself, as well as the bond between you and the person you’re opening up to. What’s more, you can gain a lot of insight on how to properly handle the negative thoughts in your mind as your friend or therapist can be a great source of sound advice.

5. Acknowledge This Feeling of Uncertainty

Life isn’t meant to be easy, so it’s a normal reaction to feel lost when you’re overwhelmed by the events that are beyond your control. What’s unacceptable, however, is if you let yourself dwell on all the negativity around you as it’ll only hinder your self-growth. To help you get away from life’s toxicities, you have to acknowledge this feeling of uncertainty. It’ll be tough, but once you recognize that you’re going through a rough patch, it’ll be easier to point out and eliminate the factors that are making you feel like the world around you is falling apart. 

When you’re suddenly thrust into one of life’s many challenges, remember that you have the power to come out on top. Your resolve will be tested and your inner compass will be shaken, but if you apply these 5 methods, you’ll be able to center yourself and come out stronger than ever before.

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