6 Important Winter Car Care Tips

As we go threw life doing our day to day it’s easy to forget about one of the most important things we own which helps us get from point A to point B, and that’s our car. Without our car we might not be able to make it to work, school, shopping and more. Or just being able to take that fun road trip in your own car. But with winter quickly approaching along with heavy snow, cold weather, and icy roads on the way, now is the time to make sure your car gets the winter car care it needs. This can help to keep you safer this winter and easier travels to come.

Because of the cold frigid winter temperatures, they will quickly make pliable material stiffer on your vehicle and more brittle and also make fluids thicker. So if you are someone who lives in an area known for very cold severe winter weather, you already are aware of how dangerous the roads can be, and the problems winter weather can create for your vehicle.

Bud’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep and associates wants to be sure you are safe on the roads this winter. Use this list winter car care tips to help get you threw the winter:

1. Check or change your air filters.
If you check you filter often you will notice that in the summer months and during fall, many contaminants get into your air filters and then eventually will get caught inside your vehicle and cause some problems. So it’s important that is you notice any debris on your filter, it’s better to just get the filter replaced.

2. Get a tune-up.
Tune-ups are key in keeping your car in good working order. If it’s been a while and your car has not been to the shop, now is the best time to take it in. Keeping up on tune-ups will help to keep your vehicle running longer, and save you money in the long run from costly repairs, because you’ll find out about these potential issues when or before they arise.

3. Check tires, pressure and tread. 
In the winter when roads get icy, and very slippery this is when having good winter tires and checking your pressure is extremely important. To check your tread you can do so very easily by placing a penny on the edge in one of the tread grooves to test it. Once you place the penny, if you can see the top of Lincolns hair or any of the tires background, it is time that you replace the tires on your vehicle. Also a good tip is to make sure you do this in several different spots on the tire, because tires do not wear evenly. When it comes to winterizing your tires you should also get them balanced and rotated. If your tires are bad it’s best to just consider purchasing a set of snow tires, which in my opinion are better to have in the winter because they are made specifically for snowy and icy conditions.

4. Keep no less than half a tank full of gas.
This is something I always heard my parents talking about growing up, and that is to always keep no less thank half a tank of gas in your car during winter just in case you get stranded.

5. Have a winter emergency kit.
If you don’t already have one get an emergency road kit, and during the winter it’s a great idea to also have winter car kit. With things in it such as: ice scrapper, cat litter or sand in case you get stuck. This will give your tires traction to get unstuck. Lastly don’t forget the de-icing liquid and dry gas.

6. Check all fluids levels.
Check all the vehicle fluids. Check your coolants, power steering, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluids, and make sure they are all filled to their proper levels. In the winter I find that it’s best to use use a de-icer windshield washer fluid this really helps keep ice, and frost from freezing and refreezing on the windshield.

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