6 Pearl Colors and Their Hidden Meanings

When it comes to accessorizing a look, jewelry seems to be one of the best ways to complete any outfit. It is very versatile as you can find it in many styles, designs and colors that fit anyone’s taste. A type of jewelry that has always been almost every fashionista’s top choice are pearls.

Generally, pearls are known for their timeless beauty and elegant appearance that can suit women of all ages and every skin tone. You can wear it to both casual and formal events, either as a single centerpiece or layered up with other jewelry types.

In addition to being evaluated based on their size, shape and luster, the quality of the pearls is also determined by their colors and overtones. Each of these hues corresponds to a distinct symbolic meaning and significance that makes this beautiful gem even more special.

Here is a brief explanation of the hidden meanings of six popular pearl colors.

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White pearls

White is the most commonly found color of pearls. It is a symbol of faith, purity and innocence, which is why it is predominantly preferred by brides.

It is also often gifted to young women who are going through a meaningful transition in their life as it marks new beginnings. Whether it is classic white pearl necklaces or stunning pearl earring studs, this pearl color creates tranquil and positive energy and has a calming beauty.

Black pearls

Black pearls are another elegant pearl variety. They are the most mysterious-looking gem which represents independence, assertiveness and strength. That’s why they are mainly worn by women who aren’t afraid to experiment with their fashion style and are looking for ways to add a touch of edginess to their looks.

From the black pearl pendant necklace to the black pearl bracelet, this gemstone is the perfect gift for those who search for a bold step out of the norm.

Pink pearls

If you are a true romantic, then pink pearls are the best option for you. Although the color is mainly found as an overtone of some pearl varieties, these types of gems are a symbol of love, passion and romance. Their soft shade gives them a look of elegance and femininity.

They also represent positive energy and a bright future which is why they are often gifted to close friends and lovers for events that mark new beginnings such as graduations.

Purple pearls

Purple is a pearl color that is rather rare, but looks beautiful and elegant on every skin tone. This type of pearl symbolizes artistic creativity, wisdom, royalty and nobility. They have a sophisticated-looking nature which makes them an ideal choice for those who are looking to add a touch of femininity to their looks.

The purple pearl is often gifted to people who have creative professions such as teachers, philosophers, artists and writers.

Blue pearls

Blue pearls are another beautiful gemstone and represent tranquility, serenity, truth and courage. They are also very rare to find as natural but are often seen as an overtone of some pearl varieties.

Their stunning iridescence makes them the perfect gift for those people who are going through a tough time and need a little bit of courage and strength to push through as well as for those who appreciate the peaceful and calm moments in life.

Yellow pearls

A pearl color that may not be as popular as other shades, but has its own unique look and personality is yellow. Such pearls are a symbol of happiness, creativity, optimism and clarity which makes them a great option for people who are looking to bring more positive energy into their lives.

So, if you want to cheer someone up, a stunning yellow pearl necklace can be a great gift to remind your loved one to stay positive and look ahead to a hopeful future.

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Final thoughts

Pearls are undoubtedly the most beautiful jewelry type out there. Their classy and elegant appearance makes them one of the most unique gemstones that suit women of all ages and styles. They also come in various colors, all of which have their own hidden meanings which correspond with anyone’s personality.

From white and pink to blue and black pearls, choose the pearl color that best represents your taste and flawlessly elevates your fashion style.

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