5 Wedding Day Bag Ideas to Carry on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is finally here. It is a day full of activities and you might not be in a position to greet your guests upon arrival but to add a personal touch, you can prepare a special wedding favor bags. Your gift to your guests is a way to show you are glad that they came to your special day. If you need a few ideas below are some great ideas for wedding gift bags. 

5 Wedding Day Bag Ideas to Carry on Your Wedding Day
1. Regional snacks and drinks 
If you have a few out of town guests it would be a great idea to treat them to some regional treats and delicacies. Some few items you should include are some cookies, chocolates, locally bottled beer or juice. If you wedding is out of town you can include a map of the surrounding area, so they can sample some local restaurants and activities. 

2. Items to satisfy your guests sweet tooth 
In wedding favor bags for your guest, you should include something to satisfy their “sweet tooth”. A great idea is to add your favorite candy in the gift bag. The candies should be something like champagne flavored gummies or add some Swedish Fish in the color palette of your wedding. You can even add cookies that are individually wrapped. Have fun with it and include some healthy treats. 

3. A personal welcome bag 
Put in a gift that adds a personal touch that speaks to them personally as a couple. Some of the gifts you could give include a crossword puzzle or a mix of some of your favorite beats. To make it more special you can add a personal story like how the bride always played crossword puzzles every morning with her grandfather. 

4. Hangover helper 
People come to your wedding to have a good time, do not let them regret that extra glass of champagne. Give them a small hangover kit. In the kit put a bottle of water, Emergen-C, Alka-Seltex and Advil to combat any morning ailments they might have so they can enjoy the wedding festivities with the rest of the guests. 

5. Drinks 
Drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic are a great way to set the tone for the festivities. Put in a small bottle of bubbly or some wine. To add some decorative touch, you can add a striped straw. 

Use the favor bags as a way to express your gratitude to all your guests. To finish it all off you can add a post card if you were having a destination wedding.

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