6 Reasons Fixie Bikes Are the Perfect Road Trip Packing List Item

Whether it’s a road trip by car or bicycle, here’s why a fixie bike is the best way to travel along the way.

6 Reasons Fixie Bikes Are the Perfect Road Trip Packing List Item

When I think of a road trip, I generally think of a journey that involves both a vehicle and a bicycle. It’s the best of both worlds, and I always look forward to reaching a destination so I can get out of the of the Prius and coast around and explore the area by bicycle.

But that is just personal preference; this article is about fixie facts and what makes taking a fixie along in tow on a road trip a sensible, roadworthy decision.

1. Logistics
The first reason why taking a fixie on the road with you on a road trip is a smart idea is how much more effortless it is over carrying a typical mountain bike.

A fixie doesn’t have all the added weight and bulk that a typical mountain bike does. It also has less peripherals that can get muddled up, rusted, or damaged along the way.

2. Predictability
When you’re taking a mountain bike on the road there are numerous things that can go wrong that simply will not go wrong on a fixed-gear bike, such as gear cables snapping or requiring a tune-up, brake pads wearing thin or popping off, bicycle chains or environmental debris getting caught in a derailer, and of course, the infamous flat tyre.

With a fixie, flat tires are just about your only concern, other than is the odd scrape to that gnarly paint job.

3. Safety
The absence of distractions such as slippery hand brakes in wet weather, or changing gears will allow a fixie bike’s UK rider to focus only on the road and nothing superfluous like clunky gear changes.

With a fixie, your legs are your brakes, and your legs will likely outlive any bicycle break pad by at least a few decades. We hope. (Wear a helmet!)

4. Speed
There’s a lot of ways fixie bikes bring speed to the table.

Few bikes have the get up and go potential that a fixie bike has, and the popular bike style can borrow from a common unofficial slogan that Apple product shoppers have said for years: “It just works”.

Less weight through the absence of extraneous parts and traditionally thinner metal framing also allow the vehicle to pick up speed faster.

Fixed-gear bikes require much less maintenance and therefore fixie enthusiasts can spend more time on their bicycle riding it around than they would repairing it if it were a traditional, clunky, overweight mountain bike.

5. Silence
Fixie bikes are enjoyable for a number of reasons, but when it comes to exploring while on a road trip or taking early morning rides, the quieter the better.

Fixed-gear bikes are free of squeaking brakes and clicking bicycle chain derailers which choke the silence on peaceful rides. The lack of annoying sounds coming from one’s bicycle allows the rider to coast through an environment without drawing attention.

6. Work out
Fixie bikes are loved by health buffs and fitness enthusiasts because of their “always on” requirement; as long as you’re on a fixed-gear bike, your legs had better be moving. Fixie bike riders note improved moods and increased stamina as a result of riding the popular bikes.

Fixed-gear bicycles also bring you closer to the environment you’re in, and allow you to benefit from it greater than you might if you’re able to take breaks and coast.

On a fixie bike, participation is key!

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