5 Ways To Save On Auto Repair

5 Ways To Save On Auto Repair

If your a driver, there is nothing more annoying then your car needing repairs.  Sometimes it’s not only expensive, but can very time consuming, and then you have to figure out how your going to get around while your vehicle is being repaired. However it doesn’t have to be so expensive, there are many ways you can save money on these repairs. Here are some ways you can make this process easier weather it’s a big repair or small things you want to add. 

1. Don’t Over-Oil Your Vehicle

Getting an oil change every 3,000 miles is now a thing of the past if your driving a newer model car from the years 2000 and up. Now many of our vehicles are using synthetic oils that last a lot longer. 7,500 miles or more to be precise.  To find out how many mile you should wait to change your cars oil visit checkyournumber.org for the recommended oil change interval for 2000-14 models. This will saving you money if you been changing it too often. 

2. Use Discounts and Coupons

Anytime you know your going to purchase something for your car or take it in for repairs, it’s a great idea to look for possible discounts. Sometimes many of these discounts and service specials can be found online such as at easthillsjeep.com and some retailers and car dealerships will offer you coupons that you can later use online and in stores.  

3. Keep Your  Vehicle Battery Clean 

Summer can be the roughest on our vehicles as well as very cold temperatures can reduce our battery’s power by up to 50%. To lesson these issues keep the corrosion cleaned off from the terminals on your battery.  You can do so with a simple recipe of baking soda and water on a small brush. Don’t forget to make sure your cable connections are tightened.  

4. Take Advantage of Warranties

Take advantage of lifelong warranties. This can save you a ton of money and many vehicle parts come with these warranties.  Some will have limited warranties, but they are there for a reason because things can go wrong and if your warranty is still good you won’t have to buy that part again. You can find this information from the sales person at the time of purchase, printed on the back of your receipt or within the packaging.  

5. Do it Yourself

Lastly doing your own repairs may seem like a lot of work. However there are many basic car repairs easy enough for even a novice to try and take them on. At the least everyone should know how to replace fuses, change windshield wiper blades, add washer fluid, replace a car battery, replace your air filter, headlights and brake lights.


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