6 Simple Fall Car Care Tips

Fall is in full swing and if you haven’t already it’s time to be sure you are on top of your vehicles Fall car care. This is the time you want to make sure you vehicle is fully ready for the fall season. It wont take a lot of time, and you will be happy you did so to prevent further issues that will cost you more money int he end.  Us these tips below to save you frustration down the road.

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Now on with the list of tips to get your car ready for Fall. Many of these things should be able to easily do yourself. But you can also have your local trusted service technician take care of it for you.

  1. Check all Fluid Levels. Be sure to check oil, break fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and transmission fluid. This includes power steering and break fluid, washer fluid, along with transmission fluid. You’ll want to make sure your fluids are all at or above your minimum safe levels and refill as necessary.
  2. Change the oil and air filter. Check and change the oil and filter. Once your oil is dirty you due for an oil change. Make sure that your air filter is clean enough to allow for proper operation. If you can’t see light through it when you hold it up to a 60-watt bulb, it’s time to replace the air filter.
  3. Check your defroster, heater, and wiper blades, because you want to be sure these things are in good working order during the fall to be sure they are ready for the harsh Winter months ahead. Now is the perfect time. First check your wiper blades, you’ll want to be sure to get blades that will prevent ice build-up, such as rubber-clad winter blades. So if you notice any cracked or torn areas it’s time to replace them. Make sure your washer fluid is full and plenty more in the trunk along with an ice scrapper. Because is some areas winter is so harsh and you need to be sure everything is defrosting and heating correctly, and all ventilating properly. This is extremely important if you find your self stranded and need to turn the heat on to stay warm during cold weather.
  4. Check your tires, such as pressure and tread. First make sure you always have a spare in the trunk. Second check the tire pressure once a week during the very cold months. Be sure to rotate tires as recommended. When checking tread also look for any bulges or balds spots. This can become very dangerous if you miss something like this. If you find either of these issues replace the tire right away. Taking the time to make these simple checks during the Fall can save your life, and help in the long run with better handling on icy roads during Winter, and all around better fuel economy. If you live in an area that get’s snow and icy roads  it’s best to consider getting winter tires that can grip slick roads.
  5. Be sure your car battery is clean. Car batteries go through a lot during the cold winter that can cause issues with the battery. Your cars will still function well during bad weather, however the cold temperatures wreak havoc on our car batteries, because the chemical reaction inside of the battery slows down. Which can beat down a high quality battery. That’s why it’s so important to keep car battery terminals clean. Keep the posts and cable connections corrosion-free, clean all surfaces, and always make sure they are tight. Lastly if the battery is more than 3 years old it’s best to get a new one.
  6. Get the Brakes Checked. Making sure to have good breaks at all times is crucial. This will keep the car under control when driving especially during the Winter months when the roads are covered in snow or ice. certified technician inspect their brakes to ensure they are ready for any slick roads. Have your service technician check them over during the Fall so you are ready for Winter.
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