6 Useful Car Accessories For The Winter

Roseville Chrysler Jeep thinks we could use some tricks, and hacks to make every day tasks easier for us. Even when driving, there are tons of car accessories and gadgets that add to the experience, and also make tasks a breeze. Over the years, companies and inventors have created innovated products in result of certain struggles drivers come across. Some of these products, may not be the solution to a problem, but more of a luxury, while you drive. Especially during this time of year, there are quite a few winter gadgets that can make every winter driver’s day a whole lot better.
Ice Scraper
If you already don’t have an ice scraper, you need to get one. An ice scraper is helpful, instead of having to wait several minutes for your windshield to defrost, just scrap it off.
Cat Litter or Salt
If you get stuck in the snow it’s great to have salt or cat litter on hand. Salt will melt ice helping you keep traction to get unstuck. But if you do not have salt, kitty litter works just as well if not better, especially in sludge.
Jumper Cables
Not necessarily a cool gadget, but it is an essential car accessory. During the winter cold nights, your car battery can get too cold and may need help starting up.
Window Covers
If you do not own an ice scraper a window cover is the second best thing. Putting it over your windshield will keep the moisture off of it and stop it from icing over. You can as well use one for the inside, if you park in the sun, use it to cover your windshield from the inside of your car, stopping the sun from hitting your dashboard and ruining it.
Hand or Foot Warmers
These are not only a great car accessory to have, but an essential as well in times of need. If your car ever brakes down during the winter, hand and foot warmers could be a life saver. Or even if you’re driving with other people, some others may need a little more warmth.
Portable Charger or Power Unit
Portable chargers are super super helpful. You never know what can happen while you are out driving and you want to make sure your phone is charged so you can contact someone to help. Portable charges are great, not only for on the go, but for your home, or while you are out camping, etc.
If you don’t already have some of these winter car accessories, invest in them, to help you out while driving in the winter.
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