6 3CE Bestsellers Your Daughter Will Love

When we were still little, we used to watch our moms put on makeup and witness them do their magic. This made us want to play with their lipstick and luckily, some of us succeeded (LOL!). Of course, we understand why teenage girls get so excited about applying their own makeup. We were once like them. It’s also very important to support and guide them when they reach the appropriate age for them to try out beauty products. 

Teenage skin is more prone to acne and breakouts especially during their puberty years. Hormones become active during puberty which stimulates the oil glands and that occurrence can result in acne. There are a lot of beauty products that can harm your daughter’s skin without proper guidance. 

One great option for you and your daughter to start with is Korean make up. They’re very light, easy to play with and don’t contain harsh chemicals that may irritate and damage the skin. A trendy and innovative brand, 3 Concept Eyes, offers various products from lipstick to nail polish that will make your daughter’s first time experience a good one. 

Below are some of the brand’s products that are definitely worth a try. 

  1. Blush Cushion 

Blushes are one of the most basic makeup anyone always starts with. Even though it’s a simple product, that flush it gives can make everyone’s look better. This blush cushion is available in 6 colors that range from subtle to vivid shades that suits almost any type of skin tone. If your daughter is already a bit advanced, she can use this for highlighting and contouring as well. It is also highly pigmented, just a few dabs and she’s good to go! This is perfect for her daily use as it can enhance her natural look. 

  1. Take A Layer Multi Pot 

This next product is definitely a bang for your buck! It’s also great for someone who is still trying to figure out how makeup works on their face. This tint can be applied on the lips, cheek, and even works as an eyeshadow. A great beginner product anyone could have, literally. In fact, it is also infused with shea butter that nourishes the skin while providing a high color payoff. 

  1. Super Slim Pen Eye Liner 

Eyeliners are also one of the basic makeups yet the most intimidating one. Most people find it hard to learn how to properly apply this product as it requires practice. Most eyeliners are also hard to apply but not this one! 3CE’s slim brush eyeliner is made with fine bristles that make application easier. It is very beginner-friendly and its formula guarantees a long-lasting effect throughout the day. 

  1. White Milk Cream 

This cream offers a natural glow by itself. It is moisturizing and brightening at the same time. Feeling lazy to apply makeup? Problem solved! This cream can be used by itself especially if you’re trying to heal some acne and letting your face rest from makeup. It can also hide blemishes and brightens dark spots over time.  

  1. Heart Pot Lip 

An adorable heart-shaped pot containing a pigmented balm that nourishes the lips while enhancing its natural look. It is infused with hydrating fruit oil which effectively moisturizes dry lips and acts as a moisture barrier to avoid further drying. You can choose from 5 different colors that suit your liking! (tip: you can also use this as a cheek tint!) 

  1. Lip Color Original 

Of course, we wouldn’t miss the queen of makeups. 3 Concept Eyes’ best-selling lipstick offers a wide variety of shades you can pick from. Ranging from MLLB to more intense shades, this lipstick will not let you down. It also contains a moisturizing ingredient that will prevent the lips from drying upon hours after application. This lipstick is highly pigmented and requires an effortless application. 


There’s no need to restrict your children to use makeup as long as they get the proper supervision from you. Especially in their teenage years where they start to explore stuff, that’s where they need you the most. Applying makeup is going to be a huge part of their lives. Guide them while having fun with them. It’s a great girl bonding and it can strengthen your relationship as well.  

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